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Key Features of On-demand Bike-Sharing App Development

Starting your bike rental business in today’s time is a great decision. People are looking for quick and light assets associated with their lifestyle now. This has given a huge room of scope for on-demand bike-sharing business ideas. To a great extent, the existing businesses are doing pretty well within their verticals. 

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In this article, we’re discussing in detail the key features associated with a bike-sharing business model and how they can be integrated into the first place into your business use case.

Let us get started. 

Snapshot of the on-demand bike-sharing app business

On-demand bike-sharing app business is a smart business model that allows users to pick up the bike from a decided place and then pay rent for the usage. As soon as the usage is completed, the bike can be returned to the docking station from where it is picked. The rent is calculated based on the usage, time taken and mileage used. 

This is a growing business with plenty of blooming economic opportunities for revenue and success. But do you know, what all features are required to keep the business model moving and be a part of growing competition? 

Key essential features in an on-demand bike-sharing app development 

Here is the list of key features that should be an integral part of the on-demand bike-sharing app development process.

  1. Log in 

There should be a separate portal from which a customer can enter his credentials and create his profile. Once the profile is registered with the relevant set of information in the place, the customer can easily log in to the app. This is a preliminary essential feature that helps in validating the identity of the user and helps in creating an informed process about the usage of the bike. 

The authentication process is often validated by the registered mobile number or an email id. This gives in-person authentication of the individual who is ready to avail of your on-demand bike-sharing app services. 

  1. QR Code Reader/ Bluetooth locking & unlocking 

After the registration, the user can run and scan a QR code to unlock or lock the vehicle. This feature needs to be integrated dedicatedly into the app itself. Once done, this feature can serve as a mode of contactless operations for the on-demand bike-sharing business with less manual intervention.

on-demand bike sharing | Jugnoo.io

As soon as you introduce the QR code reader into the apps, you need not worry about hiring the manpower at every docking station. The user can himself carry out the process through the intuitive app. Such type of functionality is important to gain operational excellence and bring maximum customer attention to your on-demand business. 

  1.   Tracking the bike 

 Another important feature that should also be a part of the on-demand bike-sharing app development process is having a separate portal for booking the bike and tracking the availability of the app. It is important to have better clarity of the presence of the assets and availability at the time of requirements.

on-demand bike sharing | Jugnoo.io

The tracking feature enables the complete end-to-end lookout of the vehicle. As the admin, you might also need to keep an eye on the movement of the asset. This can help you to keep track of your bikes remotely too through a smart bike-sharing app. 

For customers, this feature can help in tracking down the availability of the bike and its location. Hence, it serves as twin profitability to your bike-sharing business. 

  1. GPS & Geolocation 

So, as you are going to offer your bike for rent, it is important to track the location of the vehicle on move. As we have already discussed in the above part, traceability is a smart component of any on-demand bike ridesharing app.

Getting a GPS feature that can enable real-time insights about the location of the vehicle is a smart addition that can add ease and needed insights about the processes. Geolocation helps in getting the data and location of the vehicle when the bike is out for rent.

  1. Payment Methods 

Once the ride is completed, to collect the payment you might need to hire a resource at every dock station. No, that’s not true. Modern tech has a decent role in skipping the need for extra manpower. It not only helps in automating the processes but also helps in bringing instant ROI for your bike rental business.

The addition of digital payments in the on-demand bike-sharing app development process helps in escalating the cash flow cycle in your business. You can allow flexible payment options to your customers through it and add more comfort to your processes. 

  1. Alerts & Notifications 

The next on the list is the addition of alerts and notifications in your bike rental app. Since you are ready to go and launch your business in the market, it is important to keep an engaging channel with your customers. Through notifications and alerts, you can keep on sharing the offers, discount coupons, and other information with the users. 

Moreover, for the customers, these notifications can be used to give a snapshot of their usage, mileage covered, and many more. The app push notifications have a better conversion rate as compared to other marketing strategies. It is important to own it. 

  1. Third-party integrations

To make your bike rental app flexible and scalable to grow, it is important to keep on adding third-party integrations in it. As per the business requirement, you can either add or remove any of the features.

During the process of developing the bike-sharing app, it is important to have the much-required flexibility in the integrations. It will help in widening the scope of your app in the market and making it more desirable among the customers. 

  1. Hardware Integrations

Similar to third party integrations, hardware integrations are also important to running a successful bike-sharing business. The hardware integration with the software integration helps in matching the requirements easily. 

Any mismatch in the integration could cause irreversible damage to the smooth operations of the bike rental business. 

If you are looking for quick options to get complete hardware integrations with software, please feel free to connect with the experts at Jugnoo. We can help in offering you the right integrations.

  1. Data Insights 

Getting an app that can tell you the detailed insights into your bike rental business is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity now. Businesses are looking for data and full reports that explain why and how your business is performing well in the market. 

The power-packed reports are known to offer the intelligent insights into your business. It helps in making sure that you make an informed decision about your business. You can get daily, weekly and monthly reports from the app. The app needs to have all these insights in one place. 

The Wrap Up

Are you looking for an instant solution to develop an on-demand bike-sharing app for your bike rental business? It’s time to say goodbye to the hassles of doing everything on your own. Choose Jugnoo to get a ready-made solution for your bike rental app.  

We are a team of professionals with years of experience who are looking ahead to help your bike rental business to grow and scale the ROI in no time.

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