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How to launch your own bike rental platform with Jugnoo?

Choosing a business plan where you can earn as soon as you set up the processes has become the need of the competition. Speaking up specifically about the mobility industry, the trends are drastically shifted from traditional ways to the on-demand scenario. 

Steps to launch your bike rental platform with Jugnoo!

Picking up a bike rental platform as a part of a micro-mobility business idea gives you the satisfaction of staying in the competitive spirit while entering an untapped vertical in the market. Once you have decided to go far with this business idea, there is no looking back. You might need several checklists to make sure you are never off track and so is your bike rental business. 

Here are two primary things to be kept in mind while launching your bike rental business in the market. 

  1. The choice of hardware
  2. The choice of software

Though the choice of hardware can be individual-specific as per the requirement or trend in the market, when it comes to selecting software, you can not think of losing a single feature because of one or the other reasons. 

After doing intensive market research and brainstorming all the possibilities, we have come across the most favorable and customer-centric software powered by Jugnoo. Jugnoo inherits all the required prerequisites to make your business automated with end-to-end integration (with the hardware). 

Now once you have decided to go ahead with Jugnoo as your next software partner, here is the detailed process that will explain how to go ahead and what to expect in the coming times. 

Getting started with Jugnoo!

You have two options to go ahead with Jugnoo. Either you can ask for hardware recommendations or you can own the decision by yourself. Moving ahead, we recommend keeping the software team in the loop while selecting or finalizing the hardware. This will help in ensuring that software is well integrated and can work hand in hand in any situation. 

Bike rental platform- Jugnoo

What to expect with Jugnoo’s Bike rental platform?

You can easily get a white-labelled or fully customized bike rental platform that can serve your purpose of launching your business in the market. The power-packed software can be your door to enter and conquer the market. You can expect the following benefits while you choose to connect with Jugnoo’s bike rental platform.

  1. Scalability
  2. Power-packed features 
  3. Complete customisation
  4. End to end integration with hardware
  5. Easy third party integrations 
  6. Multiple payment channels

And many more. To know how Jugnoo can support your business idea with its software availability, feel free to connect with the experts. 

Steps to launch your bike rental business with Jugnoo!

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow if you wish to make your bike rental business steadily available in the market. 

Know  your area

The first step is to get a complete overview of the area. It is important to choose a place that has the demand for the business model. For example, you can keep a check over the demographic area and can decide whether there will be any demand for the services or you might need to alter the location selection.

Do the market research

SWOT analysis is something any business should never miss. You can go ahead with the extensive market research and can evaluate the underlying opportunities. Apart from this, market research also helps in evaluating the pros and cons of launching the business.

Starting from understanding the level of competition to evaluating the opportunities in the market, your research should have a complete analogy of what is required and why it is required. 

Finalize the hardware

Once you are sure about the requirements and scope of the business, the next step is to keep all the assets available. In the case of the bike rental business, you might need to invest in hardware and other asset collection. This one-time investment can help in driving a good amount of ROI in the upcoming times. 

As discussed above, you can either ask the experts to help you with the selection of the hardware or you can also decide by yourself. In any case, you need to put in a hefty (during the initial stage) investment when you are planning to purchase hardware. 

Book an appointment with our experts to get a brief over the same. 

Choose the features

Another big thing while making a business ready-to-move in the market is that you need to pick up a certain set of features that you might think will be best suited for your bike rental business. You can either mix and match or might go for a complete platform suite as per the feature support.

This list of features can be updated and upgraded as per the market requirement and the on-demand economy. To know in-depth about the features, you can plan to get in touch with our software experts and ask them to guide you for the same. 

Market your business

Now when you are all set to kickstart your business, you need to create hype for the presence. Marketing is no longer considered as an additional strategy for business growth. One needs to be very precise and skeptical with the marketing strategies. If you are not sure about how you can proceed with the various marketing announcements, you can connect with specific marketing agencies. They will help in touching the missing points, 

Monitor your performance

Lastly, you need to keep a check over the performance ratio of your business.  From the day it is launched to daily tracking, everything is required and must be kept in mind while taking up the next business-related decision.

Jugoo bike rental platform- dashboard

Jugnoo’s bike rental platform helps in adding that additional approach to your business-related decisions. It can help you in offering various deep insights about business performance and helps to address the pattern of the growth without any worry. Moreover, the team will also help you in evaluating and identifying the growth opportunities. 

Get digital records/ maintenance of all records

Starting from the customer database to ensuring that all the information is locked in a perfect place, everything is covered and saved in the records. Jugnoo’s bike rental platform has all the upgraded features that are necessary to make your records feasible and accessible to all.

This is an added advantage or highlight that can serve the purpose of solving your paperwork in a few taps. If we speak about financial calculations; you will find out within a short span of time you might need to hire less manpower; most of your ops work will be done by the digital bike rental system.

Key takeaways 

For making your bike rental business available in the market to ensure that your business grows manifold, Jugnoo is there to make it happen. The automated bike rental system upticks all the points that can make you launch and scale your business in no time. 

If you are still looking for more information on the business model and want to go on a discussion about the same, feel free to connect with our team.

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