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Mistakes to avoid while launching your Super App

An app for your business is like a storefront window—a welcome mat from where all your potential customers visit your services. Your super app interface will decide whether your visitors will turn into your loyal customers or find another app to seek assistance. 

Mistakes to avoid while launching your Super App - Jugnoo

Super Apps are standalone apps that serve end to end needs of a customer. Your app impression is equally important to guide your app visitors to become your customers. The entry door of your app should be powerful enough to retain your customers. If you are planning to opt for a super app like Grab, you need to be very focused on developing, launching, and marketing your app. 

A few essential tips can help you avoid common mistakes while you are setting up and launching your super app. 

Don’t overrule the scope of app functionality

A super app is a one-stop destination that includes different sets of services such as transportation, paying bills, ordering food/ grocery, and making a hotel booking. Many start-ups failed to work on the app’s overall functionality and fail to deliver the services as committed. Owning everything in a single app asks for the proper functionality of the app. If you fail to acknowledge the functionality, your super app might lose the superpower to attract and retain your loyal customers. 

What do most businesses do while launching their super app?

Many businesses lack the vision and technology to prepare the roadmap to go live with the super app in the competition. An imperfection in any of these can make you slow or behind in the market. To get a clear vision, brainstorm the real-time opportunities in the competition and know the demand in each sector.

Note: If you have a vision, get the right prototype of your app here

Don’t forget to do market research

Analysis and discussions are two deciding factors that make leaders different from other players in the market. While you are creating an app, you must put your efforts to get a complete market analysis, knowing the opportunities and identifying the challenges. A business that fails to devote its time for intensive market research often fails to meet and satisfy its target market’s expectations. 

Why do many businesses fail to do research?

Conducting an analysis requires a straightforward thought process, analytical skills and experience of studying the market. Getting a team of analytical thinkers can help in crafting a robust strategy to prepare an app that solves the market’s demands. 

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Don’t jump to execution before a strategy

We understand that if an entrepreneur plans to kickstart his journey, he needs to be as quick as possible. It might be a reason why many businesses think to directly jump to the execution and the launching stage of their app before taking the baby steps. But, is it the right way? Certainly not! If you are not going for the stage of sketching your super app or creating a funnel-based development strategy, you might make an unmissable mess for your business. An eye without vision is meaningless. So, is the launching of a super-app without any planning and strategy. 

User Tip: Planning to launch your Super App in a few days. Connect with experts.

Don’t underestimate the power of testing and trials

Sometimes we start with a power-packed plan and the right strategy to launch the app. But in the later stages., we forget to follow the necessary protocols. “Testing and launching an app” falls under the same category. These are some of the common mistakes everyone should avoid. It is necessary to identify the loopholes in the app and work to rectify them. It helps in building the credibility of your app and bringing required traction to your super app. 

Don’t forget to hyper localize your business with Super App

The success of Grab’s business model is known to the world. It has captured and conquered the whole Southeast Market in a short time. Any guesses how they managed to do it? They have created a business plan, where they made decisions based on market demand. Super Apps are a hit in the market because they help connect local market services to local people. 


Developing and launching super apps can be a daunting task overall. If you are running an existing business or are planning to start a new business, you need to work upon all the above-discussed points. It can allow you to own a super app that can make your business run efficiently in the competition.

Jugnoo’s Super App offers you 

Our team will help in building a considerable customer ecosystem for your business. With our Super Apps, you can expect:

  1. Accessing to millions of potential customers through Super App.
  2. Ease of tracking your user’s behaviour pattern by measuring the marketing statistics. 
  3. The quick development of your Super Apps as per the market requirements. 

Super Apps has made a breakthrough in the on-demand industry. If you are interested in building one such app for your business, get in touch with us

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