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Complete Guide to White Label Rideshare App Development

The white-label apps are in the current talks, owing to their great popularity in the market. Customers and businesses are inclined towards the launch of these white label rideshare apps as they offer great affordability and accessibility to both parties.

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We’ll be discussing how to get started with a white label rideshare app development process and what strategies should be kept in mind while starting with the process.

Here is a small step-to-step guide for beginners as well as businesses who are willing to transit their conventional methods to white label rideshare app development. 

What is a white label rideshare app development?

By definition, it is a process of creating a customized, brand-oriented ride-sharing app that compliments the business pitch and presence. Unlike a simple rideshare app, the white label rideshare apps are dedicated apps that belong to a particular business. A smart mobility software solution can help you create an app with your own brand logo and colors.

A couple of reasons are responsible for making white-label rideshare apps an instant hit in the market. The uniqueness and stand-out proposition offered by the white label apps make them a part of every successful ridesharing business. Moreover, the users can customize and scale their apps as per their requirements in the case of a white label rideshare app development process. 

Let us get started.

Step to Step Guide to creating a white label rideshare app

Consider this section as your go-to guide to getting started with launching your white label rideshare app. In case of any doubt, feel free to connect with our experts

  1. Create a Registration portal or profile building on the app

The first step is to create a registration portal where a driver or the customer can add their profile once for lifetime use. This section is important to gather all the required information and create a database of the customers as well as the drivers.

While creating the white label rideshare app, make sure you choose to build a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. This is going to be the first point of interaction with the client as well as with your drivers. It is important to offer a seamless experience for the same. 

You can customize the section by offering desirable columns in the profile building activity. 

  1. Create a channel for notifications & alerts

Going forward, once the customers and driver are able to complete their registration process, they need to stay connected with your white label rideshare app. The best way to keep engagement levels high and interactive with the customers is to ensure that your app is well sufficient to offer timely notifications and alerts to all the relevant stakeholders. 

Through a notification channel, you can keep on offering important information, disclose discounts/ offers, and other announcements to your customers. Overall, with a white label app, you are keeping your customers and drivers connected with each other. 

  1. Section for Booking 

While building a white label rideshare app, the most important thing to keep in mind is to have a separate section for booking the services. Similar to the other sections, this section will be further categorized separately for drivers and customers.

In the driver section, the rideshare app should be well versed to ensure that the driver can accept or cancel the ride request at his convenience. Moreover, in the case of a customer app, the customer can easily book or schedule a ride as per his comfort and requirement. In your white label rideshare app, make sure all these features are complemented religiously. 

  1. Enabling GPS

Another important feature that should be a part of the white label rideshare app development is enabling GPS in the app. The GPS feature helps in navigating the vehicle to the desired direction without much effort.

The feature is known to be a great assistance for the drivers who have to reach a particular direction as soon as the ride is booked. GPS also gives a clear idea about the distance to be traveled and the total ETA for the same. Once it is clear, the driver, as well as the customer, can get a concise idea about the total time taken to reach the customer and then the total time taken to complete the ride. 

In simpler words, GPS is a mandatory feature for any white label rideshare app, as it helps in making sure that customer and driver; both are at the same pace. 

  1. Multiple Payment Channels

The steps discussed above can be used to build a strong foundation for the app. Now, as we move towards the completion of the ride, it is important to integrate multiple payment channels in the app. 

As you have decided to go ahead with the rideshare app development, it is important to have the flexibility of the payment channels. The customers will find it convenient and easy to go ahead with any of the preferred payment channels. In times of the digital payment era, people are more inclined toward e-wallets. Let your white label rideshare app be compatible enough to get along with the multiple payment channels. 

  1. Reviews & Ratings

Since you are on your way to creating a distinguished presence in the market with your services, it is important to let others know about it too. With the advanced review and rating feature, you can easily get the customers to speak for your services.

Rideshare app development - Jugnoo.io

The review and rating feature can help in adding more transparency among the drivers and customers. It also helps in identifying the high performers for your ride-hailing services. A better review and rating policy also help in building trust among the customers and in the market. 

  1. Admin Panel 

Lastly, your white label ridesharing app should have a separate admin panel. This admin panel can oversee and supervise the activities of your ride-hailing business and can keep track of the activities. Any miss in the tracking can become disastrous in the long term.

Best Rideshare App Development

The analytical insights and data-driven reports are known to offer a clear idea about how your business is performing in the market. It also helps in identifying the gaps in the business. 

Jugnoo – Your One-stop solution for a white label rideshare app 

Jugnoo offers a complete tech suite to build and create a customized, scalable, and affordable white label rideshare app for its customers. With a global presence in the market, we are known as industry leaders in catering and rendering customers’ demands with excellence. 

We are a team of professionals who have spent their years of practice creating a personalized experience for the customers. We have a complete list of happy customers who have been an integral part of our journey with us so far. 

For more information about how Jugnoo can help you in getting the desired features in the app and make your business better in terms of operations and revenue, feel free to talk with our experts


It is important to have a white label rideshare app that resonates with your brand vision. In the above sections, we have discussed all the important factors that are known to offer a quick and seamless development of the rideshare app. 

If you are interested in knowing details about the pros and why one should opt for a white label rideshare app instead of a general rideshare app, feel free to connect with our experts at Jugnoo.

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