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How to Keep Your Drivers Happy?

The process of starting and running a business is not easy. The task of keeping all stakeholders of your business satisfied on a long-term basis is difficult. Moreover, it becomes even more challenging if we talk about the ride-hailing business since there’s a lot of fierce competition from companies like Uber, Grab, Lyft, Ola, and many more. You might think that to start a successful taxi business, you simply need a robust taxi solution. But that’s not true. Trust us! As a taxi company, it is important for you to keep your drivers happy so that, in return, they can keep your customers happy. 

In this article, we have discussed a few strategies that can help you keep your drivers happy with our taxi software.

1) Smoother Enrollment of Drivers

How to Keep Your Drivers Happy? Jugnoo.io

Jugnoo’s taxi dispatch solution automates the process of driver enrollment. It even enables the driver to self-enroll by just uploading the valid documents to the dashboard. After the uploading of the various documents, the admin just needs to approve the enrollment request. This has made the enrollment process quick and easy by making the enrollment functional with just a few taps. This not only automates the process but streamlines the workflow which aids in improving the business efficiency.

Additional Fields in Driver Enrollment –

We have added various filters to the document fields, to have a smoother enrollment process. At the registration time, drivers can select configured list options in the document fields, can only enter valid dates, and can only enter specific data types in the field with respect to the data type needed, to avoid document rejections.

This all is applicable to Android apps, IOS apps, and Web Panel.

2) Automated Ride Dispatch

On receiving a ride request the ride gets assigned to the nearest driver resulting in a reduction of the ETA of the driver and waiting time of the customer. The automated ride dispatch mode takes into consideration the real-time location of the driver-partners while allocating rides which leaves the latter free from driving off to far-off locations to pick up the customers. This makes them more accessible to customers resulting in scaling down the number of ride cancellations. 

How to Keep Your Drivers Happy? Jugnoo.io

This easy accessibility of drivers and customer plays a major role in boosting the business by increasing engagement and retention ratio. The automated ride dispatch is a faster way when compared to the manual mode of ride assignment as it not only saves up a lot of time but also streamlines the workflow.

Additional Features –

  • Drivers can mark themselves as busy if they do not want to take a ride in a taxi offering without going offline.
  • We have allowed drivers to configure the requests for different services they wish to receive. Services that a particular vehicle type can receive are decided by the operator.

3) Driver Performance Board

Jugnoo’s taxi dispatch solution enables not only the admin but also the driver to view the leaderboard and his performance at any instance. The driver leaderboard ranks drivers according to the rides taken to get insights on incentivization, fulfillment rate improvement, and much more. Not only this the driver board helps in recognizing the top performers and motivating them via various incentives and rewards. This is another way one can motivate the top performers to perform much better and other co-drivers to match up with the top performers.

Additional Features:

  • Customers can now mark their driver as a favorite allowing them to add a preference of the driver while placing subsequent ride requests.
  • Provide 24*7 driver support by dealing with their queries and ensuring the proper functioning of the business. This not only demonstrates a positive commitment toward the drivers but also motivates them to stay connected with your business and perform better in the long run.
  • Rewarding best-performing drivers to keep everyone motivated. For instance, to motivate drivers to earn more we have a lot of schemes in place- like incentives and D2D programs. The incentive scheme is wherein the top performing drivers are given incentives. Driver-2-Driver (D2D) scheme is a way of creating brand awareness and increasing the number of people on board via drivers. Herein, any driver can refer another driver to join the Jugnoo app. The driver who refers is given a bonus.

4) Transparent Earnings for the Driver

The driver can easily track his daily earnings summary with just one click. This gives him the opportunity to be fully aware of his earnings and the commissions he owes to the service aggregator. This aids in building a healthy relationship between the driver and your taxi business.

5) Promotional Messages

The admin can easily communicate with the drivers by sending them a push message or SMS or both. Through this, various promotional schemes that have been activated for that certain duration can be communicated to the drivers. These schemes when linked with driver incentives encourage them to complete more rides resulting in boosting the business and its efficiency.

Make Your Drivers Happy

A successful on-demand transport business’s essential component is a healthy work relationship between all its stakeholders. A relationship built on trust aids in keeping the driver-partners performing better and improving operational efficiency. From time to time motivation not only encourages the driver-partners but also improves the quality of service, hence improving customer retention in the long term.

It’s always a good idea to let your drivers know and understand the dispatch options you have selected. Transparency will prove that you are doing your best to ensure that jobs are equally distributed and that no one is being favored. The more they know about the system, the better able they will be to use it. Their confidence and happiness will increase when they feel comfortable and know how to do their jobs.

Looking for a taxi dispatch solution for your on-demand business that would help in boosting and improving your business? We offer customizable dispatch solutions for every on-demand business.

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