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Things you need to get started with your rideshare platform

Congratulations on starting with an innovative mobility business idea- starting with a rideshare platform. This upcoming trend is going to stay longer among the millennials. Are you thinking about how these ride-sharing platforms will sustain and perform in the new-normal world? Will they be compatible to be a part of the transport industry, owing to these travel restrictions? 

Let us get details about how to make a rideshare app that can go seamless with the current demand.  Rideshare apps are making their debut in the market post-pandemic. It’s time for you to start with the process of how to create a ride-sharing app for your mobility business

Things you need to get started with your rideshare platform

Rideshare platform- an overview

Ridesharing platforms are a type of platform where sharing transport services can be availed. In this millennial age, the craze of rideshare apps is on a surge.

It helps save a big amount on a budget and it is a new way to socialise with the people. Many rideshare assistant apps like BLABLA cart have gained much traction in the market post their launch. 

There is a set process for rideshare apps where the rider can book a ride. And the driver has been notified about going to the same route as preferred by the rider. You can instantly book or prebook your cab.  

Create your own rideshare app

 To start with the process to create a rideshare app– here is the list of things you might need to have. 

Mapping tool

Rideshare platforms are based on the concept of offering the strong navigation of routes to both drivers and customers. A perfect navigation tool can make it possible for the rideshare software app to pick the shortest and efficient route.

The route mapping and navigation to all the live traction are important for a rideshare platform to perform effectively. If you have rideshare apps that can make your car-sharing business run in the town. You need to own a perfect and scalable mapping tool also. 

You can get to know about the live location of the rider too. This way, it would be smooth for you to offer seamless pickups and drop-offs to your customers. Hence, the first thing you should think of adding to your ride-sharing platform is a scalable mapping tool. 

Customised rideshare software app

Once you begin with your ridesharing business vertical, you might need to create your own rideshare app to connect the potential driver. This can help in laying the foundation of your database.

The rideshare assistant apps can give a prior indication to the potential riders about the ride and the route. This can serve as a perfect business solution as you might get a chance to connect with your upcoming customers.

A completely navigated app with a simple user interface is considered one of the best rideshare apps. Talk to our executives to create a rideshare app exclusive for your business. 

Things you need to get started with your rideshare platform

Live location tracking

So, when the driver is out to travel, the rider might be willing to know about his whereabouts. Also, he would like to get an estimated time frame. All these queries might turn out to be overwhelming for a driver who is already on his way.

Make sure your riders get all their answers without making the driver annoyed. Picking up a live location tracking feature in your rideshare assistant apps could be a better option. It will help the riders to know about the live location and gives a sense of the timings.

From picking up to dropping off, the schedule had created for the driver as well as the rider. A perfect carpooling app features all these live location trackings in it. 

Quick accessibility 

Another important feature that should be taken into consideration is the quick accessibility to the rideshare platform.  The feature of quick accessibility is the key factor that outshines a ride-sharing software app.

The riders can give a quick booking of a ride from any location. They don’t need to wait for a long queue of buses or other public transports to reach the desired location. The rides will be automatically aligned to the driver who is on the same route.

As soon as the booking is successful, the estimated time, the pinpoint pick up and drop off location will send to both – the driver and the rider. The quick accessibility of the services offered by the ridesharing platform makes it a perfect choice for millennials. 

Third-party payment integrations 

Going cashless can help you to retain your customers for a longer time.  If you choose to go ahead with the third party payment integrations. You will find that a good amount of traffic stays with your ridesharing software

We all know that the majority of your rideshare platform customers are from the millennial gen. And their preferred payment mode is to go cashless. If your rideshare platform goes beyond pondering changes, it would be a perfect business model to expand in the coming times.  You can get a third party integration of multiple payment channels to support the cashless facility in your rideshare platform. 

Things you need to get started with your rideshare platform

How to get all these features in your rideshare platform?

Are you making it tough to get all these features accounted for in your rideshare app? These features make a perfect entry for your business to grow and sustain in the market. 

Jugnoo offers you a combination of all these expected features in one place. All you have to do is to connect with the team and get all these features embedded in the rideshare platform.

To know more about it, feel free to get on a call with our experts. It’s time to make your decision and get started with a perfect business solution.

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