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Are Electric Vehicles the Future of the Mobility Industry?

Electric vehicles are becoming a recent sensation in the mobility industry. With people becoming friendly with technology, businesses are pitching EVs. The industry is facing an upward trajectory towards growth and increased reputation in the market.

Are Electric Vehicles the Future of the Mobility Industry? - Jugnoo.io

After the successful launch of Uber in the mobility industry, brands have inclined their reach to the on-demand verticals. After Uber, we are hoping the same with electric vehicles. They are going to shape today’s and tomorrow’s mobility market. Owing to its list of high potential, let’s get introduced to the concept and reasons to carry forward this discussion.

Here is a small write-up that debates the statement: Are EVs the future of the mobility industry? Let us get started.

Before we discuss the future possibilities, it is important to have a clear idea of what electric vehicles are all about. 

What are electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are specialized types of vehicles that work with battery-operated mechanisms. Instead of an internal combustion engine, they are further assisted for mobility with the help of external batteries. They are meant to cover a particular distance through their charged and standby batteries. Depending upon the requirements, one can choose any of the EVs. 

Are Electric Vehicles the Future of the Mobility Industry? - Jugnoo.io

Here are a few salient features of an electric vehicle that one should know: 

  • Are very less noisy 
  • Does not require burning any fossil fuel 
  • No exhaust, sparks, clutch, or gears to be used

In simpler words, we can say that electric vehicles are easy to use vehicles that are very less harmful to nature. Because of their inherent qualities, they play a significant role in shaping the mobility industry with sustainability and profitability over a longer period of time, 

Why are electric vehicles considered the future of the mobility industry?

There are many instances that explain why electric vehicles are considered the future of the mobility industry. In this section, we are going to discuss them in detail.

Electric vehicles are used in logistics: Capturing a huge on-demand market

We have already seen major disruption in the logistic industry. It happens because most of the companies are moving towards supply chain and last-mile efficiency components. In such cases, it is evident that you can bring that optimal efficiency by choosing EVs. They are used widely owing to their largest contribution to meeting the SLA commitments. 

The low maintenance and high turnover rate are a few of the important considerations that make electric vehicles a major player in the mobility industry. To know more about last-mile efficiency and supply chain disruption with the integration of electric vehicles, feel free to get connected with our experts. It solves the time, cost, and resource attrition trouble in one go. 

You can expect a better and wider scope for your business in logistics by simply integrating largely with these EVs. Comment down if you too are owning a logistic business. 

Electric vehicles are a safer environmental option

Another important point that should be kept in mind while describing EVs as the future of the mobility industry is that these vehicles are considered to be one of the safest options for the environment.

Unlike fuel consumption vehicles, electric vehicle is free from any sort of chemical or fossil burning. This explains that the vehicle is not prone to pollute our earth. In such cases, it is easier for the customers as well as the market providers to play their integral role in saving the earth.

Are Electric Vehicles the Future of the Mobility Industry? - Jugnoo.io

If you are able to use EVs for your commute, you are automated to save the earth by skipping the use of petrol. Hence, there is no more cutting of trees unnecessary. It will also help in reducing fuel consumption. And it will help in coming up with a balance to save cost and consumption of the fuel. 

If you are a nature-loving person, you would definitely consider an electric vehicle as your forever travel partner.

Electric vehicles are easy to maintain 

When we are talking about the future of electric vehicles in the mobility industry, we would like to mention the maintenance costs. Individuals owning their own vehicle know it better. It is an ongoing process to keep a check over the vehicles. It becomes completely exhaustive, tiring, and tough for the individuals to always look behind the condition of the vehicle. 

However, with electric vehicles, this process keeps on slowing down. As compared to engine-driven vehicles, EVs are easy to look after. The associated cost and frequency of maintenance of EVs are comparatively slow. 

If you have been into engine-driven vehicles, you must know that they involve complete and regular care, cleaning, and greasing. It is an important component to skip any sort of heavy repair in the near future. 

To attain the same, it is advised to go ahead with electric vehicles. Indeed, they are going to be a convenient future for the mobility industry in the coming times. Willing to deep dive and get a clear idea about why and how they are going to shape the future?

Electric vehicles are coming up with battery swapping stations

Lastly, we would like to mention that looking at the bright future of electric vehicles, there are many battery swapping stations coming into the picture. This clearly indicates that the market has embraced & adopted the idea of going ahead with EVs. 

Are you looking ahead to going with the idea of EVs but are afraid about its charging or changing the batteries? No more worries now. There are multiple battery swapping stations that are coming into the picture and are there to support the idea of going ahead with the choice of EVs. 

Future road ahead 

Since electric vehicles come with low running costs and an easy to maintain the process, they are comparatively easy to handle. The eco-friendly nature of EVs makes it completely understandable for people to pitch with them. 

If you are looking forward to supporting the idea of electric vehicles, you can. They are excellent with their pre-built batteries. The improved efficiency and the safety of the vehicles are a few of the important points that make the upcoming future road ahead smoother, longer, and easier to cover. Many big players in the automobile industry are coming up with the very new launch of EVs. 

Jugnoo’s take on electric vehicle launch

Jugnoo being one of the forward thinkers in the mobility vertical, is quite excited and thrilled to have a full-fledged market for electric vehicles. 

Are Electric Vehicles the Future of the Mobility Industry? - Jugnoo.io

We are a team of professional app developers who have used their skills to manage and uplift the technology in the taxi industry. Do you have any questions relevant to us? Do let us know. Our team will reach out to you with the best possible answers. Stay tuned to keep a check over more about electric vehicles. 

Wrapping Up

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly holding a great position in the market. Ride-hailing industry has already seen one major disruption post the launch of Uber. The industry is yet again ready to witness the next disruption soon.

Looking at the high potential of electric vehicles in the market, we can say that, indeed the future is brighter, longer, and tech-driven. They are going to be tomorrow of our ride-hailing industry very soon. 

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