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Grow your pet transportation business with Jugnoo’s top-notch features

Pets have now become an integral part of families. As the importance of pets in a family and society has been unrevealed, people are looking ahead to add comfort to their lifestyle. Pet transportation is gaining popularity and has influenced many stakeholders to try their hands with this smart business idea. 

Jugnoo Pet Transportation

Pet transportation is one of the youngest business ideas if we talk about the mobility industry. If you are someone who is looking to try their luck with this new business idea, this write-up can help you in many ways. Consider it as your first-hand guide to know how and why you should start and expand your pet transportation business with a smart tech provider

What is a pet transportation business?

Pet transportation is a smart and tech-driven business idea that includes the transfer of a pet from one place to another, in a specific vehicle. The transportation business works like how Uber works. 

As soon as there is a need for a vehicle, the pet owner can book or schedule a cab and can avail of the services as per the requirements. It could be an on-demand pet ride-hailing service or could be a pre-planned trip schedules days ahead too. As per the requirements and time constraints, the vehicle could be asked to avail of the services. 

Stats to validate the need of pet transportation business

Jugnoo Pet Transportation

Since this is a very new and young use case, it is important to get our hands down on why it is an ideal choice to go ahead with the pet transportation business. Like any other mobility transport business, the pet transportation business also asks for a certain amount of initial investment. But is the investment fair enough and the scope is wide enough to make sure a better and expected ROI. Here are the stats you need to know 

  • 67% of households in USA have a pet of their own 
  • 53% of people prefer to go out with their pet
  • 93% of scheduled flights have a slot for pets

These stats clearly tells about the need and opportunities of pets transport in the market. These figures will indicate why and when you should invest in the pet transportation business. Still, wanted to know more about it?

How to start your pet transportation business?

Since you have made up your mind to get started with the pet transportation business, your next step would be to get all the requirements in place. To begin with the pet boarding business, you need to have all the below-mentioned things to get started. 

  1. Get a fleet 

To begin with, the foremost important thing is to get a fleet. The fleet is important to carry out operational activities. As soon as you are able to arrange the fleet, you can think of launching your business in no time. Moreover, the fleet gives you a clear indication of how many requirements you can manage at one go. If you are a startup and are running low with the investment, start slow. You can have one or two fleets also to support your operations. As the business grows, you can think about adding more vehicles and increasing the count of the fleet.

  1. Register your business 

Before getting launched in the business, it is important to get registered. The business that gets registered and is complete with all the documents can run a better ROI as compared to an unregistered business. This also helps in validating your business in the market. Once you are able to get a hold of a bunch of potential audiences in the industry,  you can easily build a strong reputation for the brand in the market.

  1. Brand your presence

Though there is very little competition available in the market right now, still if you are looking ahead to create a buzz with your presence, you can go ahead. Once you start establishing your brand value in the market, your people and potential audiences will start recognizing you. This recognition can go a long way. You can easily stay connected with your audiences and can make a remarkable presence in the market. To build a brand, it is important to cater to the essentials of a business. With smart tech, you can easily do it in a while. You can either do it by yourself or can hire specialists for the same. 

  1. Go digital

Last but not the least, you need to take your pet transportation business to digital transition. This can help you in taking care of so many potential opportunities in the market. Going digital can help you in staying accessible, approachable, and predictable to your customers. You can easily identify and work upon the potential gaps in the market and can take smart advantage of the same. Switching to a digital platform means getting partnered with a tech provider. From switching to pet boarding software to expanding the reach via powerful yet customized pet mobility apps, the digital world can uphold and upscale your business in no time. 

Choosing Jugnoo as your digital partner 

In the above section, we have discussed how a tech partner can create a significant difference in the business. Moving ahead, in this section, we are going to discuss why to choose Jugnoo as your digital partner and what all changes can be brought with the same. 

Here is the list of the changes that can be brought into the picture with Jugnoo and how its top-notch features can create a significant difference. 

Jugnoo offers end-to-end tech offerings to support, execute and launch a pet transportation business in the market. With more of the tech offerings coming in the picture, Jugnoo can offer the smart launch and execution of a bunch of offerings to the pet transportation business. 

Jugnoo - Pet Transportation

Jugnoo’s top-notch features help in:

  1. Locating the cab

The dedicated app for customers helps in locating the cab in the required area. As soon as a customer looks for pet transportation services in the market, he or she shall look for them via locating the cab. The cab services can be predominantly be showcased on the perimeter. Hence, it helps in offering the quick accessibility of the services to the customers.

  1. Finding the potential customer

Extending the benefit of the first point, if the customer books or looks for pet transportation services via Jugnoo, he is actually becoming a part of your business ROI. Finding a customer for your pet transportation business becomes easy and quick with it. 

  1. Navigating the route

This feature offers twin profitability to the driver as well as the customer. Once the GPS is taken into consideration, the route optimization software powered by Jugnoo helps in adding and navigating to the ideal route for the upcoming travel. It helps in saving a huge in terms of fuel consumption, time consumption, and distance covered. Hence, it offers a win-win situation to both customer and the driver. 

  1. Digital payments

As soon as the services are availed, the customers, as well as drivers, can ease out with the pain of collecting digital payments. This is a smart way of ensuring that your customer can pay through their comfort by choosing their preferred digital channel. On the other hand, the driver and the admin can save themselves from the pain of collecting the cash and pondering the changes after every ride is completed. 


And the list goes on. If you are looking to get started and expand your existing pet transportation business, think about choosing Jugnoo and availing of its top-notch features.

Jugnoo Pet Transportation

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