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Improve Your Logistical Efficiency By Investing in a Trucking Dispatch Software Solution

Let’s directly start with the numbers. How big is the trucking industry? According to data, the truckload industry is worth over $193 billion, with almost 616,700 enterprises offering trucking services in the United States. Trucks transport around 11.84 billion tonnes of freight every year, accounting for approximately 72.5 per cent of total US freight, and employ nearly 12 million people. 

Trucking Dispatch Software for Trucking Industry by Jugnoo

Aren’t these statistics impressive enough to understand how trucking is the most dominant freight mode? It is a huge and complex system that involves numerous operations. And just like any other industry, like the food and grocery marketplace, this huge truck industry also cannot avoid the powerful impact of the global digital revolution. To help manage and simplify trucking operations, a variety of technologies are used. In this post, we’ll discuss how a smart trucking dispatch software solution can be used in aiding the optimization of key transportation processes.

What is trucking dispatch software?

Trucking Dispatch software is a revolution in the field of logistics. It is a form of transportation management software that assists trucking companies in managing their day-to-day operations and increasing efficiency by integrating all business processes into one powerful interface. It helps with automation, making hub management much simpler overall. In a nutshell, it’s key in taking efficiency and digitisation to new heights which make same-day deliveries possible globally.

Improve Logistical Efficiency With a Trucking Dispatch Software by Jugnoo

Trucking software, like any other management technology, is designed to decrease manual involvement, optimise processes, synchronise data, and reduce human errors. The primary steps involved in running a trucking business involves – scheduling, dispatching, routing, fuel and freight management, reporting & analytics and safety and maintenance management.

What to look in Trucking Dispatch Software?

Improve Logistical Efficiency With a Trucking Software Features by Jugnoo

There are several all-in-one options available on the market that provide operational functions, reporting, performance management, cost reduction, increase in productivity, etc. The daily challenges of the trucking business are similar for both big companies that manage huge fleets and owner-operators that run a single truck. However, the unique needs of each individual trucking company might require different solutions and approaches. Thus, choosing the right trucking dispatch software for your trucking business is critical. 

The trucking dispatch software should include

  • Ease of use
  • Robust features – operational like scheduling/dispatching and real-time tracking, communication, task management, and more
  • Should easily work with your company size, no matter how many trucks or employees you have
  • Should work for your trucking business niche
  • Look at how active the customer support team is

The top challenges faced by the trucking businesses 

1) Gap Among Stakeholders

Challenges such as order tracking, same-day deliveries, and lack of push notifications are very common in the logistics process which is basically an outcome of a communication gap between dispatchers and 3PL partners. It’s hard to optimise delivery routes, track delivery trucks, and assess client satisfaction levels without powerful dispatching tools. Apart from that, it also causes a lack of transparency and clarity throughout the delivery process.

Manage 3PL with Trucking Software by Jugnoo

A dispatcher dashboard aims to connect shippers’ dispatching software with 3PL systems. All the stakeholders in the logistics process including customers can be connected on the same interface with smart trucking dispatch software. This solves the inability to track dispatching and scheduling operations. The added advantage of push notifications via mobile updates helps provide information about updates during delivery. 

2) Time Limits for Delivery

When it comes to delivering items to customers, it’s a race against the clock. Companies in the logistics industry seek to speed up operations so that orders may be delivered on time. Customers who are dissatisfied with late deliveries are less inclined to order again. 57% of your customers will leave if you fail to deliver on time.

Same-day deliveries are more difficult to complete successfully. Sorting, labelling, processing, and assigning shipments to drivers are not simple tasks. An innovative dispatching technology dynamically assigns duties to available drivers so they can stay on the road. It increases driver productivity and earnings potential. Modern dispatching tools, such as dynamic routing and multi-drop route planning, can significantly assist dispatchers in working under tighter time restrictions. It is what helps make same-day deliveries possible around the globe.

3) Routing Issues

When it comes to routing, dispatching quickly becomes tricky. This is especially true when it comes to rerouting and route optimization. Customers frequently Provide delivery addresses that are part of multi-drop operations. This necessitates dispatchers to take out the time to lay out route maps. While this isn’t impossible, it can be extremely challenging during periods of large volume orders and conflicts.

