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4 Ways To Keep Your Taxi Business Unaffected With Coronavirus Impact

In the past few weeks, Coronavirus had emerged as a nightmare for the world. Popularly termed as Covid-19, this epidemic has shattered the world. With more than 90,000 confirmed cases worldwide, Coronavirus is spreading aggressively. 

Apart from health emergencies, it is on its destructive way to alarm the world’s global economy too. Sadly, the unfolding of Coronavirus outbreaks has made the various business owners get worried about the de-escalating graph of their sales and revenue generation. However, the world has united together to combat this crisis, but at the same time, we all at the individual level should take the responsibility to overcome this deadly situation. 

This article sheds light on the various key strategies that could be implemented in a taxi service business to keep their drivers, sales, and performance unaffected in such an epidemic. 

Enlighten Your Drivers With Correct Information About Coronavirus

Yes, this is the first thing you can do to protect your drivers from the Coronavirus impact. If reports are to believed, many of the drivers are not willing to take the rides as they have many of the misleading information about the disease. It is the prime duty of yours to make sure that none of your drivers gets confused with the false information. Now, the question arises, how you can educate them? 

The answer is simple. Getting a taxi dispatch software that allows you to keep yourself round the clock connected with your drivers would contribute to making a healthy and strong communication. This smart channel of communication will act as a savior to make your taxi service business sales consistent even in this emergency.

Provide Them With An Abundant Supply of Facemasks, Sanitizers

It is your responsibility to show your concern over the protective measures taken by your drivers while on duty. To make them feel safeguard and protected, you must make sure that you have provided them with surgical face masks and good quality sanitizers. These will act as a barrier and will ensure that your drivers did not fall into any trap of Coronavirus. 

This layer of protection will boost the confidence of your team too and will make it easier for them to take on a maximum of ride requests without any hesitation. Moreover, this single step will also allow you to contribute your role for social corporate responsibility too. 

Get Details of Your Customers/ Passengers

When you are a part of public dealing, it is important for you to get maximum information about the customers you are dealing with. This will help in identifying the red flags of the disease at the earliest. This is a smart way of keeping your drivers safe and protected from the suspected carriers of any flu or Coronavirus at the first stage itself. You must be thinking about how is it possible to keep an update about your upcoming passengers. 

Again, a prompt taxi dispatch software would help you to get in touch with the riders who have requested a ride. Few questions asked at the time of taking a ride request can help in identifying the facts about your customers. Again, as a precautionary measure, you could request your customers to follow the safety rules such as wearing a mask, covering the face while coughing. These small steps could bring big relief. 

Give Leave To the Sick Drivers

If any of your drivers are getting sick or is suffering from any sort of cold or cough, it is better to give them a day off. Prevention is always better than cure. This is substantial as when an individual is catching a cold or cough, it is evident that he is at a low immunity stage right now. It is your moral duty to give them work off so that they can easily get recovered. 

In the longer run, this small act of kindness can help you to retain the maximum of drivers to your taxi service business. And hence, you will be able to pull a good revenue to your business irrespective of external situations. 

Wrapping Up

Coronavirus has shaken the world to the core. Though we are still figuring out what should we do to overcome this epidemic but still from a taxi service business perspective, you can save your business from sinking in. Few smart strategies and wise decisions can help you to protect your business from getting impacted with the Coronavirus effect. 

If you are still having a traditional taxi business or is owning a taxi dispatch software that is incompetent to give you desired results, it is the best time to get a switch over the robust taxi dispatch software. Team Jugnoo understands the sensitivity of the current situation and is working in a direction to get you to save from this deadly emergency. For making a new start, let us join our hands and fight back like a pro!

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