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Get Your Successful Shuttle Service Business with Jugnoo

Interested in making your shuttle service business a successful launch? Here is all you need to add to your action plan and get the optimum results in no time. For those, who are not aware of the benefits of using dispatch software for their upcoming private shuttle services, read the article.  

Get your successful shuttle service business with Jugnoo

This can help you in getting a better understanding of why the shuttle transportation services need a helping hand (a complete dispatch software to make it happen).

What is shuttle service software?

A shuttle software is a set of SaaS models that helps in making sure that end to end dispatch and booking solutions for your taxi shuttle services are accomplished without any glitch. Those, who have been a part of the mobility industry would agree to the point that using dispatch software helps in getting a better synchronisation of shuttle service apps. 

A shuttle software manages and optimises the online shuttle service operations and helps in making an informed choice about the business decisions. 

Let us read in-depth how Jugnoo – a powerful dispatch software can help in amplifying the shuttle services with the best possible resources. 

Benefits of choosing Shuttle Service Software powered by Jugnoo

Go through the list and let us know which benefit you like the most and apt to double up your shuttle transportation services revenue. 

Automated Scheduling

While you are running a shuttle service app, you must be knowing that at any point in time, there might be an overbooking scenario. The need to match the demand and supply of the services should be addressed and solved at the earliest. 

Shuttle dispatch software powered by Jugnoo helps in creating swift automation of the booking process. The quick scheduling process makes it simple and elegant to handle the maximum bookings with the limited resources.

A customer who is planning to take your online shuttle booking services might be interested in ensuring that he/ she booked the seat for their ride without much waiting period. Automated scheduling or booking helps in showcasing the available seats in the shuttle and book them as per the traveller’s preferred choice. It also helps in getting a clear idea about the bookings and scheduling as per the timeline. 

Real-time route updating

Where is my shuttle? How long do I need to wait to onboard the shuttle? These are a few of the most asked questions/ queries about the shuttle transportation services. Is there any way to fix them or handle them efficiently?

Get your successful shuttle service business with Jugnoo

Certainly yes! You can get the shuttle dispatch software that can stimulate and automate real-time route updating in the shuttle service app at an affordable price. This is a big relief for your ops manager as well as the customers who are looking forward to on-board your shuttle transportation services. 

When you are running a private shuttle service, you might be looking for a better way to interact with your customers. A smart addition of shuttle dispatch software can help in retaining a maximum of your customers and helps you in offering them a delightful experience while taking your services. 

A quick scalability

For the unversed, once you start with your online shuttle service business, you might think of scaling your business on a larger scale. Many entrepreneurs or startups plan to get the scalability plan executed in the later stage of their execution. If you choose to start with a few shuttles and then grow in number/ quantity – once the business picks up the pace, you will require a shuttle dispatch software to operate and manage the situation as per the requirement.

Jugnoo’s shuttle dispatch software helps in making sure that you pay per vehicle. The dispatch software can be expanded as per the count of the vehicles. Feel free to jump on a call with our team to get a better idea. 

A better/ smarter route navigation

Apart from the real-time updates, smart route navigation is also done through the powerful shuttle dispatch software. From getting a smart/ shortest and accessible route suggestion to ensuring the proper navigation to the recorded destination, a powerful shuttle dispatch software fixes the navigation problem with great accuracy.

Get your successful shuttle service business with Jugnoo

Next time, if your driver complains about a long route or congested route, ask him to use the shuttle dispatch software powered by Jugnoo. You can also go for geographical territory markup; also known as geofencing to get the desired results. 

Let us know if this feature excites you to own the shuttle dispatch software.

A sense of accuracy/ analytics details 

Accuracy in data helps in getting firm and progressive decisions for your business growth. If you have smart shuttle dispatch software that can help you to get the data reports and cohort analysis in no time, you will be in a better position to make a decision. 

When you are in a position to empower your shuttle transportation business, you can think of expanding your business with a better vision. The analytical details offered by shuttle service software will help you to go deeper with the highlights and lowlights of your shuttle transportation services and help you to find the underlying growth opportunities. 

Latest in news! Have you heard that Zeelo, UKs uber for buses, picks $12 M for expansion?  

If you go with the detailed observation, you can also plan an expansion at a quicker time. Wondering how it can be done?

A better management

Again, your taxi shuttle service business needs to be managed and optimised as per the operational needs. If you wish to switch your regular business operations into nothing less than excellence, opting for shuttle service software is a better decision. 

The automated processes and streamlined ops help in getting better visibility of your services to the market. Moreover, it also helps in getting precise information related to the position of the vehicle, driver and many more. 

You can ask our previous customers to get an idea about how Jugnoo’s shuttle dispatch software contributes to bringing operational excellence to their private shuttle service business. 

A higher ROI

Every business strives to get a better ROI with its growth. As you step into an advanced stage of success, you might need to look at your ROI figures and get an idea about the performance graph of your business. 

To get a clear idea, you can also have a certain timeline to observe and get the growth pattern. Do you know that smart shuttle dispatch software can help in achieving the same?

If you choose to stay connected with  Jugnoo, you will definitely get a better and improved ROI in no time.

Jugnoo: Empower your shuttle service business today!

Get your successful shuttle service business with Jugnoo

It’s time to make a move and make the best decision for your business. Choose to stay connected with none other than Jugnoo and make your taxi shuttle business, talk of the town. To get a better idea about how Jugnoo can help in empowering your business and get a smart decision, feel free to connect with the team.

We will help you with the customised SaaS solution and will help in making your business grow and expand in the coming times.

For more information, connect with us.

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