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Your Comprehensive Guide to the Jugnoo Taxi Dispatch System

Jugnoo provides you with the best taxi dispatch system for drivers to get connected with the software and get a certified job. With the help of the Jugnoo software, you can manage the automated dispatch operations easily as the customers are mapped with drivers for traveling a certain distance to the pick-up locations. The software is built in such a way to provide convenience to the customers to book a taxi and manage the data. 

Your comprehensive guide to the Jugnoo taxi dispatch system

For those, who are not aware of the Jugnoo taxi dispatch system, it is one of the smartest techs that can help in making your ride-hailing business grow. In this write-up, we are going to discuss Jugnoo’s taxi dispatch system and how it can help in making your ride-hailing business- a talk of the town. 

What is Jugnoo’s taxi dispatch system?

Jugnoo’s taxi dispatch system is a smart way to choose and connect with the various stakeholders through digital channels. The round-the-clock software system is here to help your business stay connected with your potential audiences and many more. 

Your comprehensive guide to the Jugnoo taxi dispatch system

As soon as your customer requests a ride, the taxi dispatch system plays a vital role in ensuring that nearby drivers get the message. On accepting the ride request, complete navigation is offered through the dispatch system. 

Overall, the complete operations are carried through a single software.

Components of a taxi dispatch system

Below are the important and essential components that make Jugnoo different and unique from other taxi dispatch systems available in the market. 

1) Admin Panel 

Admin Panel helps you to manage bookings online through a single dashboard to view and manage all taxi dispatch requests. With the help of the admin panel, you can assign drivers as per their availability and manage all trip data. You can assign drivers by checking their ratings and previous ride comments. 

Admin Panel | Taxi Software | Jugnoo.io

You can track both driver and customer with the help of this taxi dispatch software, as it provides you with real-time tracking to take complete control of your taxi business. 

You can provide ride status notifications with real-time alerts to your customers and drivers through push notifications and messages. Every single status of the driver and rider will be informed with push notifications from the dispatch app. 

It offers a dynamic platform to you to smoothly handle the operations and help customers and drivers to experience a hassle-free ride. This helps in increasing the ROI and decreasing the manual efforts. 

Here are the listed features of the admin panel:

  • Manage riders
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage customers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ride status notification
  • Surge Pricing 

2) Dispatcher Panel 

The role of the dispatcher panel is strong and evident. It helps in ensuring that your ride-hailing operations are carried out smoothly. From choosing a smart and unified dashboard to manage the operations and ride-related dispatches to ensuring customers’ requests are addressed within the expected timeline, the panel supports multiple functions. To manage the fluctuations in demand and response, various features to support surge pricing are introduced. Monitor your vehicles, and fleet in a single dashboard. Not only this, but you also get to see the advanced reports & analytics through various reporting formats to give you complete insights into your transactions.

Dispatcher Panel | Taxi Dispatch System | Jugnoo.io

Overall, the dispatcher panel acts as a backbone to the various operational functions and allows the businesses to empower their processes with the help of digital intervention and little or no manual effort/errors. 

As a part of the dispatcher panel, it is also evident that the operations should be taken precisely.

Here is the list of features that are well supported within the panel. They are:

  • Manage riders
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage customers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ride status notification
  • Surge Pricing 

3) Customer App in Taxi Dispatch System

The customer app will help the registered customers to get all the bookings done according to their requirements and convenience. Customers can easily book a ride from this app as this app is completely user-friendly and is very convenient for even first-time users. The customer app eases the process of finding an on-demand ride-hailing taxi. Once the customer enters the travel destination, the next thing that showcases on the app is the estimated price and expected travel time. The expected ETA helps in ensuring that customers can have a definite take on time taken to travel. They can also track their cabs and make in-app calls to drivers.

Customer App | Taxi Dispatch System | Jugnoo.io

The customer app is a smart way to stay connected with the potential riders and allow the customers to choose the driver as per their availability. Once the ride is completed, the customer can initiate the payments as per the available digital channels. There are certainly multiple payment gateways connected with the app. 

Here is the list of features that are a part of the customer app:

  • Book rides instantly
  • Schedule booking
  • Instant notifications
  • Driver Tracking
  • Know your driver
  • Seamless Payments 

4) Driver App in Taxi Dispatch System

Similar to the customer app, we have a dedicated driver app. The driver app is a smart way to keep your drivers informed, navigate, and execute the operational process. The driver app helps in making sure that the drivers get the information about the rides completed as well they can get ride requests on their app. Based on their wish, the drivers can either accept or reject the ride request.

Driver App | Taxi Software | Jugnoo.io

Also, when the driver is not on the job, he can switch off his availability too. Apart from the ride requests and ride information, the app keeps track of the daily earnings of the driver. Hence, it serves as a single app to check and track the working record. 

Here are the features that are a part of the driver app:

  • Real-time requests
  • Share availability
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Ride information
  • start/end ride
  • Earnings summary 

Salient features that make Jugnoo compatible with your business

  1. Increase ride rate: The ride rate helps in ensuring that you are doing pretty well in your business. When you choose to go ahead with Jugnoo’s taxi dispatch system, there is no looking back. You will definitely experience the high ride rate and that too with great profitability. 
  1. Reduce operational cost: Once you start embarrassing the power of taxi dispatch software, most of your troublesome operations will be easily completed with perfection. Overall contributes to and recalibrates in reducing the operational cost. 
  2. No more missed pick-ups: So, when you start to embrace the power of taxi dispatch software powered by Jugnoo, you will find out that there are no more missed pick-ups left for now. It helps in adding more power to your business and increases the chances of earning more ROI.  
  3. Identify high and low performers: So, for any business, it is evident to identify and locate the high and low performers in the business. It helps in rewarding the top performers and pinpointing the low performers. 
  4. Get analytical insights: Lastly, regular and periodic analytical insights are a great way to earn clarity about the business. It helps in knowing in depth about how business is performing and what is the scope of its improvements. The analytical insights are something you should not miss. 


Jugnoo is an award-winning tech software provider that has helped 350+ businesses to grow exponentially. If you are into the ride-hailing business, think about choosing Jugnoo as your tech partner.

Happy to help and make you grow with time in this tough competition. 

Jugnoo is a cost-effective, customized, and easy-to-integrate software that can help your business to grow. 

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