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Carpool Software: ‘Owning the Drive’ to ‘Owing the Ride’

The use of technology has made life much simpler by enabling commuters to move from one place to another without much hassle. For the traditional taxi business, the shoe is on the other foot as people realize the many benefits of adopting rideshare services. 

If you live in urban cities, you must be very accustomed to services like Uber and LYFT. With each day, people are inclining more towards carpooling solutions. The conveniences of ridesharing, including placing the ride request from a phone, sharing the ride with colleagues, or grabbing a bike, has helped propel the ride-sharing economy. 

As predicted by PwC, transportation is one of the largest sharing economy sectors with an estimated growth of $335 billion by 2025.

Hence, ridesharing has become the future of commuting for all sections of society. 

How has Carpooling Become Significant in These Years? 

Like every drop in the ocean, every car on the road counts and accounts for the congestion and traffic jams. And no one likes travelling or driving through traffic jams. 

Hence, the sharing mobility has become significant over the years, indicating a paradigm shift from ‘owning the drive’ to ‘owing the ride.’

Source: GlobalMarketInsights

According to QuickRide, as many as 37,000+ Wipro employees are using their service for commuting. 

This could be attributed to significant factors, such as: 

  • Affordable booking prices
  • Availability of rides at your doorstep or the preferred location. 
  • Accessibility to book cars and bikes from your smartphone. 
  • Ridesharing among different passengers. 
  • Availability of cars in different sizes (mini, micro, SUV, and sedan). 

According to research by Frost & Sullivan, the major reasons why customers use carsharing systems like Uber are the ease of payment (35%), short waiting time (30%), faster commute (30%), and ease of approach (21%). 

Lastly, ride-sharing brings a greater sense of trust and addresses safety concerns among customers. 

How a Rideshare App Works?

From booking the ride to tracking it and the ease of payments, carpooling software systems offer several benefits and are an efficient solution for ride-sharing. 

Now, the carpooling system would have just been a fad if it was a complex process. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Even a newbie can book their rides and make payments easily using the affordable online carpooling system. 

Generally, a rideshare carpool app works in a three-step process: 

  1. Request:  Once the customer selects the destination and the pickup location, the nearest driver will receive a request on their driver mobile app.
  2. Driver: At this point, the driver has the flexibility to accept or reject the ride. After the driver accepts the ride, the customer can contact them. Customers can even choose the type of car in which to ride.

  3. Payment & Arrival: Once the customer reaches the destination, they could pay through the integrated payment gateways. The customers can also give reviews for each ride. 

So, how do you create the best carpool app for your business model

Perks of Opting for Carpooling App Development

To build a worthwhile ridesharing app, you need a top-notch carpooling app development solution. There are tons of benefits in opting for carpooling app development services. 

  1. Individual Panels for All: Carpooling management software gives complete flexibility to the admin, the driver, and customers. App development companies include intuitive features that make these apps more efficient. 

  2. Ownership Of Your App: If you are the admin, you have ownership of the app with custom branding applied to it. 

  3. Customization: You get a complete customization option for your carpool app. You can add or remove any feature and choose a customized design to improve the user experience. 

  4. Affordable Solutions: You don’t need a big budget to launch your new carpool app. Car sharing app development costs are quite affordable, even for small budgets. 

If you are looking for a robust carsharing software app development solution, Jugnoo is the one-stop solution for you. 

How to Begin the RideShare program With Jugnoo? 

Jugnoo is an amazing app development solution that enables you to launch white-labeled carpool apps on the go. Jugnoo builds custom apps for your business while providing you complete control of your admin dashboard. You can choose to start from scratch or get the carpooling app clone script to clone an existing ridesharing app. 

If you are looking to start your rideshare program, book your free consultation with Jugnoo today and launch your carpool app within minutes. 

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