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Get Personalised Rider and Driver Transport Mobility Apps with Jugnoo Software

Transport mobility apps are becoming an instant hit in the market. Owing to their great ease and quick stability, they are becoming a part of the digital transport industry. With more players entering the market, it is becoming quite evident for businesses to find a suitable tech player to fit into the shoes of the expectations of the customers. 

Personalized Transport Mobility Apps with Jugnoo

There are many tech players who are revolving with time to adapt with the best. In this write-up, we are going to discuss Jugnoo and how its smart software can offer you personalised rider and driver transport mobility apps. Let’s get started.

What is a transport mobility app?

By definition, it goes as a type of mobility app that is dedicated entirely to find, locate, book and avail ride-hailing services available in the market. With people moving towards the digital leg of the industry, it is quite evident for the players in the market to retain their customers. The transport mobility apps serve the same.

Personalized Transport Mobility Apps with Jugnoo

They help in making sure that the right direction of services is offered to the customers without any glitch. This digital avatar of the mobility apps is known as transport mobility apps. As per the stakeholders and use cases, these apps could be divided and categorised as personalised rider and driver apps. To make sure, your business resonates with the brand voice and is stable enough to attract audiences, the transport mobility apps are often branded with custom names. 

Let us read about them. 

Driver transport mobility app

This is a dedicated app that is often used by drivers. This driver-oriented app is meant to help and execute the daily tasks of the drivers. It not only offers a glimpse of the rides requests but also gives a smart idea about the navigation, price structure and route. 

Personalized Driver Transport Mobility Apps with Jugnoo

Jugnoo offers you a user-friendly application for all the drivers to maintain a robust fulfilment side. Onboard multiple drivers, let your drivers manage ride requests easily through the app, find accurate navigation, check their earnings summary, etc., all through one app.

Those who are already a part of this mobility industry must be knowing in depth about the utility and brand value of these apps in the showcase business. This is an extended strategy that helps in guiding and bringing more driver attrition rates in the industry.

It will serve as a complete guide to redirect your business and services to a better revenue channel. 

Customer transport mobility app

As discussed above, this is a dedicated app that is often used by customers. Customers are the real decision-maker for any business. If you are able to entertain and attract new audiences to your business, there is no looking back.

Customer Transport Mobility Apps with Jugnoo

A customer transport mobility app serves the same purpose. The app is dedicated to help and retain new customers and add them to your business. Get a well designed & feature-packed app making it seamless for customers to access your on-demand mobility services. Let them rate & review their rides, offer multiple payment channels, easy ride-booking service, ride-tracking, offer them promotions, send them real-time alerts and notifications – all through our smart customer app. It not only helps in downstream a new revenue channel for the business but also helps in building a strong brand name in the market.

Now, when you have a clear idea about driver and customer transport mobility apps, now let’s know in detail about the role of customisation in these apps. And how ideal it is to choose for the customisation. 

How does customisation play a strong role in transport mobility apps?

Customisation is a smart idea to give your brand a new name, face and voice in the industry. We have heard so many times that businesses should opt for customisation. But have you ever wondered why it is important? What makes it too evident to choose for customisation instead of just hiring software? Here is a small sneak peek at the additional benefits that come along when you choose to stay connected with the customisation. 

White label mobility app with Jugnoo

Helps in standing out in the competition

The first thing that comes as a benefit with customisation is that it helps in standing out in the competition. When you are in the industry and are a part of the competition, it is important to stay tall in front of your potential audiences. Customisation plays a significant role in ensuring the same. Jugnoo offers you fully customizable white-label solutions to get started with your mobility business.

Increase the customer loyalty

To get started, the customisation and personalisation of the transport mobility apps help in increasing customer loyalty. If you are new to the show buzz, you must be looking to establish a strong presence in the market. With the help of personalised transport mobility apps, you can earn customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty with Jugnoo Mobility app

Once you are able to win the trust vote and confidence of your customers, there is no looking back. No one in the market can beat you and your brand name. Hence, it is a key essential to stay sustainable in the market. And the personalised rider and driver transport mobility apps do the same for you. 

Better customer insights 

Moving ahead, if you choose to go ahead with the personalised rider and driver transport mobility apps, you can get an easy reach of the customers. Once you get the insights about the customers and their behaviour, it will give you a brief idea of how you can think of building and expanding the brand in this tight competition.

Admin dashboard with Jugnoo transport mobility app

Jugnoo provides you with a powerful admin dashboard that helps you see accurate reports and analytics. Manage your entire dispatch, tracking and get a bird’s view of your business.

To know more about it, you can connect with our experts. Get daily, weekly, monthly and annual insights based on required data. Customer insights are a smart way to give your business a new direction. 

Builds a brand presence 

A brand is never built overnight. One has to put their strong and hard efforts into making this happen. With a smart brand presence, you can easily choose to connect with your audiences. A strong brand presence needs to be established over a period of time.

brand presence with Jugnoo

A personalised rider and driver transport mobility app with smart Jugnoo software can help in building a renowned and customer-friendly brand presence. Experience the power of seamless integrations like marketing automation by Hippo (Jugnoo provides it to you) to increase your brand awareness. Send SMS notifications, promotions, alerts to your riders.

The brand presence gets the same advantage of gaining access to a large database of potential audiences. Once you are able to make a strong brand presence, you can easily choose to keep your business close to your potential customers.

Better profit margins 

Last but not the least, the personalised rider and driver transport mobility apps that are incurred with Jugnoo’s smart software are known to gain better profit margins. You get your own brand label and colours which gives your brand an identity to stand out from the competitors. These profit margins are known to be one of the essential parts of the revenue building of a business.

If you are into the mobility business, you must be knowing that with time, it is essential to growing your business. And better profit margins are a key to accomplishing it. The personalised rider and driver transport mobility apps are known to make it happen. Looking forward to owning such personalised rider and driver mobility apps for your business.

Choosing Jugnoo software for personalised rider and driver transport mobility apps

If you are looking to opt for a smart name that can help in setting up the standards for your business and bring more attention to your business, think about choosing Jugnoo software. It not only helps in building brand value but also helps in establishing a distinguished presence in the market. For those, who are not much aware of Jugnoo, the name itself stands for tech perfection.

Choose plan with Jugnoo

Choose Jugnoo if you are looking for a cost-effective, smart and innovative channel to streamline your process. For more information about the same, feel free to book a demo consultation call with our experts and get the tech expertise. 

Looking forward to letting Jugnoo’s impeccable standards of processes helps in establishing your brand presence. Together we can, together we will!

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