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Know the Tech and Features about Creating an Uber Clone App

The ride-hailing industry has blossomed a while ago and many histories are created post-Uber and Ola have been launched. The market is on the rise and entrepreneurs are ready to experience this new venture. Post Uber, people are ready to take a bet on the ride-hailing services model and are in a hurry to replicate the Uber business model. This has given rise to the invention of the Uber Clone App.

Get a Robust Uber Clone App with Jugnoo

In this article, we are going to discuss the detailed thesis of the tech stack involved in the creation of the Uber Clone app as well as a detailed list of features that must be a part of your app. 

Tech behind the Uber Clone App

In this section, we are going to discuss the important tech that makes the Uber app a smart and desirable app in the market. 

To kickstart the launch, there is a list of smart and technical features that are present in the app. Here are a few technical specifications that can be a part of the app journey. 

1) Provision of Push notifications

Get a Robust Uber Clone App with Jugnoo

When developing an app, no developer will dare to miss out on adding this feature in the app development process. Notifications are the only feature that helps the app connect directly with the users. All information about their rides is conveyed to the users through notifications. So this feature should be given much emphasis in your Uber clone app development.

2) Get the Geolocation

Know the Tech & Features of Creating an Uber Clone App with Jugnoo

In ride-sharing apps, this is one of the primary features that facilitate booking rides. The in-built GPS technology is used by the drivers to identify or track the location of the riders. The simple operations of taxi booking apps in connecting the users with drivers have an infinite complex story behind them. In order to know the routing, this technology is used in a ride-sharing app.

3) Multiple Payment integration

In the ongoing scenario, apps are focusing on integrating more diverse payment options for their users like card payment, net banking, etc. But there are several underlying procedures that a company has to undergo for facilitating such operations. It is known as the PCI requirements. After the PCI gets verified, you can proceed to integrate the cashless transaction system in your app.

Incorporating The Right Technically-Advanced Features Into The Uber Clone App

Uber-like app development involves building three different apps, namely the user app, the driver app, and the admin panel. These three apps are too crucial for the success of your ride-sharing app. Given below are some of the important features that should never be missed out on in your app.

a. Swift user registration

Know the Tech & Features of Creating an Uber Clone App with Jugnoo

When users approach your app, they should not feel complicated. So include an easy registration process.

b. Ride booking/cancellation

Know the Tech & Features of Creating an Uber Clone App with Jugnoo

Due to some valid reasons, people might seek to cancel their booking. Thus provide an option for users to cancel their ride-booking.

c. Real-time tracking

The users will be shared with details about their rides through which they can track their rides in real-time.

d. Diverse payment

To support users, you can enable them to pay for their rides through any of the feasible payment methods. However, you can include payment options like UPI, net banking, card payment, etc.

e. In-app call/chat

When booking the rides, the users will receive all information about their rides. Through the in-app call, they can communicate with their drivers effectively.

f. Driver ratings

Get a Robust Uber like App with Jugnoo

At the end of the trip, the passengers will get a chance to rate their experience with the driver. Moreover, they can give their feedback in the portal.

g. Driver analysis report

In the drivers’ app, the performance of the drivers will be analyzed and recorded. The earning summary will state the total earnings report of the drivers in a day.

h. Admin panel

The admin panel has got the god’s eye view through which the admins can administer all the activities of an app. It does a close watch on what is happening within the platform.

Ways to generate revenue through your Uber clone app

The major part of a business is to generate revenue. The ride-sharing app provides numerous ways to generate revenue. The cost of a ride is calculated based on various pricing elements like base fare, cost per mile, cost per minute, and booking fee. Altogether the final ride cost is derived.

Here are some of the top-notch ways to generate revenue:

  • Trip commissions from drivers
  • Delivery fee
  • Cancellation fee
  • Surge pricing

What is the cost involved in launching a ride-sharing app?

The major cost of launching an app is incurred in the development process. While developing an app, there are several factors that are taken into consideration. These factors will have a direct impact on calculating the total cost of an app. Some of the factors include app platform ( Android/iOS/Web), UX/UI design, app size, customization standards of the app, total hours spent by the developers in developing the app, the geographical location of the app development firm front-end, and back-end development. Based on calculating all these factors, you can arrive at the final cost.

However, with the help of the Uber clone app – a ready-made taxi app solution; the entrepreneurs can instantly launch a ride-hailing app.

The final thoughts

An opportunity to outshine in the global taxi app market is right in front of you. Making use of this opportunity will help you grow immensely. With no further delay, you can proceed with the process of finding the best app development firm for developing your robust taxi app.

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