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Why Do Pet Owners Prefer Pet Transfer Services?

We know how much people adore their pets. They may need to travel and leave their beloved pets behind sometimes. Both the parent and the pet may get anxious at the thought of leaving their furry friend. One of their biggest concerns may be who will take their pet to vet appointments and grooming establishments. They can, however, use pet transfer services. The service providers can transport their pet with complete care and attention to its scheduled appointments. Even if they are not present, they can fulfill their responsibilities to their pet. Oh, and pet taxi services can also assist them with transporting their pet.

Why Do Pet Owners Prefer Pet Transfer Services - Jugnoo.io

Pets have special needs while traveling as compared to us. This makes it easier to understand why there is so much hustle and bustle to make an informed decision about the same. It becomes significantly tiring in cases when a pet needs to travel for the first time or has a long distance to cover. To make sure we cover all the important points in it, we are going to dedicate this write-up to explain why pet owners prefer pet transfer services

Let us get started. 

What are pet transfer services? 

By definition, a pet transfer service is a dedicated mobility service that is offered to pets only. It includes an easy transfer of the pets from one place to another. The transport providers take complete care of each and every need of the pets from start to the end. 

It might be quite difficult to transport a pet throughout a city. Pets are frequently prohibited from taking public transit, and normal taxis and Uber-style services offer their drivers a lot of leeway in refusing to transport pets. There are some exceptions, such as if the pet is in a carrier or small enough to fit within a handbag, but transporting a pet if people don’t have (or don’t want to use) their own car can be exceedingly tough.

Why Do Pet Owners Prefer Pet Transfer Services - Jugnoo.io

Fortunately, this new option of providing pet owners with more transportation options has emerged: pet transfer services. These can certainly be the finest way for the pet to ride if people need to transport them around!

There are a bunch of professionals who have started with this concept and are gaining worldwide popularity for the same. However, in many countries, this concept is still in its inception stage. But, looking at the industry standards, we can say that in the coming times, pet transfer services will gain all the needed attention and acceptance in the market. If you are among those, who are looking for pet transfer services or are planning to get started with this business idea, consider this blog as your first-hand guide for the same. Hope it helps!

What are the different types of pet transfer services?

As we have started with the conversation that pet transfer services are meant to help a safe and convenient reach of pets from one place to another. Depending upon the nature of the route to be covered, there are certain types of pet transfer services that stay in the picture.

Ground pet transfer services

Among all, it is one of the most convenient, economical, and preferred transfer pet services. The ground pet services include the transfer of the pet by road and via a dedicated vehicle. It can be a long haul or a short haul, again depending upon the requirement of the pet owners. 

There’s no guarantee that if you phone a cab or an Uber, they’ll accept your pet. To find a driver willing to carry a pet, you may have to make a dozen phone calls. With pet taxi services, on the other hand, you can be sure they’ll say yes! It only takes a phone call.

Water pet transfer services

It includes special arrangements for the pet transfer from one port to another. It includes a bunch of formalities, special regulations, permissions, and many more. Due to all these conditions, it is considered a costly method to transfer your pet. However, in cases when the distance needs to be covered by water, the pet owners prefer this mode of transfer. 

Air pet transfer services

As the name suggests, these pet transfer services include the transportation of the pet from one place to another via air mode. The airways or charters are often used to accomplish this type of travel. It is again one of the most expensive and only used when the required type method of pet transfer is required for obvious reasons. 

Based on their own convenience and requirements, pet owners can select any of the above pet transfer method services. 

Now, the next question is why does a pet owner prefer a pet transfer service? Is the market scope relevant looking at the current market share? What is the futuristic approach to this business idea? Let us go through all these questions with the below-mentioned answers. 

Pet Owners need pet transfer services

Here are the possible reasons why pet owners need pet transfer services.

To save over time

Whether in the case of work or for leisure, people are always limited with their time windows. In such cases, it is important for a business to save a huge amount of time. If you choose a pet transfer service, you are on your way to saving a huge amount of time. The services are dedicated to making sure that pet owners do not need to expense over time. The professional pet transfer services can make it easier for pet owners to expect a hassle-free and quick switch of the pet from one place to another. Hence, time plays a contributing factor in the same. 

You can also start a pet transfer service with Jugnoo software that gives you fully white-labeled apps for both android & iOS. Along with the intuitive apps, you also get an admin dashboard to streamline all your operations.

To avoid the complexity of the process

Another big benefit of staying connected with the pet transfer services is that it helps in avoiding the complexity of the processes as a whole. You can easily think of choosing pet owner services that can make sure the travel process is taken care of with optimal SOPs. This helps in putting the pet owners at extended ease and makes it convenient for them to plan travel without much hesitation. If you know someone who is looking to avoid such complexity in the processes, feel free to share the idea of pet transfer services.

To avoid unnecessary pet sedatives

Sadly, in many cases, pet owners need to make their pets sedate while traveling. This is basically done to avoid nuisances in travel to others. Though it might be convenient for other travelers, in the case of the pet owner, it is really disheartening to find something that is unacceptable for the pet’s health. The more the travel ratio, the more will be the chances that the pet has to go through this sedation process again and again. This can create chaos in the life of a pet owner. To avoid such gruesome activities, it is advised to opt for specialized pet transfer services. 

To avoid hassles in travel

Lastly, if the pet owner chooses pet transfer services for their pet, they are moving towards less hassle in the travel. For instance, if you need to take your pet every time you move, you might need to go through the tiring steps over and over again. On the contrary, if you choose to go ahead with the pet transfer services, you need not worry about the same. This can be a smart approach to avoid pitfalls in travel. 

Choosing technology over others!

Now, when we have understood the use case, it’s time to go ahead and know about the technology behind it. A smart tech solution that can offer end-to-end visibility to the travel and can keep a check over the vehicle load consolidation and optimal capacity utilization is a must for any pet transfer business to thrive. 

Technology has been a helping hand in planning, starting, and executing the processes in the right manner. If you are looking for an on-demand business model in the pet transfer business, choosing tech to make it happen is the primary step, to begin with. 

Jugnoo – the best name to begin with

Jugnoo is a completely customizable and white-labeled SaaS software that helps your business to set up and organize the processes in a better way. Jugnoo can offer dedicated apps to all the stakeholders as per their requirements. If you are looking to opt for a scalable and easy-to-integrate SaaS platform, feel free to jump on a call with our experts. Let us know your requirements, happy to help. 

Jugnoo has been a trusted name in the industry for offering end-to-end tech services to its customers.

Wrapping Up

Pet transfer services is an upcoming market that has widened economic opportunities in the system. Based on the requirements of the market and pet owners, you can customize your pet transfer services to match and exceed your customer’s expectations. Now is the best time to begin with this business idea. Less competition and high market size make it easier for the startups to experience a better ROI in less time. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. 

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