Key Features of On-demand Bike-Sharing App Development

Starting your bike rental business in today’s time is a great decision. People are looking for quick and light assets associated with their lifestyle now. This has given a huge room of scope for on-demand bike-sharing business ideas. To a great extent, the existing businesses are doing pretty well within their verticals.  In this article, […]

Yamaha Motors Invests in a Bike Rental Platform. Your Business can be the Next.

With life moving back to normal, people are starting to invest back in the mobility industry. People are ready to take that leap of faith and re-fuel their mobility journey. Talking in inches about the same, here is one more piece of news that sparks the presence of opportunities in the market. Have you heard about […]

Micro-Mobility Systems in 2022: Transforming the Mobility Industry

The bikes are back! The pandemic of COVID-19 has sparked a major surge in bikes and e-bikes. E-bike sales exploded to record levels in Europe and the United States. The shift has been massively backed by local authorities that were happy to find a simple commuting option for their citizens who respect social distancing. President […]

Transiting your traditional bike rental business into an online bike rental business!

You have unlocked the strategic way to opt for success and expansion in your bike rental business. We all know how hard the time was for the past few years during the pandemic. The mobility business was hit hard in terms of operations and revenue. This has been a major setback for many businesses. But […]

How online bike rental software has shaped the tourism industry!

The new normal post-pandemic has changed the perception of the people around us. Comfort and safety go hand in hand while making a call towards what services need to be taken from the market. Going beyond the thought process of the customers, we have concluded post intensive research that people prefer hiring a bike for […]

5 Precautions and Considerations while opting for a Bike Rental Business

Are you ready to kickstart your venture with a bike rental business vertical? Undoubtedly, post-pandemic and in the new normal vibes, the bike rental business is one of the most promising mobility business ideas that can vouch to bring higher ROI even in its initial stage. Since you are ready to take the first leap […]

Benefits of an automated bike rental system

An automated bike rental system is one of the most prospering and growing micro-mobility business ideas that has spiked its popularity in a few years. With the rise of urbanization to unprecedented levels, people are open to exploring different channels of travel. Choosing away a bike rental as a mode of travel is one among […]

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