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Taxi Booking Software -Digitalize Your Taxi Business!

Integration of on-demand apps and taxi booking software in taxi business has changed the face of the taxi industry. We are aware of the fact that starting a traditional taxi business requires a huge amount of investment. The journey of starting a taxi business from the stage of getting employees on-boarded to successfully running the business requires a ton of resources.

During the earlier days, the ownership and operational costs accounted equivalent or slightly less than the revenue generated. This was an issue faced by the majority of business owners. However, the scenario changed with the entry of the on-demand taxi apps such as Jugnoo.

They enabled the business owners to automate their business & run the business in a cost effective way. They bridged the gap between demand and supply by connecting the passengers with the drivers in real-time with just a few taps on mobile screens via mobile applications.

On-demand ride-hailing apps cut down the operational cost of the taxi business and streamlined the processes for business owners making their lives easier. Let’s take a sneak peek at the benefits being offered by the ride-hailing apps:

More Miles Covered, More Opportunities:

In the case of the traditional taxi business method, the drivers had to actively search for passengers or look around the booking assigned to them by the business owner. At times the business owner might not be aware of the fact that the driver is sitting idle. This is a wastage of valuable resources. In the end, it is the business owner who has to pay the monthly checks to the drivers and spend money on the maintenance even after less number of taxi bookings.

With a taxi app, the scenario gets turned around. The drivers can easily find passengers in their nearby area which aid in covering more miles daily and results in an increase in the number of bookings. This digital way for taxi business not only reduces the operational cost but simultaneously boosts the business income.

No More Management Hassle by introducing the Taxi Booking Software 

The owners are the ones who have to suffer both the fixed cost and the variable cost in case of conventional taxi business. The variable cost refers to the cost of taxi insurance cost, fuel, taxes, and parking cost, etc.

In the case of a taxi business with taxi dispatch software, the owner hires independent contractors. The drivers have their own vehicles and are responsible for its operational expenses. The taxi service companies can thus easily get rid of vehicle management and related expenses.

Communication Cost:

Every traditional taxi company owner desires for more bookings in the lesser time which will help in improving efficiency. This is easily possible when the driver knows the location of the customer and the destination in advance, even before making any booking. This aids in completing more rides of the same route.

The taxi mobile apps have revolutionized this scenario via robust taxi booking software. Whenever the customer requests a ride via customer app, the request is sent to multiple drivers wherein the details of the ride like the point of pickup and destination are mentioned.

This assists the driver in getting passengers at ease and management of drivers becomes more effective. This decreases the operational cost as no extra money is being spent on communication and searching.

Sharing Of Real-Time Ride Details via Taxi Booking Software :

Ridesharing is a convenient and reliable concept. The taxi sharing is a method which cuts down the cumulative travel time by 30% and even the traffic gets reduced by half leading to minimization in operational cost. The main concern that arises is safety and security.

The ride-sharing or carpooling using taxi apps comes to our rescue in this case. It saves us from the hassle of public transport, traffic congestion and the real-time tracking feature takes care of safety concerns. The sharing of ride reduces the overall costs.

Traditional taxi has been outclassed by taxi apps. They are digital ways of running a taxi business with the help of taxi booking software. It not only connects the passengers and drivers with just a few taps on the mobile but also diminishes the operational costs, boosts the income and improves the efficiency of the business.

Looking for a white label taxi app or a customized taxi booking software with these amazing features? Jugnoo is the answer you’ve been searching for. We offer you a fully loaded advanced software for your taxi business. To know more about the product get in touch with our consultants at Jugnoo.

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