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Unraveling The Advanced Features Of Jugnoo’s New Admin Panel

The taxi industry has witnessed innovations at a rapid pace. From calling and booking rides the taxi industry switched to taxi dispatch software. According to reports, the taxi industry is expected to reach $722.5 million by the end of 2025. This exponential growth is fueled by the advent of the taxi dispatch software that offers a complete digital solution to manage rides and fleet. The taxi operating systems are often equipped with features like- secured login, scheduling of rides, time estimation, robust dispatching solution, location tracking, real-time notifications, rating and feedbacks, easy payment process, and analytics. The efficiency and robustness of the taxi dispatch software ultimately depend on the powerful admin panel of the system.
We have discussed the basic features of Jugnoo’s new admin panel and how it can help owners take full control of their taxi business in the last blog. Moving forward, we’re excited to share some of the advanced features Jugnoo’s admin panel offers to the owners to gain a competitive edge in the taxi industry.
1)Promotions & Marketing:
Tapping on the Promotions tab located on the left pane of the admin panel enables business owners to create customized promotional and marketing campaigns. This section has been further divided into the following sub-categories:          

  • Coupons: In this section, the admin can implement their promotional campaigns by creating custom coupon codes providing a percentage or flat discount to their customers. Owners can also monitor the coupon usage by specifying the maximum discount, the number of coupons, allowed vehicle categories, etc. They can also view detailed lists of active and inactive coupon codes by simply using the toggle option and even search for a coupon in the search bar provided on the top right side of the Coupons tab.



  • City Wide Promotions: This section authorizes the admin to add new marketing campaigns focused on providing location-specific discounts. Besides choosing the discount type and location, admins can also decide the start and end dates of the promotional campaign. In order to get the maximum ROI from the marketing campaigns, admins can also specify daily and user-specific limits, maximum discount value, allowed vehicle categories, and other terms and conditions. This will reduce casual use of the coupons, thus alleviating unnecessary burn on the business side.

The admin can even search a specific city-wide promotion using the search bar present on the right side of this section. The admin can access all the details of the active and inactive promotions which include the promo type, title, area of functioning, count of promotions and per day usage, and the time duration.


  • Referrals: This segment enables the admin to boost their promotion game by adding custom referrals discounts. Owners can create the entire referral campaign by simply adding the messages to be sent across different media such as Facebook, Emails, SMS, etc. on the admin panel. They can also choose between cash and coupon discount offers in the Referral Benefits section for the customers who refer their taxi app to their friends and family. Using this feature will not only make the app instantly popular with the users but will also attract new users at comparatively low acquisition cost.


2)Advanced Analytics:
Are all the rides getting accepted in Lisbon? Are all the registered drivers verified? What is the current demand fulfillment ratio in Texas?
Wouldn’t it be great if, as a business owner, you can get this data on your fingertips? With Jugnoo’s powerful admin panel, you can get rid of all these ifs and buts and get real-time actionable insights. The admin panel assists in effective decision making by facilitating the owner with the following features:

  • Real-time Analytics: The owner now doesn’t need to wait for the day to end to gain insights into the day’s progress. The admin panel with its real-time tracking and monitoring features now enables the owner to manage the functioning of any city based on the latest information. Admin can simply select any city they’re operational in and get an in-depth analysis of the customer demand, driver supply, and demand fulfillment status based on the latest data points.


  • Graphs: Business owners can view complex data in simplified graphs by simply clicking on the Graph tab. The graphs can be customized based on city, vehicle type, and date range based on the business requirements. Based on the graphs, the owner can trace and predict trends, analyze user and driver engagement based on different parameters, and track ROI of their business. Not only this, the admin can track all operations-related data points at a microscopic level and view seasonal trends in daily rides, fulfillment rates, enrolled drivers, dormant drivers, discount burns, referral discounts, etc.


  • Reports:  Want to leverage the data collected regarding the taxi business operations? Get detailed and customized reports to analyze trends in customer demand, supply demand fulfillment rates, driver performance, promotional activity burns, and fraud detection. The reports even present the summary for the selected time frame. The data points in the report can unveil priceless insights regarding business operations and often assist the owner in taking profit-making decisions. 

The geofencing software feature in the taxi dispatch panel uses the global positioning system (GPS) to define the geographical boundaries. The admin can specify the geographical area of operations by simply connecting the dots on the map. This enables admin to setup triggers when a device enters or exits the boundaries defined. When an admin specifies the area via geofencing, it restricts customers from requesting a ride and the drivers from receiving a ride request when they are located outside the geofenced area.
This feature even facilitates the admin to modify the defined active area at any time. The admin can also define boundaries in the satellite view of a specific geographical area by incorporating Google Earth in geofencing. The geofencing results in better fleet utilization and improving demand-supply fulfillment ratio. This feature also facilitates the admin to take faster operational decisions in real-time.


4)Dynamic Pricing:
Want to improve demand fulfillment and fleet utilization rates in the on-demand taxi industry? Search no further as the dynamic pricing feature in Jugnoo’s admin panel turns the tables around with automated surge pricing and heat map facility. Surge pricing can be automated as well as applied manually. In order to fulfill the high demand in particular areas highlighted in the heat map, drivers are incentivized to move the supply in the hot areas. Drivers receive notifications on the driver apps regarding the hot areas and the surge prices. This helps business owners to manage high supply during peak hours, events, weather changes, etc. The automated process adjusts pricing according to the rules defined by the owner. The business rule takes into account factors like location of the customer, time of day, the level of demand and competitor’s pricing.

5)Modular Access Control:
This feature comes handy when taxi companies have more than one person accessing the admin panel, which most businesses usually do. This feature enables admin to restrict panel access based on the roles of individual users within the company, depending on their authorization, responsibility, and job competency. Only those with higher access levels will be able to view and modify critical functions of the admin panel such as pricing controls, promotions, discounts, driver commissions, etc. The owner can also add new managers by clicking on the Add Manager tab and filling in the critical information. This feature ensures less probability of error, more accountability, and smooth functioning across all levels.

6)Enable Delivery And Marketplace:
Thinking of expanding the taxi business? Want to get an app like Swiggy, Postmates or Glovo? With JugnooTaxi, business owners can simply enable a marketplace based delivery service along with the taxi service. This way, an existing taxi business can leverage the existing technology infrastructure, customers, and brand name to enter the delivery business. The hyperlocal delivery business often serves as a natural extension to the taxi service in most cities worldwide. Enabling delivery and marketplace allows admins to add merchants on their app, receive customer orders, automate order assignment based on route optimization algorithms, send notifications to drivers and customers, receive proof of delivery, and much more. Customers will also be able to place custom orders via chat. This will enable the business owner to fulfill any type of deliveries such as food, grocery, medicines, meals, flowers, documents, chargers, etc.

Want to explore the complete taxi dispatch solution to gain a competitive edge over the local competitors? Get a free demo and book a free consultation with our product specialists today!

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