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How to Create an App like Ola with Jugnoo?

Taxi-hailing has become one of the most used travelling models by the customers. With ola and uber acquiring a major share in the ride-hailing industry, many start-ups are trying to replicate their processes to gain quick success.

How to Create an App like Ola with Jugnoo?

In this article, we are going to discuss how one can create an app like Ola with Jugnoo and what all things are required to make it feasible without any tech team involvement.

Why should you get an app like Ola with Jugnoo?

To make this answer more fact-driven here is the stats report you should go through. 

  • Ola has gained around $4 billion of investment in less than 10 years.
  • Ola is valued around $8 billion in 2020
  • Ola has well captured the Indian ride hailing market.
  • After Uber, 60 % people are preferring Ola as their choice of services in ride hailing.

These stats showcase how Ola is doing well in terms of popularity and earning revenue through its simple use case. Isn’t it enough to convince yourself to get started with an app like ola

Feature analysis of Ola app 

Here are the enlisted features that are a  part of the ola app and must be included in the app like Ola with Jugnoo.

1) Provision of registration

As soon as a new user/ customer wishes to join the ola portal, he has to do simple steps of registration to make it easier for his bookings. This is a one-time step that includes some of the important yet basic information to create a profile. 

This includes mobile or email verification to authenticate the user’s profile. Once you are done with the registration part, you can anytime login with the credentials and avail the services. 

2) GPS Enabled location

The GPS enabled location helps in pinpointing the pickup and drop location to the driver. As soon as one plans to book a ride, the GPS enabled location feature helps in allowing a complete track of the taxi directions and the movements. This is an integral part of offering quick and doorstep on-demand ride-hailing services. 

How to Create an App like Ola with Jugnoo?

Once you booked a ride, your driver will reach the desired destination to pick and then drop you at the entered destination. The GPS feature also helps in calculating the estimated time of arrival of the taxi to the customers. 

3) Ride history 

Under the profile feature, you can easily go through the ride history with complete details about the ride. This is a significant feature that helps the riders as well the drivers to keep a tab over their travel history. 

The historical data sometimes helps in planning the dispatch and route as per the rider travel behaviour and many more. 

Going forward, this article will explain how you can use these features in your app like Ola and make your business sustainable and profitable with maximum fleet utilisation. 

Creating an app like Ola with Jugnoo

If you are willing to create an app like Ola with Jugnoo, you must create three different versions – one app for drivers, one app for customers and one dashboard for admin. 

Let us read about them in detail. 

Driver side app

This is a dedicated app for drivers and is used by drivers when they are on the job. Talking about the workflow and utility of the app, the app includes separate profiles of the drivers. Similar to the customers, drivers need to register on the portal while using it for the first time. 

How to Create an App like Ola with Jugnoo?

Post that, they can sign up using the same credentials. In the app, there is a provision to see all the upcoming ride requests from the nearby area. The segment also consists of the options to accept the ride, deny it or cancel it in some circumstances.

The app also plays an important role in showcasing the driver about his daily ride history. The data helps in getting insights about the daily earnings, miles covered, the number of rides completed and the number of rides rejected. 

This serves as a whole dashboard for the driver to understand his daily work performance. 

As soon as the driver needs to sign off from the job, he can simply log out of the app and he will not be counted in the list or network of available drivers. 

Features in the app like Ola that Jugnoo offers: 

  • Onboarding
  • Trip management
  • Managing requests
  • Tracking daily earnings
  • Turn by Turn navigation
  • Regular Help support
  • Payments  
  • Ratings and reviews

Looking for some specific features in the app like Ola? Don’t worry. Talk to our tech experts and own those features and stand high in the competition.

Customer Side app

Customers are equally important for your ride-hailing business. They are the single source of income that can help in adding sustainability and profitability to your business. Here is what a customer app and what all features should be in the app like Ola powered by Jugnoo. 

How to Create an App like Ola with Jugnoo?

The passenger app includes options for instant booking and cancelling ride requests. There is a separate option of contacting the driver and offering the location services to track the ride and go through the trusted payment channels. 

The app must have in-built payment channels to allow comfort to its users. It helps in making the experience delightful and seamless to the users.  

If you have an app like Ola, make sure you choose to partner with the tech team that offers you the provision of scalability and adaptability to expand your business with your business growth. A better UI/ UX for the customer app can be an added advantage to allow your first-time customers to easily use your app and avail of your services. 

The well designed and feature-packed app is meant to offer customers great ease in accessing the on-demand services. The app should be compatible to be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones. Here is the list of the must-have features in the app: 

  • Onboarding to the platform
  • Preferred vehicle selection
  • Easy and quick ride booking
  • Matching to the best suited fleet
  • Ride tracking before and while taking the ride 
  • Exclusive promotions and offers
  • Timely notifications and alerts
  • Quick and multiple payment channels 
  • Reviews and rating to leave a feedback
  • Consistent help support to solve the queries 

All these features are in-built in our tech platform and can be enabled if you wish to get an app like Ola with Jugnoo.

How to get an app like Ola?

Above are the listed features in the driver side and customer side app. You can pick or select the features or can ask for variations from our tech team. With third-party integration, it becomes quite easy to get these features in your app and make your ride-hailing business successful in no time. 


Jugnoo has a pre-built and well-integrated SaaS platform that enables all these features in your app like Ola. However, complete customisation and scalability as per use-case are also accepted in our tech requests. 

If you have something in mind and want to introduce or club a few features in the app like Ola, Team Jugnoo can do it for you.

The ride-hailing market is booming post-pandemic. If you are interested in kickstarting your on-demand ride-hailing business in the market, feel free to get started with an app like Ola powered at Jugnoo. 

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