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Top 4 Trends of e-hailing Industry in 2020

The global e-hailing industry is dominating the roads since its inception in the market. The segment is supposed to maintain its strong dominance by 2025. Statistical data represents the spike in CAGR figures up to 22.7% from 2018 to 2020. The credit for this accelerated growth goes to the rise in the on-demand industry. The e-mobility segment has been one of the fastest-growing business choices that can help a smart business owner to earn a big from it. 

If you are a part of an e-hailing business or are in the mood to begin your business in the same segment, here are a few of the top trends of 2020 that will help you to make a profitable decision for your business.

Trends That Will Shape The Future of e-hailing Industry


The market potential of e-rickshaw is escalating high with the passing time. The technology has drifted the human-powered cycle rickshaws into e-rickshaws. The battery-operated three-wheelers are becoming the latest invention of the e-hailing industry that offers the last mile connectivity of the public with zero pollution quotient. GPS facilitated autos are the best option to go for if you are looking to invest in one of the promising segments of the e-hailing industry in 2021. Here are a few quick benefits that your business will experience with the driving of these e-rickshaws. 

Why It Is a Great Idea to Step into e-rickshaws Business?

This promising sector of the e-hailing industry has been one of the top trends of 2021 because;

Affordable: Yes, they are quite affordable to purchase. As compared to the other vehicles available in the market, e-rickshaws asks for very little investment. Even the spare parts of the vehicle are easily available in the market and are too less expensive.

Fewer maintenance needs: e-rickshaws follow the concept of no fuel usage. This means the engine and the gearbox of the vehicles remain unaffected even after a period of time. Hence, there is no or less maintenance required in the long run. The batteries used in the vehicle could also be easily charged. 

Profitable market opportunities: The concept of e-rickshaws is very new in the market. This means that there is much to explore in terms of picking up profitable business opportunities with very little competition. 

Corporate CarPooling

This smart e-ride-hailing segment allows earning money by offering the vast opportunity to have a ride-sharing facility available for your employees. Unlike other businesses, one needs not put any sort of investment in the vehicle buying process. You can start your own carpooling business with your pre-owned vehicle. All you have to do is owning a carpool app that allows the different riders to know about your services. 

Why It Is a Great Idea To Step Into The Corporate Carpooling Business?

2020 is all about making smart and timely decisions for your business. Picking up this corporate carpooling e-hailing trend is one among them. 

Cost-effective business model: If you have wished to start your e-hailing business but are not funded with good investment, you can easily go for carpooling business. With a little investment in building an app, you can kickstart earning a good revenue out of it. 

High Earning Capacity Business: Yes, this e-hailing business is on the trend because of its potential of earning big from the initial days itself. In times, when people are concerned about traffic congestion, high fares, long commuting hours, carpooling seems to be an easy and comfortable option for them.


The electrified e-bikes have been winning the hearts of the people since their inception. The crowded roads, surge prices of cabs and many more reasons have drifted the interest of common people towards the concept of e-bikes. These e-bikes are easy to operate and have a high potential of earning big without much effort.

 Why It Is a Great Idea To Step Into e-bike Business?

Here are a few reasons, why you should pick e-bike business;

Suitable for Urban Cores: This e-hailing trend has many profitable opportunities in the market owing to the densely populated urban areas where traffic, finding vehicles is a big struggle for all. 

Easy to Maintain: e-bikes require less maintenance and offer the long durability of bikes. The after investment in a bike rental business is also comparatively low. 

Shuttle Dispatch Services

Similar to the cab services, shuttle services are confined to offer e-hailing facilities for multiple passengers at the same time. These services are getting more popular in time because of the added comfort in availing of their services.

Why It Is a Great Idea To Step Into Shuttle Dispatch Services?

If you are willing to get started with shuttle dispatch services, here are the advantages that you should know before you begin:

Fast-paced Earning 

Shuttle Services can help you to earn a decent amount. You can begin with any type of shuttle service ranging from city shuttle services to airport shuttle services. As per the market demand, you can pick a business model that suits best the requirements. 

More profitable opportunities

This e-hailing segment has much potential to grow and expand. If used wisely, this platform can help you to earn well. 

Concluding Thoughts

2022 will be the year of opportunities. The E-hailing industry is growing at a fast pace. If you have ever thought of getting started with a tech-oriented ride-hailing business, you can choose one of the above-said options. 

To get a more overview of how you can get started with an e-hailing business by talking with our experts at Jugnoo.

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