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Odd-even Rationing in Delhi: Raising the Need of More App-based Taxi Businesses!

With Delhi’s pollution level spiking exponentially, notable efforts are made to control the current situation. The introduction of odd-even rationing in the state is one such appreciable effort that is intended to reduce the massive vehicular emissions and ameliorate the city’s air quality. 
The odd-even rule has let people skip driving in case of a single-occupant and opt for convenient public transport maximum. This has increased the demand for app-based taxi business in the city. The popularity of app-based cabs in Delhi is growing. It has been estimated that an average of around  4.7 million rides is completed per week. We all know that the transport industry is all about availability. Taxi dispatch software and apps would make it possible for your taxi business to stay accessible and approachable to the potential riders anytime, anywhere.
This is the reason, why local taxi business owners are looking forward to shifting their conventional taxi business on the digital platform. If you are wondering about how it can benefit your existing taxi business, take a look at various perks associated with owning a taxi dispatch software.

The Need for App-Based Taxi Business

With the introduction to the policy of odd-even car rationing in Delhi, the tendency of people opting for carpooling or ride-hailing instead of traveling as a single occupant has been gradually increased. Apart from it, the prevalence of mobile culture among the individuals has made the ride-hailing apps much popular.  This has given new space for establishment and expansion to the app-based taxi businesses in the city. 
 Many of the local taxi business owners might think about what is the need to switch their conventional running taxi business to a digital platform? But, are you really satisfied with your earnings? Isn’t the hassles of managing the bookings or tracking the drivers makes you feel exhausted? If yes, then its high time, you should put a full stop to these unnecessary struggles of your business. 
We are categorizing them as unnecessary because you can easily get rid of them by simply choosing an automated taxi dispatch software and customized apps that can efficiently serve the purpose. 
Here are a few of the benefits that your taxi business deserves and can be availed with smart taxi dispatch software and apps.

Get More Ride Requests

When you shift your taxi business online via taxi dispatch software and apps, you will find an increase in the number of ride requests. It occurs because of the convenient accessibility of booking rides via a customer app. As more customers will take your taxi services, the revenue pool for your business will also increase.  Hence, with an Uber-like app for your taxi business, you can go long in the competitive taxi business. 

Demand- responsive Pricing

A good taxi dispatch software would allow you to make alterations in the route pricing structure in accordance with the market demand. The flexibility for choosing surge pricing will again work in favor of improving your business revenue. Witnessing the endlessly daily commuters, Delhi is a perfect place to bloom your taxi business. All you need is to stay smart with your operational processes and you can earn a big amount with zero trouble. 

Smart Navigation Maps 

The intra-city routes are stupefying. You can not expect every driver to be a pro with directions and navigations. In such scenarios, the pre-built navigations and apps could act as a savior. This is again one of the powerful reason, why you should switch for an app-based taxi business. The simplified navigation will make it easy for any of the drivers to complete his ride efficiently.

 Customer Reviews And Feedback

Having a customer-centric business modal means you need to be excellent in your service offerings. The feasibility of getting instant customer reviews and feedback will allow you to stay updated with the drivers’ performance as well as customer satisfaction.  
Excited about starting your taxi business but are afraid of putting heavy investment? You can choose Jugnoo to launch your App-Based Taxi Business. Jugnoo offers a complete solution to the automated cab dispatch software with customized customer and driver apps. 
To know more about how we have helped taxi owners to establish their business in the market, talk to our experts today.

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