Improve Logistical Efficiency With a Trucking Dispatch Software by Jugnoo

Artificial intelligence algorithms can be used in a dispatcher dashboard to optimise routes for drivers. The software can help in multi-drop task assignments and schedule deliveries. For dispatchers, it effectively solves the problem of complex routing. It also assists drivers in conserving fuel and time by directing them to the most efficient routes for their delivery.

4) Lack of Automation

Automation is beneficial because it allows for the automatic completion of tedious, repetitive tasks without the need for human interaction. Smaller businesses may not be able to afford the time and effort required to analyse and optimise each driver’s delivery route. Multi-drop deliveries are frequently left to the discretion of the driver. Another area where automation can be used effectively is job allocation. Drivers can save time by not having to wait for appropriate jobs and information to be assigned to them.

Route optimisations, automated invoicing, and digital proof of delivery are all part of the digital automation that is made possible with the help of intelligent trucking dispatch software.

Key Features of Jugnoo’s Trucking Dispatch Software

Here is a list of the essential features that you should consider while investing in trucking dispatch software:

1) GPS Empowered Trucking Dispatch Software

Our dispatching technology allows dispatchers to have GPS tracking and mapping enabled on their delivery vehicles. GPS mapping allows drivers to receive dynamic route optimisation updates. This helps them save time and fuel while doing deliveries. Additionally, it also allows them to track the position of goods and understand other numbers like deliveries made per day, a driver’s individual performance, locations of trucks, and much more. 

GPS Enabled Trucking Dispatch Software by Jugnoo

Jugnoo ensures that you get a dispatch platform that provides visibility and transparency for your customers to be able to track their packages and stay informed about their expected deliveries.

2) Route Optimisation

Logistics managers can increase the travel efficiency for trucks through the Route Optimization option. Drivers will set information about the starting point, destination to reach, expected travel time, and suggested duration to cover each stop through our smart driver app. They can also add break times for eating food and taking rest during their journey. Finally, truck drivers reach the required location quickly by travelling through the fastest or shortest route that our powerful AI finds out.

3) Live Chat 

Live Chat Trucking Dispatch Software by Jugnoo

Our top-notch feature allows your drivers to directly communicate with your customers through the real-time chat facility. Truck operators can instantly share photos and videos of the goods with the users. Nonetheless, it ensures a higher level of transparency and trust. This boosts the customer satisfaction level which in return will result in increased orders from you.

4) Multiple Payment Gateways

Break no sweat on third party platform integrations for your truck dispatch app with our open & secure APIs. Using our integrated online payment system, you can avoid the headache of managing large quantities of cash. Drivers, movers, and packers can be paid on time. As a result, bonuses, commissions, service fees, and tips to logistics service providers can also be paid promptly.

5) Custom Promotions and Push Notifications

Create fully customized promotional campaigns for discounts & referrals to increase customer base, repeat shipments & customer loyalty. Dispatchers and customers can now receive detailed push notifications via mobile applications thanks to cutting-edge trucking dispatch software. Customers are notified about the progress of their delivery, parcel tracking, and driver information via these messages. It also allows them to communicate with the driver in the event of any delays in the delivery process.

6) Analytics & Reports

Reports by Trucking Dispatch Software by Jugnoo

Online trucking dispatch software generates visualised data about delivery times, driver performance, and customer satisfaction. It’s a useful tool for dispatchers to see where the delivery chain is weak and where it has to be optimised in order to improve performance. It can help drivers save time and fuel, assign more work to them, and help customers receive their items faster.

Choose Jugnoo as the perfect trucking dispatch software for your business

Jugnoo is a smart tech provider in the industry that has been ruling the market for years. Our advanced dispatch platform makes it possible to efficiently scale your operations over time. Not only this, but you also get fully customizable white-labelled customer and driver apps for both Android & iOS along with a dispatcher dashboard. Provide timely deliveries, automate processes, get dynamic routing, real-time route optimisation, multi-drop deliveries – everything in a single platform by Jugnoo.

Connect with our team to start with your trucking management system.

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