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Using Mobility as a Service to Deliver More User-Centric and Easy Transport

Mobility as a service is a smart tech that has changed the structure of the mobility industry. With technology changing the phase rapidly, one needs to be very sure about meeting the expectations of customers. MaaS is getting popular with time and is getting sustainable with time. 

Mobility as a Service to Deliver User-Centric Transport - Jugnoo

In this write-up, we are going to discuss mobility as a service business model and how great tech can shape the future of the transport industry. Let’s know more about a more user-centric model and how easy transport can shape the future of the market. 

What is the Mobility as a Service business model?

Mobility as a service is an emerging business model that combines the digital channel process to plan, book and pay for multiple types of mobility services. It is a smart concept that describes the easy shift of personally-owned modes to public transport. 

Mobility as a Service to Deliver User-Centric Transport - Jugnoo

The business model is gaining attraction since it is convenient, easy to adapt with time and also cost-effective. Post pandemic, people are now opening up to get a kick start with their new business venture. And mobility as a service will be the new name in the market. 

Why is it important for your business to become user-centric?

Businesses have developed a really strong bond with customers. It is because they have understood that if any business wishes to grow, they have to grow with the dynamic demands of the customers. This is why your business needs to change and adapt to the need of the hour. 

Here is how becoming user-centric can help your business to grow and expand!

1) Makes you preferable 

Once your customers start recognising your business, there is no looking back. Customers will start focusing more on preferring your services over the others. This is because you have made them feel privileged.

This can be done if you offer swift and easy booking options to your customers. You also need to create a branding for yourself. Jugnoo helps you build powerful white-label customer and driver apps for both Android & iOS. Along with this, you also get a smart admin dashboard to keep up with your asset monitoring, fleet management and report & analytics. Customers will also prefer you over others if you provide them the payment gateways they want. Jugnoo has multiple and seamless third-party payment integrations that makes it an advanced mobility as a service software.

The user-centric model helps in gaining confidence and trust among the customers. Hence, any business that is trying to make its presence in the market needs to stay sustainable and preferable among the customers.

2) Explores more revenue stream

Another important thing that has been recommended and accomplished with mobility as a service is to bring revenue for the business. Once you start with the business, you will need to keep on exploring new ways to get money.

You can choose multiple types of mobility businesses with Jugnoo as we provide a range of options. Starting from a taxi software to a carpool & sharing software to a micromobility software – we have a lot to offer. Not only this, you can also increase your revenue exponentially by tapping a greater market with a Super App business model. It includes starting a Taxi + High-Demand Marketplace (food/grocery/flower) in one single app called super app. Read the article – what is so super about the Super Apps to know more about it.

Choosing the user-centric business model helps in making sure that you are thinking about them. This will help in bringing more opportunities and making your revenue stream flow out.

3) Makes you market fit

Another big advantage that you can assume with mobility as a service user-centric approach is that it will help in ensuring that you are staying updated with the market requirements. As per the needs and expectations of the customers, you are converting and adapting your business for the big mix.

We are a fast growing SaaS based company whos eyes and ears are open to and well equipped with new market trend and innvovations. Our top-notch features act as an accelerator in getting your service quickly to the market. Our app solutions will be tailored to your on-demand business needs reducing operational costs & improving efficiency.

For further information about the process and how you can evolve the business for the better, you can connect with our team members and get all the information. 

Challenges for mobility as a service business model

Though multimodal is a smart way to approach your customers and bring new potential to your business, there are always some hassles that a business might face. In this section, we are going to discuss the major challenges that make it hard for a startup or an unicorn to pursue. 

1) Tough to adapt

The first challenge is about adaptation. It is very difficult to make sure that your stakeholders are adapting and evolving in the right direction. If you choose to go ahead with the evolution then only you can be a part of the digital industry.  However, it is a little tricky for the existing business owners to adapt with the tech. In such cases, businesses might need to fit into the shoes of the tech. For this, it might be difficult for businesses to make a shift. 

Tech has been a revolving name for the past few years. If you are looking to stay competitive with the shift, make sure you choose to connect with the experts. Team Jugnoo can help in making it happen even for a non-tech persona.

2) Retain the customers 

Another big struggle that every other business owner will feel while going ahead with the mobility industry is about retaining the customers. With the increase in competition and people getting more into the business, it is important to ensure to retain as much as customers in the business. Moreover, adding more customers is also a priority. However, looking at certain things, it could be said that businesses are finding it difficult to make it happen in a constant way. 

Are you too struggling to go ahead with retaining customers?

3) Digitalise the process

Last but not the least, digitising the process also becomes tough at a certain point of time. If you are into mobility as a service business, you must be knowing about the awkwardness of the business and how the tech team is building over the same. 

Mobility as a Service to Deliver User-Centric Transport - Jugnoo

Many businesses are planning to get started with digitalisation but are not able to get ahead with it. Do you know why? It is because the change in tech is happening too fast. Businesses are not finding it tough to match the pace. If you are also finding it difficult to go ahead with the digitalisation, get in touch with the team and know it better. 

Choosing Jugnoo as your Mobility as a Service Partner!

Jugnoo is a smart tech provider in the industry that has been ruling the market for years. If you are looking ahead to be a part of the competition and bring more about it in the market, think about getting ahead with Team Jugnoo. We are a team of tech developers who are always striving to bring out the maximum potential for your business with the ever changing evolution. 

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