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Be the next Gojek or Grab with Jugnoo Superapp!

The world is getting adapted to the new means of finding and exploring the business. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs were comfortable in experimenting with a traditional business use case. Things have changed now. Startups are keener to try their hands on exclusive business ideas too that showcases a genuine level of potential in the market. 

Be the next Gojek or Grab with Jugnoo Superapp

Picking up any mobility business idea could be anyone’s cup of tea. But we are sure you don’t want to be anyone. You want to be a leader and set an example rather than being a mere follower. If you are open to being in that zone, here is the key. 

Let us read this exclusive business idea that has high potential in the market but has not been explored yet. To keep an eye over this business idea and strategies to execute it in a better way, we have decided to come up with a write-up that first tells a story about a similar use case and then gives the strategies to make sure that you can replicate it with excellence. Let’s get started! 

Heard about Superapps?  This is an exclusive app that not only serves one service but is known to offer more than one service to its consumers. The range may vary from doorstep grocery delivery to ride-hailing services as per the demand of the customers. Or in simpler words, you can say that it comes as a multiple access touch to its customers. 

Instead of having multiple apps to get those desired sets of services, an individual can have a single superapp with multiple access touches in it. Isn’t it one of the most interesting and exclusive apps in the market? It means you are running more than one online business through a single app. You have a wider audience to capture and of course a high potential market to be explored yet. With a genuine investment, you can be the next big player in the market. Wondering how?

How to start your superapp business like Gojek or Grab?

We all are similar to the successful businesses ruled by Gojek and Grab. If you are new to it, here is the list of blog pieces that you should look at. 

Be the next Gojek or Grab with Jugnoo Superapp!

Or else, you can prefer to visit our resources section dedicated to the superapps category. Click here to get redirected to the section. 

So, now when you have decided to give this exclusive business idea. Here is the ultimate guide to set up the superapp business model and execute it in a growing way. Go through the points and feel free to connect with our team in case of any queries or questions in your mind. Happy to help! 

What is Jugnoo Superapp? 

Jugnoo’s superapp offers you a fair chance to launch your super app marketplace in a few days. Taxi software and online marketplace app are deadly combinations that can rule the market. 

Jugnoo is all proud to help you get that marketplace sorted in your mobility business. If you already have a taxi business, you can upscale your mobility business with the launch of the superapp. All you have to do is go extra with the addition of the marketplace and you are sorted! You can launch and kickstart your super app business with Jugnoo in a very few simple steps. 

Before we discuss further it, let us get straight to the features and offerings part. Let us know what makes Jugnoo’s Super App better than others available in the market. And how you can leverage all the benefits in one place. 

What makes Jugnoo’s superapp so exclusive?

Jugnoo is known to offer classics in terms of software and services. Jugnoo is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive names that can bring much to your table. With many active clients on its side, the team is super confident to offer the precise value proposition to your business idea. Here is the list of offerings that you can own with Jugnoo’s super app.

List and set of features being offered by Jugnoo:

Seamless integrations

Be the next Gojek or Grab with Jugnoo Superapp!

To begin with, you can experience seamless integrations with Jugnoo’s Superapp. It simply means adding more power to the concept of a super app by leveraging the power of different integrations. Hence, you have all the superpowers to make your business go to market with high success. 

Build a strong and closed ecosystem 

Another feather in the cap is owning a closed ecosystem with Jugnoo’s superapp. When you have a superapp, you can easily build the ecosystem for your business. The various levels of customer-oriented services could be easily leveraged by the customers as well as the entrepreneurs.

We will help in getting your answers with the best of solutions. We are happy to help!

Channelise all the app data

Again, when you choose to go with superapps powered by Jugnoo, you can get a single channel to keep track of all the important data of the app. From maintaining the individual passwords and owning a complete library of apps- you are all sorted and covered with the experts. Why choose a clutter of things, when you can choose a single app to own all the important data and information in one place. It’s time to say hello to organised strategies and bring more to the table. 

Highly customisation – as you wish

When you are placing a product in the market, you need to own your name too. However, when you choose to go with a set of pre-built software, sometimes it might become tough to get the desired customisation.

But that’s not true in the case of Jugnoo. You can earn more than what you have thought of. We are offering complete customisations and help in making things sorted for you.

Multiple payments Channel

Last but not the least, Jugnoo can be your go-to super app as it offers pre-built multiple payment channels. The diversity of multiple channels added the comfort of adding more customers to the business without any extra effort. If you choose to pick Jugnoo as your superapp partner, you might need not worry about anything else. Everything would be covered in the app. 

A marketplace for all!

To get a clear idea, here is a list of supported marketplaces that can be added to Jugnoo’s on-demand ride-hailing services. 

  1. Grocery Marketplace: Start your on-demand marketplace for grocery business and deliver groceries to your customers at their doorstep.
  2. Food Marketplace: Are you keen to get started with food marketplace? Jugnoo can offer you the same too. Call our experts to know about it better.
  3. Pharmacy Marketplace: Capture the market for pharmacy and get your hands on huge potential.
  4. Home Services Marketplace: On -demand home services marketplace is in demand.  You can set up your home services marketplace along with other verticals in your super app. 

Get in touch

Few easy clicks and you are all set to get started with the most premium model in the market. Own your superapp with Jugnoo and unwrap the real potential of the market. 

Time to own the superpower in the market.

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