Are Electric Vehicles the Future of the Mobility Industry?

Electric vehicles are becoming a recent sensation in the mobility industry. With people becoming friendly with technology, businesses are pitching EVs. The industry is facing an upward trajectory towards growth and increased reputation in the market. After the successful launch of Uber in the mobility industry, brands have inclined their reach to the on-demand verticals. […]

Everything you need to know about Micro-Mobility

Micro-mobility is a catch-all-term phrase that has managed to grasp the attention of the public sector. Post-pandemic, people are more inclined towards socializing with responsibility. Micro-mobility supports it all with a great sense of belongingness. Everyone who is a part and parcel of the mobility industry, should by now understand micro-mobility and how it is […]

How to launch your Electric Scooter Sharing business in 2022

The Electric Scooter Sharing market is on a rise since its inception in 2008. Fast forward, entrepreneurs who are planning to kickstart their electric scooter sharing business in 2022, need to focus on certain points before making the approach live.  This blog has covered some of the important points that can be useful in getting […]

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