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The Role of shuttle app to build a successful shuttle business

There are tons of possible business opportunities that revolve around the mobility industry. The app-based ride-hailing services have created a new dynamic for growth and success in the current state. Shuttle services have gained the momentum of sensation through their successful derivation of the shuttle app. 

This blog will discuss the perks of opting for a shuttle app and creating hassle-free commuting options through a transportation booking app, even on alarmingly congested roads. 

Shuttle service

What are shuttle services?

Shuttle services are a saviour for frequent travellers. It is making regular travel as part of their daily routine. In the car booking app era, shuttle services laid the foundation of bringing on-demand commute options for a more significant number of travellers. The intracity travel system supports the daily commute at a larger scale. 

There are certain types of shuttle services that exist in the market.

  1. Intracity Shuttle Services 
  2. Intercity Shuttle Services

During a pandemic, there is a quick shift and transition in travel behaviour. Keeping this in mind, we have collated the top shuttle services that have been successful in this time. 

Types of Shuttle Services in 2021-22

There are certain types of shuttle services that have taken the ground during 2021-2022. To enlist the most common and famous among them, here is the list. 

Fixed routes shuttle services

These services are based on transportation booking apps and are known to offer to and fro transportation from one fixed point to another. The pick-up and drop off locations are set and can not change. Moreover, You can avail of these services by using the specific bus booking app and can offer support to the daily commuting travellers to the route. The route, the destinations and the hauls are fixing in the case of fixed-route shuttle services. With the help of an online booking system app, a rider can book his upcoming trip to the improved shuttle services. 

Flexible route shuttle services

In contrast to the above, these services serve the purpose of making flexible travel to dynamic routes. The routes are decided after getting a handful of ride requests through the car booking app. The online car booking app helps initiate the ride request and allows the travellers to avail the services. If you are not a regular traveller, you can take help from any white label taxi booking app and check the vehicle’s availability in the particular area. 

Airport shuttle services

The shuttle services that offer transport from and to the airport are known as airport shuttle services. If you wish to launch your airport shuttle services, you can choose to build a taxi booking app that helps navigate your shuttle business in the right direction. To know more, feel free to reach out to us. 

Why does your shuttle business need a booking system mobile app?

In the earlier sections, we discuss the possible opportunities with the shuttle services. Now, the next part of your business success accounts to own one of the best taxi booking apps. When you buy a taxi booking app, it would be easier for your business to outreach potential customers in your location. Here is how and why choosing the best taxi booking app can create a difference in your existing business operations. 

The booking system app helps in automating the bookings.

Every business needs to get upgraded with automation. When you choose a taxi booking app clone that can help automate and organise the bookings, it would be easier for you to get the inflow of bookings by your shuttle app without much effort. The online booking system app is redirected to let your customers know about the availability of your services and helps your operation manager synchronise it with the upcoming trips and requests. 

Helps in establishing the communication 

To get the communication established between the admin, customers and drivers- you need to have a shuttle app. It will help in overcoming the undue stress of passing the information between the three channels. You can get a white label taxi booking app that can help you create the channel’s desired communication.

Helps in tracking the progress

The shuttle app powers your shuttle service business. It offers you a complete and detailed analysis of your fleet performance. It helps you to identify the low hanging and high hanging fruits for your business. The analytical insights help take the business authoritative decision to offer you the desired and successful results in the coming times. 

The Role of shuttle app to build a successful shuttle business

Jugnoo- your one-stop destination for shuttle app

The market is full of SaaS providers who offer you a handful of benefits. When we talk about perfection among the rest, Jugnoo stands high on the list. Due to its invaluable and tech-driven features, Jugnoo is the preferable choice for all. Here are the reasons why people prefer Jugnoo to build a taxi booking app for their shuttle business

  1. Scalability: Your shuttle app needs to be scalable and flexible to support your business growth needs. Get it quickly with Jugnoo.
  2. Brand presence: Whether you go for the taxi booking app clone or a transportation booking app, your brand needs to be highlighted above all. We offer you a white label taxi booking app that can build your brand presence. 
  3. Third-party integrations: To make your business compatible with the dynamic changing requirements of the market, Jugnoo offers a comprehensive, third-party integration option. You can ask for your desired API integrations in your app. 


Shuttle business use case is growing in the market and will expand its roots in the coming times. Get a shuttle app that can support your operational business needs with excellence. 

To know more, feel free to reach out to us. 

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