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How online bike rental software has shaped the tourism industry!

The new normal post-pandemic has changed the perception of the people around us. Comfort and safety go hand in hand while making a call towards what services need to be taken from the market. Going beyond the thought process of the customers, we have concluded post intensive research that people prefer hiring a bike for rent from an online bike rental software as a part of their public transport choice.

Online bike rental software has shaped the tourism industry - Jugnoo

With the emergence of the bike rental business vertical in the mobility sector, the essence of online bike rental software is appreciated more than ever. If you have not seen the impact of automated software in your manual processes, here is the article to throw some insights into successful collaboration.

What is bike rental software?

Before we begin with anything else, let us get to know what bike rental software is. It is software that supports and manages the rental operations of your bike rental business with correct data insights. 

Having bike rental software could be a boon that can make sure that your business channels the absolute power of technology and optimises it for better use. The SaaS-based rental model is a go-to tech suite that shapes your market in a precise manner. 

Impact online bike rental software is adding to the tourism industry!

In this section, we will deliberately look for the particular impact of online bike rental software in the tourism industry particularly. The tourism industry was one of the most affected and drawn back industries during the pandemic.  

Though tourism is again trying to catch the speed, eventually people are more apprehensive about the safety and level of precautions. In such cases, owning a bike rental software that can support your online operations could be a smart decision. It can help you to gain the trust of your customers in terms of safety and hygiene. 

Online bike rental software has shaped the tourism industry - Jugnoo

Here is how online bike rental is playing its role in shaping the tourism industry. 

# Brings online presence 

To add more impact to your online presence, bike rental software gives you the opportunity to keep your bike rental business in front of your customers eyes. Many tourists prefer to check for the availability of bike rental services through online media. If you own a bike rental software that can tell about your presence on online verticals, you can capture a huge audience. People will prefer your services while they plan to travel to your city. The online presence will help in making sure that your services remain accessible and approachable to your potential customers.

An online bike rental software helps in making sure that if tourist scrolls about the availability of the services in a particular region, your services show up in the results. 

# Brings Accessibility

Another pro of picking an online bike rental software for your business is that it offers maximum accessibility of your services in front of the audience. If you wish to capture a bigger market in the tourist industry, you need to showcase the accessibility and applicability of the services to the tourists.  The online bike rental software serves the purpose.

The customers can come and book the available time slot and can choose their preferred time. This will help in bringing up the customers close to your services. The ease and comfort to make the bookings and quick accessibility is a plus point that can help your startup bike rental business to be a part of the competition. In simpler terms, it puts you under the right spot in front of your potential audiences. 

# Eases the process

Do you know why customers prefer one particular service over the others? The reason is simple. A customer looks for comfort and ease while getting on board with your services. If you are not sure why your customers are going to your competitors, you need to take care of the onboarding process of the customers. It will help in adding more and more customers to your side. 

Do you know 30% of customers can leave your services if they get confused with the process and on-boarding process? If you don’t wish to fall into the trap, go for online bike rental software. It will aid in serving your customers with the best of services. 

# Automates the process

In the world of digital mobilisation, your bike rental business needs a tech suite that can offer you speed and scale immediately. The online bike rental software can fill the gaps within your operations and help you to strategize things with better results. If you are not sure about what all automation is a prerequisite in your bike rental business, please feel free to jump on a call with our experts. You will get all your answers.  

# Manages the inventory

Every bike rental business needs to keep a check over the inventory to stay assured about the whereabouts of the assets. Traditionally, bike rental business providers keep a check over the assets manually. Though this is an age-old practice, it has been seen that with more competition in the market, the need to keep a check over the assets multiplies. 

Online bike rental software has shaped the tourism industry - Jugnoo

However, with the introduction to bike rental software, you can keep a check anytime from anywhere. This amount of flexibility is what is actually required to own a growth mindset. If you have not yet managed the inventory and are finding it tough to keep a check, go with the bike rental software. This will help in making sure that your services are up to the mark and your assets have been taken care of properly. Even in case of any outages, it would be easier for your company to detect them at the inception stage. 

This will help in preventing your assets from any big damage. You can also keep the record of which asset needs attention on a priority basis. Isn’t it a benefit that might solve most of your troubles? 

# Give a real-time tracking 

Lastly, if you are into the bike rental business and are worried about the whereabouts of the bike when it is given for rental purposes, you might need to go for real-time tracking. Real-time tracking allows the ops team to keep a close eye on the end to end movements of the bike, hired on rent. 

This will help to control your bike’s whereabouts even when your bike is not stationed at a particular place.  You can get all the time to time information simply by checking the tracking portion of your bike rental software. Even your customers can have a tracking record to make sure the services are not misused by any third party.  And that too, without adding an extra team member to your ops team. Admin can oversee the activities anytime from anywhere. 

The Bluetooth operated locks also play an important role in making your bike rental business, a happy and carefree business idea with less effort. 

Choosing the top online bike rental software

Your process to choose the compatible bike rental software is almost done when you go with the options offered by Jugnoo. We took pride in announcing that so far Jugnoo’s bike rental software is capable of making bike rental businesses successful around the globe. 

Online bike rental software has shaped the tourism industry - Jugnoo

The tourism industry is trying to fit in the new normal with all the possible cautions. Picking up a bike rental business idea will help you to be a part of this mission. 

Drop a message if you too are looking to get started with a bike rental business idea. We have partnered with a few top industry players. Don’t stop yourself from becoming one among them. 

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