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How Shared Mobility is Revolutionising the Transport Industry?

The modern transportation industry is changing for the good. With people embracing the new normal and well adapting to the new processes, shared mobility is gaining attention for all good reasons.

How Shared Mobility is Revolutionising the Transport Industry? - Jugnoo.io

Shared mobility can be categorised as the set of transportation services where the mode of transport can be shared by multiple users. The users can be fixed or can vary as per the requirement. 

The trends are gaining heights owing to the easy availability and better cost options. It is expected that by 2030, more than one-third of the population will be embracing the concept of shared mobility.

To get a better idea about the same, here is a list of benefits and true potential of the shared mobility business idea. 

Go through these points and let us know your thoughts on them!

Benefits and true potential of the shared mobility business idea

1) Transportation at fingertips

Shared Mobility at fingertips - Jugnoo.io

The first reason is that the transport industry can become mobile available with the concept of shared mobility. For those, who are not aware of it, the addition of tech in the mobility business ideas can help in making the business comfortable and easy to access for all. This can help in retaining more customers and adding new customers to your list. 

2) Brings more choices to the market

In today’s time, the market is booming for all good reasons. With the market becoming more and more reliable for first-time users too. Consumers are becoming dynamic in demand and that has given rise to shared mobility. 

More Choices in Shared Mobility - Jugnoo.io

Businesses are looking for more favourable and wider options to let the customers decide what they are looking for. To add efficiency in the process, shared mobility is becoming the choice of the hour. 

Reasons why shared mobility is bringing more terms and success to the market

  1. Gives smart access to the last mile and first mile solutions
  2. Reduces the traffic congestion 
  3. Brings the shortest routes accessible and favourable to the customers
  4. Reduces the transportation cost
  5. Makes journey more efficient and proficient 
  6. Gives an easy access to the customers who are not able to find the other transport easily 

These benefits clearly indicate why the shared mobility business idea is gaining the much-required attention of business owners as well as the customers. 

Moving ahead, now we have already noted the different benefits that can be summed up with shared mobility. 

In the next section, we are going to discuss the different types of shared mobility. It helps in making sustainable and consumer-oriented decisions for the market. 

Different types of shared mobility ideas

Here is the list of the most sustainable and approachable shared mobility ideas that can be launched in the market. 

  1. Bike Sharing/Scooter Sharing:
Bike Sharing in Shared Mobility - Jugnoo.io

With e-bike and e-scooter racing in the mobility industry, there is a huge market for bike-sharing/rental business idea. The first-ever bike-sharing program was started in 1965 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  After receiving immense popularity, now the idea is adapted well for the shared mobility concept and is embraced by many unicorns.

  1. Car Sharing:

The first business idea was launched in Switzerland and from then, it has become a choice for the world. Within a few years of its launch, the concept of car-sharing/rental has been growing rapidly in all the geographies. 

The ease of access, the quick approachability of the vehicle and convenience in cost are some of the key parameters that make shared mobility – a growth hacker in the competition.

Car Sharing in Shared Mobility - Jugnoo.io

Earlier, the car-sharing concept was restricted to certain developed areas only. But with time, now the people in urban areas are also open and willing to get started with this shared mobility idea. 

The high rate of digitalisation has to play a great role in establishing the role of car-sharing and its presence. People have found it to be their go-to-business idea as one can easily find a better revenue stream with it.  

  1. Ride-hailing:

People have adapted very well to the mobile industry. This quick adoption has given rise to the on-demand ride-hailing industry. It has been documented that in the latter half of the 2000s, the ride-hailing industry has become quite popular among customers. With its rapid expansion in the United States, the ride-hailing business has covered almost the whole of the continent as its primary users. 

In the due passage of time, the users are increasing exponentially, which explains and speaks in volume about the popularity of the business model. As a shared mobility business idea, the business is here to grow and succeed in the market. Its easy reach to its customers with cost-effective solutions make it accessible and approachable to all the verticals and groups of customers.

  1. Public Transit:

Public transit is again one of the most preferred and used business ideas that have taken the advantage of the market. With major fleets in buses, vans and shuttles choosing the concept, it has become comparatively easy for the customers as well as for the stakeholders to make a convenient choice. Though there are certain limitations with public transit, it is still counted as one of the preferable and profitable business ideas. 

  1. Microtransit/Shuttles:

Microtransit is a smart way that can help you to use the shared mobility based on the transitional fixed route or the ride-sharing on any of the transport means. It allows them to respond to the fluctuations in demand and bring the best competition in the market.  

Microtransit/Shuttles in Shared Mobility - Jugnoo.io

These shared mode vehicles are not as big as transit vehicles. However, they are important to know that these microtransit shuttles save a lot of time and cost for the customers. If you are interested in bringing a strong revolution to the market, feel free to get connected with our team.  

The market is booming with great opportunities.

Wrapping Up!

Looking at the current growth in the mobility sector, it is said that in a bigger and long-term tenure, the mobility evolution will transform the industry.

But looking at the scenario, the users are looking forward to using shared mobility to bring the best results. The users will look into the potential of the market and will choose to go ahead with the idea because of these perfect ideas. 

The affordability of shared mobile services makes it one of the best options available to use.

We will help you to understand the market opportunities and how you can explore the new revenue stream for your business. 

Choosing Jugnoo over others!

Unlike others, Jugnoo is a complete tech suite where you can get end to end services for your shared mobility business idea. Starting from making a concept to laying the foundation of it with perfect tech, Jugnoo is always there. With more than a thousand shared mobility businesses launching live, Jugnoo holds pride in becoming its customer preferred and approachable name for all complete tech solutions.

Connect with Team Jugnoo, if you are looking for a customised, tech-driven, cost-efficient and delightful experience for your customers.

Happy to help you with crafted, customised, white-label and progressive industry-oriented solutions!

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