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An open future: The Entry of Super App Marketplace in the delivery industry

The delivery industry has changed its norms from traditional ways to digital urbanisation owing to the current market trends. Expanding the growth horizon of the on-demand industry, the super app marketplace has entered the market for all good reasons. 

Experts believe that super apps are going to add a new chapter that will stay for a longer period of time in the future of the delivery industry. Anyone associated in and out with the on-demand delivery industry would agree to the fact that with the emergence of super apps, there is a huge disruption in the market. 

An open future: The Entry of Super App Marketplace in the delivery industry | Jugnoo

For a quick precap, you can visit our detailed ebook on super apps. Click here to download for free.  

Opportunities for Super App Marketplace in the market 

When we say that there is a huge potential for super apps in the market, we are talking about how their presence has highlighted the group purchasing model and the digitalisation has supported it in all the possible ways. 

Speaking about the upcoming scope and widening approach to the future of super apps, here is a sneak peek about the emergence and performance of Super Apps. 

Stats about Super Apps and its performance in the market 

  • App market is foreseen to grow with $189 Billion per year
  • Almost 2.2 million IOS apps are available in the app store
  • More than 200 billion app downloads are done per year
  • Android store serves around 2.7 million apps per year

All these figures clearly indicate the underlying opportunities and scope of sustainability of super apps in the market. 

So what’s next?

Some might wonder why people would prefer super apps instead of these individual apps (android apps + ios apps). Here is the answer to it. 

What makes Super App Marketplace different/ preferable over the single apps ?

Let us draw this comparative conclusion to bring the best insights to the table. 

Multiple access at one place

Rather than having multiple apps on your phone screen, you can have a single app that can serve the purpose. 

Super Apps can offer you different zones of services in one place through their app. So, instead of trying your hands on multiple apps, you can have a super app that can offer you the same level of services with single access.

An open future: The Entry of Super App Marketplace in the delivery industry | Jugnoo

Isn’t it a cool thing to own? You can now declutter your phone memory and can preferably have an all-in-one app for all the services related tasks. This is one of the primary reasons why super apps are widely preferred over single apps. 

Curates a delightful customer experience

Again, when your customer can get all his preferred services from a single provider, there are chances that your customer will have a delightful experience. Starting from the preferred commerce shopping to distinctive food orders, the seamless payment channel integrations play a smart role in ensuring a happy experience. 

If you are serving a customer-facing industry, earning a delightful customer experience is no longer a luxury. It becomes a must-to-have part of your customer experience. And super apps provide the same. 

Not sure about how you can stand out in the competitive race and escalate a better customer experience, feel free to jump over a call with us. 

Can transit your business into super app business model

Many of us might think that they already have their business and how they can improve it or scale it. Here is your answer.

Choose to go for a super app marketplace model and make your existing business expand and upscale with a smart move. 

For instance, if you have an on-demand taxi business, you can get add-ons to the grocery and food delivery businesses. With less investment, you can easily transit your business. And the transaction process is smooth and will fall within the budget. Hence, with a few simple yet smart steps you can easily think of transiting your business with a powerful and scalable super app marketplace. 

Isn’t it a smooth roadmap to make your business grow and expand without burning your pocket? 

It’s in demand!

Again, when we are counting on the reasons, we should not forget to mention its high demand and can make a decisive decision to go ahead with nothing less than high revenue with a few investments. 

As compared to different apps for different services, super apps can serve the multipurpose with its single access. This not only helps in capturing the wide market but also gives an advantage of making the demand-supply algorithm in the loop.

Experts believe that this smart initiative is going to rule the app market for a longer period of time. If you are an app builder, you too will agree about the brighter future of super apps in the app world. 

How Super App Marketplace is shaping the delivery industry?

So, now you are well versed with the idea of super apps and how they are shaping the delivery industry. Let us dive deep and get a better idea about the role of super apps in the delivery industry. 

Willing to learn about the role of super apps in the ride-hailing industry too? Read the article to know it better. 

Super App Marketplace can be an ultimate game-changer in the delivery industry, owing to the following reasons. 

  1. On- demand delivery 

The delivery industry is getting its standards updated with changing market’s demand. Customers are looking for on-demand and on-time delivery. To meet the standards, the delivery tech is changing rapidly. Super Apps help in getting those timely commitments easily.

An open future: The Entry of Super App Marketplace in the delivery industry | Jugnoo

With huge competition in the market, it is important to get that on-time delivery precisely to gain the confidence of your customers. Super apps offer all the services in one place. This easy access helps in matching the demand-supply algorithm in less time. Hence, making things better for delivery companies, customers and businesses.  

  1. Quick Ride-hailing Services

Apart from the immediate delivery services, super apps also offer quick ride-hailing services to their customers too. If you are looking for quick commute options, super apps is your good-to-go option. 

Hence, without any second thought, super apps are going to shape the delivery and ride-hailing industry for all good reasons. 

Isn’t it clear from the above discussion that super apps are going to make a big change in the delivery industry? If you wish to know more about it, feel free to jump over a call for the same.

Jugnoo – offering the right tech

To get the transition, you need the right set of tech help and guidance. If you are in the process of finding the right tech but not sure, where to go! Here is the answer. Talk to our experts at Jugnoo and get answers to all your questions. We are happy to help you in offering the right framework for all the tech support. 

Get the super app from us and get your business on the move with us. 

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