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4 Things You Should Know Before Making a Choice Between Jugnoo and Taxicaller

Are you ready to accelerate your taxi business in the market? If yes, then you must have heard about the much-appreciated taxi dispatch software that can diligently contribute to add up a good revenue to your taxi business. 
We all know about the associated benefits of taxi dispatch software over traditional taxi services and now as a taxi business owner, your next task is to find a reliable and powerful taxi dispatch software that can help you to accomplish your business goals in less time. 
Going forward, Jugnoo and Taxicaller are the two big names in the e- hailing industry that are effortlessly helping taxi business owners to introduce and grow their business in digital segments. 
As a business owner, you need to make a choice between the two and we believe that after reading this write-up, it would be an easy task for you.
Here is a list of things, you might miss if you take your decision to go for Taxicaller.

Taxicaller does not Offer You White- Labeled Apps

Every business owner always wishes to promote his services in the market through his brand name. Brand recognition plays a significant role in allowing a business to mark its presence among its potential audiences. 
This is why white-labelled apps are important for a taxi business. But unfortunately, Taxicaller does not provide white-labelled apps for its clients. Though they offer to rebrand of customer apps, it fails to leave a long-lasting impression in the market, if compared with the presence of white-labelled apps. 
 So, if you are ready to afford a loss by creating your own brand presence in the market, you can go ahead with the decision of choosing Taxicaller. 

Taxicaller Limits the Multilingual Support

Your taxi business should be geared up to meet the maximum of potential riders in the market. The journey of adding more customers to avail of your taxi services can be made easily via a multilingual app. This feature seamlessly helps in widening the on-demand services reach in the market. 
But again, Taxicaller fails to give you diverse multilingual support. With only three languages; (English, Sweden & Spanish) supported at the Admin dashboard, it can cause a major language barrier for making your business reach a good revenue.

Taxicaller is Restricted to Few Payment Options

Your taxi business has the potential of making money with every ride completed. In the era of digitalization, it is necessary to make your business withstand the diversity of digital wallets so that none of your customers turns back because of a lack of options.
Sadly, Taxicaller offers very limited payment gateways (Cash, Stride & SumUp). This simply means that there is a high probability of losing the potential riders because of the unavailability of diverse payment options.
And which business owner would prefer to lose its customers?

Taxicaller Add- on Cost For Extra Vehicle is Fairly High

Watching your taxi business growing is every business owner’s dream. But have you thought about the extra expenses that you might have to pay to Taxicaller for growing your business? 
Yes, you heard it right! With every vehicle you might add to your running taxi business, you need to pay an amount of around $18 per month as an additional cost. 
On the other side, Jugnoo has a comparatively low pricing structure. 
Contrary to the Taxicaller, Jugnoo holds its USP’s in making a taxi business establish its own brand presence in the market by offering fully customizable white-labelled apps. Moreover, as per the requirement of your business, diversifying multilingual and multi-payment channels support is also offered by Jugnoo’s Taxi dispatch software.  
It will be a wiser decision from your end if you could analyze what your taxi business wants and who among Jugnoo and Taxicaller can help you with the same. 
Still, confused about how to take things forward? Don’t worry, get connected with our experts at Jugnoo and get your answers now. 

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