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The Best Car Rental Software of 2021 – Jugnoo

Half of 2021 has been passed and people are excited to evaluate and enjoy the underlying opportunities of a business in today’s era. The car rental business was merely a business idea with no visibility. But ever since the pandemic happened, things are falling in place. The car rental software has gained popularity in a few years, owing to the best of its usage. 

Evaluating the market and knowing how car rental software can bring out the maximum potential of your business, here is the list of features that make Jugnoo one of the top vehicle rental software of 2021. Let us discuss in depth how it can create a difference. 

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Jugnoo’s car rental software: Features that help to make it #1

The car rental market has a large potential to capture the market. Here is how and why it is ranked as one of the preferred choices among the business holders. 

Digital/ Automated Reservations

Speaking about the most trusted vehicle booking software, Jugnoo’s car booking software allows you to pull out the delightful customer experience. The automated reservations and booking process made it easier for the customers to go through the booking. The swift booking process also helps in managing the reservations and automates the process. 

The digital reservation makes it simpler to avoid overbooking. This can help in streamlining the process and synchronising the bookings as per the available time slot. 

The easy to follow steps also help in gaining customers’ trust and comfort in the first place. Isn’t it a smart way to keep your customers happy and connected without much manual assistance?

Paperless Process

When the world is moving fast, you need to match the pace.  A car rental booking software helps in shifting/ transiting the process from papers to digital ones. This can help in minimising the load work. 

Digitalisation also gives a complete scope to the car rental business to reduce the work and increase productivity. It also cuts down the operational cost, manual cost and other paper-related costs. Hence, it helps in lowering down the churn rate and let the business expand without much of an initial level of investment. 

Know Whereabouts of the Vehicle 

Jugnoo’s car booking software helps you to get the complete whereabouts of the vehicle. Once your vehicle marketplace is up in the market, you might need to get a thorough tracking of the vehicle.

Unlike other car rental business software, Jugnoo’s car rental software is all that a car rental business owner must have. The software allows and helps the car owners to get a complete overview of the location timeline of the vehicle. Book your free demo to get a clear understanding. 

Advanced Search Filters

A vehicle booking software that has all the advanced features of filtering the searches holds the most trust votes from users. Think about it like this! If an individual wants to rent a specific model of car with any specific colour choice, he can go through the advanced search filter option. It will allow them to go ahead with the specific choice without messing with other options.

This can be a smart way to bring out the desired engagement from the audiences without worrying much about them leaving the portal. In simpler words, the advanced search navigation bar also helps in reducing the churn rate from the portal. 

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Multiple Payment Channels Integration

If you are dealing with third party customers, you need to stay accessible with the customers. When you choose Jugnoo’s car rental software, you are opting for the flexibility of the payment channels. For instance, if a specific part of the audience prefers a certain payment gateway, it would be easier for them to choose your car rental business, provided you are supporting the same. But, you can not stick to a single payment channel. 

To attract a variety of audiences to your portal, you need to opt for a vehicle booking software that gives your customers the freedom to choose the digital payment gateway as per their preferences. 

Seamless Communication

Jugnoo helps in providing seamless communication between the customers and the drivers.  It helps in making sure that none of the important information goes unattended. In many cases, it has been noticed that businesses often face hardships due to a lack of information transfer. Choosing to connect with Jugnoo helps in ensuring that the information travels to the required channels without a miss.

Automated Navigation

The in-built feature allows the passengers and driver to get in touch with the most advanced and automated navigation through a smart channel. The advanced GPS helps get the exact location of the desired journey and helps choose the best route planner to own an optimised route. The shortest and convenient route suggested by the GPS helps in making sure that you are on the right track. It also helps in saving them time and fuel costs in the best possible ways. 

If you are looking for specific route planner functionality, you can ask for route optimisation software. 

Vehicle Damage Tracking 

 Ask any car rental business owner, what is their biggest nightmare? Vehicle dents, scratches, accidents or unwanted repairs of the vehicle are tough to track and handle. Smart car rental software helps in effortlessly tracking the vehicles and real-time status of the vehicle. 

If you choose to go ahead with Jugnoo’s vehicle rental software, you will get a complete end to end tracking of the vehicle. 

From the first stage of the vehicle moving out from the location till the time vehicle reaches out to the place, a robust car rental business software serves all the purposes. The end to end tracking helps in getting a third-eye view of the vehicle. 

A Complete Customisation

When we are counting on the top reasons why one should prefer Jugnoo’s vehicle booking software over others, we can not forget to mention how easy it is to customise the complete app as per the brand specifications. 

Jugnoo’s car rental booking software helps in getting the complete customisation of the rental app as per the brand voice. This feature helps in getting the brand voice up without compromising with the tech-driven features. 

Data Insights 

Power-packed features help get a complete overview of the rental business performance, evaluation of underlying opportunities, and many more. An initiative single admin dashboard helps in pulling out the desired reports and sets a benchmark for the operational processes. 

A business with complete data interpretation helps in making it easier for the ops team to make informed choices. Jugnoo helps you to get invaluable insights and interpret the upcoming opportunities.

Exclusive features Jugnoo offers :

In Customer App:

  • Smooth booking experience from the desired pick-up points to different cities.
  • Instant or Schedule booking as per the time slot preference.  Hassle-free car unlocking system via an app.
  • Customers can check the vehicle availability in real-time. Multiple payment channels to go for an instant payment process 
  • Option to give customer feedback as soon as the services are used.

In fleet Manager Module:

  • A single dashboard to view and manage the rental bookings.
  • In-app car rental requests, bookings and customer profiles.
  • Easy to manage customer documents and license receipts.
  • A feature to switch to dynamic pricing as per the demand in the market.

Administrator Module:

  • Automated workflow that allows quick assigning and management for users 
  • A detailed documentation and actionable insights from the reports.
  • A complete vehicle management for fuel efficiency and route optimisation.
  • Set commissions and payouts as per the  commitments. 

Get all these features ready in your car rental business to make it go on wheels as soon as possible. 

Key takeaways for a Car Rental Software 

Ticking all the right marks, Jugnoo can be your favourite option. With all the features available in the complete suite, Jugnoo helps set up your car rental business from scratch and expand it is multidirectional.

For a business to grow, good and right tech support can do wonders. If you choose to stick to one of the best car rental software, think about going ahead with Jugnoo. Embedded with multiple features, the car rental business software is your good-to-opt option.

To know more about car rental software, visit our resources.

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