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Pay-As-You-Go: Adding the Consumption-Based Model to our Pricing Strategies

COVID-19 spread throughout the globe in a matter of months, putting lives in jeopardy, upsetting businesses, and triggering a global economic downturn. Its effects disrupted the mobility sector. Suddenly, private cars came in and shared rides seemed to be out of the picture. The Asian economy contracted by 1.5 per cent in 2020, while the world economy shrank by 3.2 per cent. Owing to these changes, businesses all throughout the world had to respond quickly and decisively to the pandemic’s difficulties. Public transport agencies, operators and other companies working in the mobility space are dealing with the fact that travel patterns have changed post-COVID-19. 

New markets are emerging and Post Covid Period is proving to be the Game-Changer for the Automobile Industry. As the world is reopening, we are seeing an increase in the demand for shared mobility services. Society gets to grip with the ‘New Normal’ and the organizational strategies of transport agencies and companies are trying to realign to these new realities by introducing digitalisation and innovation. 

Some Facts

As the mobility ecosystem evolves, its global value is forecast to grow to more than US$1 trillion by 2030. At the same time, the value will also shift and we expect to see a digital transformation wave in the mobility industry. According to the 2021 Global Assignment Policies and Practice Survey, 44 per cent of global mobility professionals are using data and analytics to guide their global mobility policy decision making – this is significantly up from 30 per cent in 2020. 

Introducing the Pay-As-You-Go Model

Such fundamental changes, along with other recent developments have prompted us to reimagine the future of mobility. And this is why our experts were urged to introduce the Pay-As-You-Go Model to our system. We are constantly trying to improve our pricing strategies and scale up the evolving trends in the mobility space so that you get 100% convenience with our software. 

Yes, you read that right. Now you can also get started with smart Taxi Software with just $39** (conditions applied). You don’t even need to contact the Sales team to take your business online. Book a demo for yourself and take a tour of our software and the robust features that we have to offer. 

Pay-As-You-Go: Jugnoo


  • You get a Non-White-Label Taxi Solution at an affordable price.
  • Admin Dashboard – Manage bookings, drivers, customers & tracking – everything from a bird’s eye-view with our admin dashboard.
  • Driver App – Set up your driver app with the Jugnoo domain and provide relevant details like passenger info & pickup details to your drivers.
  • Web Booking Form – Set up your taxi business online with a Booking Website. Allow customers to edit their booking details on your website.
  • Your Business Name – Choose your business name which eventually becomes the subdomain. For e.g., if you choose your business name as ‘Best Transport’ then the URL created will be – https://besttransport.jugnootaxi.com
  • Flexible Pricing Plan – You always get an option to select from a range of our pricing plans. Check our pricing plans here

Get customized white-labelled iOS & Android apps to make transportation fun & convenient for your customers.(Paid Feature)

Pay-As-You-Go: Jugnoo

Why would you Love Pay-As-You-Go?

  • Smaller barrier to entry
  • No commitment
  • Better cost-per-use
  • Affordable payments
  • Flexibility & Freedom

Wrapping Up

We wanted to let our customers know that Jugnoo is fully market-oriented. We understand the pain points and thus constantly try to work towards achieving solutions to them. Pay-As-You-Go is a flexible alternative to a monthly or an annual plan. Get the ability to pay for what you use as you need it and can afford it. Get access to additional features through on-time payments and conquer the taxi industry.

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