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Automating Multiple Bookings With Shuttle Software

Are you struggling to manage multiple shuttle bookings during peak hours? Are you facing delays and need automation via shuttle software?

If yes, then we have a solution for you. Think about getting all your upcoming shuttle bookings sorted automatically even during peak hours.

Yes, a powerful shuttle software can help you with the same. Wondering how to make it possible for your shuttle business? Get the software seamlessly with the help of Jugnoo’s Shuttle Dispatch Software.

The shuttle software is available for operating intra-city shuttle services. It would enable automation in your business via customized customer and driver apps, dispatch panel and advanced admin dashboard. It would diligently contribute in synchronized bookings, picking up preferred seats by customers.

Not only this but with a smart dispatch software for your shuttle services, you can expect other exciting benefits for your drivers . A simplified navigation to the predefined routes as well as maintaining a record of their daily earnings brings excellence in their work.

How Does the Shuttle Software work For Your Dispatch Business?

Dispatch Software helps in making your shuttle management system smooth via the presence of a powerful dispatch panel, customer app and driver app. The perfect admin dashboard that gives insights into hot points from where you could get more shuttle bookings.

The prompt management of multiple routes and shuttles can be done simultaneously through a simple platform. This allows expecting a quick acceleration in the operational efficacy of the shuttle business. the process of organizing and executing the fleet become easy for shuttle operators.

Moreover, the customized customer and driver apps offer the extended benefits of getting a high rate of customer retention. This all could be made possible by Shuttle dispatch software offered by Jugnoo.

Salient Features of Jugnoo’s Shuttle  Software

Easy Ride Bookings

The customized customer app allows the customers to quickly book the ride through their mobile device. Moreover, the privilege of selecting the preferred seats during booking is also offered to the customers via the customer app. These set of reliable service in booking system helps in retaining your customers.

Effective Communication with Drivers & Customers

The shuttle dispatch software gifts you the ease of establishing a quick and strong communication with your drivers. This helps in offering the required instructions to the drivers as soon as you are getting a request for ride-booking. Hence, your business owns a precise bus charter management.

If the driver is routing to the same route, he could accept the booking promptly. Similarly, the driver app allows drivers to access customer details. It would be convenient for both to connect with each other quickly.

You are on your way to save the time of your drivers as well as the customers. Isn’t it an interesting feature to go for?

Hassle-free Payments

The integration of multiple payment channels allows customers to choose their preferred payment gateway. This would result in getting higher customer satisfaction with your shuttle services.

Data-driven Insight-packed Reports

The advanced admin panel available with Jugnoo’s dispatch software gives you the opportunity to manage, monitor and analyze substantial data. You can access to the related ride requests, driver details and the customers’ travel behavior. Through the admin panel, you could add multiple stops or could edit the journey as per the ride requests.

Similarly, by tracking the location of the drivers, you could assign the ride requests to the nearest available driver. Moving ahead with the ease of the customer database, you could evaluate the peak time when maximum booking requests are made. It also helps in knowing the high on- demand travel route, opted by your customers frequently.

Through this information, you could make adjustments by offering shuttles availability nearby the high demand location. Even in the peak hours, you can adjust the fare settings in responses to demand. Thus, these detailed reports can give you the dual benefits of retaining more customers and earning more ROI for your business.

Multiple Bookings Are No More Stressful!

Whether you are taking care of a single shuttle or are managing a fleet, all you need is Jugnoo’s scheduling dispatching system.. Our dispatch software helps in streamlining all the ride-booking requests to the nearest driver.

Having a shuttle booking software powered by Jugnoo can bring the above- said perks to your shuttle business and many more. To know how it could favor your business, visit our site and get your answers today.

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