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How to create Rideshare App-Cost, Features, and More?

The rideshare app has received popularity worldwide due to its easy and comfortable outlook. Even the giant players in the ride-hailing industry are using the rideshare software to get started with this high ROI business idea. 

If you wish to get started with how to create a rideshare app, there are certain specifications that you need to know. The ride-sharing platforms need technical support and upgrade to make their rideshare apps accessible to their customers in the market. 

The rapid growth-driven market of ride-sharing platforms needs to be supervised over technical success. So, before you begin, let us find out how to make a rideshare app and get started in no time. 

How does a rideshare app work?

The ridesharing platforms share the following work process: 

Making a request

The first step is to initiate a ride request by a rider. This request then moves to the nearby driver via the rideshare software app. 

Matching the algorithm

As soon as the driver receives the ride request, he can accept the bookings through the ridesharing apps. He has the flexibility to either accept or decline the request. 


As per the route- pickup and drop-off location, the passenger might share the ride with other passengers traveling the same way. Some of the best ride-sharing apps in the industry offer the same privilege. 

Initiating the Ride

The ride gets started from the rideshare platform as soon as the host (driver) accepts the request to share the ride. 

Making the payment 

There are a handful of methods to get the payment part done. One can choose from the digital wallets available on the ride-sharing apps or pay in cash, once the ride is completed.

Rating the ride

The rideshare apps like Uber have the functionality to rate the driver as well as the passenger. It helps in adding profile evaluation of both: the rider and the driver. This can be used for the future reference of other upcoming rideshare assistant apps. 

A few of the top carpool apps make it compulsory to rate a particular ride. While you are in the process to build a rideshare app, you can choose to either keep it optional or mandatory. 

Essential features in your white label rideshare app

Though, you can anytime think of customizing your white label ride-sharing app; there are certain essential features that should be there while you are in the process to create a carpool and sharing app. 

Build a rideshare app with these exclusive features: 

Have an SOS Button

Learn how to build a rideshare app with a feature SOS button. This single feature adds a sense of trust and security for both: the driver and the rider. The “safety first” rule should not be forgiven if you are in the process of rideshare app development. 

Pre-scheduled feature

Let your potential customers have the flexibility to schedule a ride according to their time slot. For example, if you are running a rideshare airport app, potential customers can reach your services through advanced booking features. While you create your own rideshare app, don’t forget to give your customers a sense of flexibility to initiate the booking

Multilingual app

Experts believe that multi-language portals should well support rideshare app development. Create your own rideshare app that supports a different set of languages. It will help in adding more traffic/ more potential customers to your rideshare business.

Multi Payment channels

Again, get a rideshare app that helps you to ease out the payment configuration in your app. The method of payment: cash or digital wallet payment should be there. It helps you in sorting out the payment process with efficiency.

If a rideshare platform doesn’t offer flexible payment gateways, it becomes tough for many potential riders to be a part of the business. And we are sure you don’t want to harm your company of rideshare assistant apps with these silly and minor mistakes. 

Switching to offline mode

So, if your driver is not at work, let the riders know. While you create a rideshare app, make sure you give enough time to develop a feature of switching from online to offline mode and vice-versa. It will help in owning the smarter version of a rideshare software app.

How much does it cost to create your own rideshare app?

There are certain factors that contribute to deciding the final cost to create a rideshare assistant app. If you are looking ahead to getting an app, here is the list of things you should know. 

Choice of app development platform

Whether you wish to go ahead with iOS or android or a cross-platform, the overall cost is dependent on it. 

Getting the UI/UX

Another in the list is the total cost of building a UI/UX and then the total team behind creating the same. The manpower, the app development cost- all these factors matter the most. 

The  API integrations

If you are developing a white label ridesharing app, the factors such as API integrations, SDKs, and many more play an integral part. It should be added as per the functionality and scalability. 
If you are willing to know more about it and are looking to get a customized cost for the same, feel free to connect with Team Jugnoo.

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