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7 Reasons to Start an Employee Shuttle Service

The world is changing for good. People have been asked to move out from their houses post COVID-19 nightmare and are encouraged to resume their life back into the track. 

Employee Shuttle Service - Jugnoo

Now, speaking forward about the need for an employee-friendly mobility business, in this article, we are going to talk about why it is a smart decision or ideal choice for the businesses to introduce employee shuttle service. Providing shuttle services have some very practical benefits.

Overcrowding, suffocating compartments, hot temperatures, and slow to non-existent traffic! It’s a difficult task to get through all of this and still arrive at work fresh and cheery. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to begin working practically immediately after arriving at the workplace after a long journey. This is one of the reasons why firms have begun to use dedicated shuttle services for their employees.

Before going through the top 7 reasons that explain why you should think about choosing to start employee shuttle service at the earliest, let’s understand about it a little.

What is an employee shuttle service?

Before we discuss more, let us know more about the employee shuttle service and how it can help in bringing more ROI to your business. 

Employee shuttle service is a to and fro mobility business where employees can avail themselves of the transit services to reach the office and vice versa. 

Employee Shuttle Service - Jugnoo

The shuttle services are designed and are planned for a route that suits multiple employees. Unlike the on-demand ride-hailing services where the vehicle reaches the doorstep of the customers, in employee shuttle services the vehicles reach fixed locations. They usually begin in easily accessible locations such as bus stops, where employees are most likely to gather for pickup. Employees are picked up at a designated location and dropped off at the same location after work. Employees would like this option because it relieves stress. Because both employees and employers perceive the benefits of providing shuttle services, it has become a commonly accepted practice.

If you are interested in knowing more about the mobility process and know-how why it is an ideal step to go ahead with the employee shuttle services, read the next section.

Reasons to get started with the employee shuttle service business 

 Go through the possible reasons and let us know your thoughts on it!

  1. Brings the employee productivity

To begin with, when you choose to start with the employee shuttle service business, you are going to choose a smart way to amplify the productivity of the employees. Once the employees came to know that there is a vehicle that can help in making the transit to the office and home easily, they will not be longer worry about the commute. They are not required to drive through traffic, miss work, or be late for work owing to unanticipated traffic jams. Employees can also use shuttles to prepare for the day ahead at the office. They can unwind, check their e-mails, plan their days ahead, read the news, and rest for a while. This preparation stage will aid them in transitioning to work mode much more quickly once they arrive at the workplace, which would not be the case otherwise.

Hence, if any office is going to collaborate with the employee shuttle services, most likely the employees will be happy to stay connected with the job. It will encourage the employees to take up the job opportunity and focus more on productivity. 

  1. Introduces punctuality

Another important aspect of choosing an employee shuttle service is that it helps in increasing and adhering to the punctuality of the employees. When there is an easy-to-travel and locate vehicle facility available to the customers/employees, they will not be worried about the hassles of finding the travel. It helps in increasing and introducing punctuality to the employees. 

Employee Shuttle Service - Jugnoo

The happy travel and seamless transition to and fro via an employee shuttle service business is twin profitability for the employer and employee.

  1. Helps in cost savings

So, when we talk about employee shuttle services, we are talking about an easy to travel and cost-convenient traveling option, that can help individuals to save a lot in terms of cost. Commuters spend a significant portion of their salary commuting to and from work. They spend 20% of their salary and at least two hours per day commuting on average. Providing shuttle services would reduce the cost, and the employee transportation experience would be improved. Shuttles are a less expensive option with the capacity to travel long distances. It is less expensive for the employer than cab alternatives and reimbursements. In addition, the cost of parking is reduced. The parking facility utilized by employees at the workplace is paid for by the employer. Providing employee shuttle services simply means fewer employee automobiles, which results in lower parking rents.

Once you are ready to let your employee travels via employee shuttle services, you are adhering to making it possible for the individuals as well as the company to save a huge in terms of cost and investment.

 If you are a startup, getting started with employee shuttle services helps in making sure that you are saving a decent amount of money and time as travel cost savings. 

  1. Helps in retaining and recruiting the new employees

Every other business in the market is struggling in coming to terms with retaining and recruiting new employees. This is because of the heavy load on employees. Travelling is one of the crucial factors in the same.

If you choose to stay connected with the employee shuttle services and create a better experience for your employees, you can think of retaining them for a longer time period. 

If you calculate and talk about the added efforts of hiring and training the new employees, you will find that it is better to improvise the strategies to retain the existing ones.

  1. Helps in team building

Yes, once you are letting your employees connect to each other after work hours – maybe during the travel, there are most likely chances that your employees will be exposed to better team-building activities. As they become acquaintances for more than professional terms, there are chances that they will start getting comfortable with each other.

Employee Shuttle Service - Jugnoo

This added comfort will help in team-building and bringing employees out of their shells. Research has claimed that these strategies have helped in proactively building the team’s reputation. Once your team has started jelling up, there is no looking back. 

  1. Offers sustainability to the processes

Now talking from an environmental perspective, employee shuttle service is a smart way to limit public transit. We all know how viable and ecological it can tend to the environment. If everyone else starts using the employee shuttle, we can save much for mother nature. 

Post pandemic, companies are paying their attention to go towards sustainability and make things better for all. A better and healthier mother planet is what we all want to gift to the next generations. 

As a matter of fact, if you choose to establish an employee shuttle service business in the market, there are most likely chances that you are on your way to cutting toxic atmosphere from the environment. This can directly help in making our earth, a better and healthier place to live and breathe. 

  1. Reduces the traffic congestion 

The traffic congestion is directly linked to the quality and lifestyle of people. When every next person gets inclined towards saving a huge amount of pollution by choosing to go ahead with the employee shuttle services, the traffic congestion starts reducing automatically. 

For those, who are not sure about how they can go contribute to traffic congestion reduction, think about it this way! The more you skip using your personal vehicles for travel, the more you are contributing to adding serenity and authenticity to the atmosphere. Play your part, choose employee shuttle services to build a better world for today and tomorrow. 

Partner with Jugnoo for a smart tech solution 

Jugnoo offers smart tech solutions that can help in anticipating, planning, establishing, and executing the shuttle service business idea in no time. We offer customized, white-label shuttle software that can help in providing end-to-end offerings to make and grow employee transportation services. The advanced and AI-controlled tech platform can help in putting the market requirements in a better way to get the desirable results. 

Employee Shuttle Service - Jugnoo

Choosing Jugnoo can help in choosing the best-in-market tech services that can solve your hassles while setting up and executing the business idea. Our customized services help in getting personalized touch and echoing with the brand voice. Get a competitive edge in the market with our smart tech solutions. 

Wrapping Up 

Employee Shuttle Services is a growing and expanding business idea. With more and more offices getting opened back after the pandemic, people are looking for comfortable yet economical ways to travel. 

If you are planning to try your hands in the mobility industry, think about choosing the use case of offering employee shuttle services. It is one of the growing business use cases that go well and will perform well in the coming times. Here is your chance to become the one who can establish its own presence and place in the competition.

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