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Importance of Marketing Automation for Mobility Business

Mobility business:

Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

The mobility sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors post-pandemic. If you are looking to start one, there are more things to consider than just getting vehicles and drivers. Although primary in nature vehicles and drivers cant alone can’t make your business great. You need to add automation to your business in order to make it successful.

Anyone can get a taxi, a driver and start earning, but to create a whole network of taxis and drivers, to create a brand for yourself and to be a new uber, you need to add an X-factor.

If you ask any marketer, “what makes services different from products?” He will tell you that products are tangible thus optimising quality at the time of production is important.

On the other hand, in the case of services, you can’t ensure homogeneity, thus what customers experience during the service becomes the most important factor in determining whether they will come back or not. You can manage the production by supervising, but it’s hard to supervise how your agents provide customer experience as you can’t be present there.

Now the question is how can you get an optimal customer experience? The best you can do is try to reach that homogeneity and try to make the service as easy for your customers as possible.

When someone is booking your service, what can be done to improve their experience? 

  • Solve their problems or queries as soon as possible.
  • Store their data so that if they want to have your service again, they don’t have to go through the whole procedure as 1st time.
  • When they try to reach you, have a context of your past interactions so that they don’t have to repeat themselves.
  • Treat your agents better, so that they feel being part of you and thus treat customers better.
  • Instant Gratification. Sometimes, the customer may need instant gratification, and your agent being the nearest is the only one that can help. 

Hippo is a platform that can enable you to do all these activities and a lot more from a single dashboard in the comfort of your desk. Hippo helps you by targeting two aspects of your whole customer journey: 

  1. Conversational Support for enabling a smooth experience before, during and after the service.
  2. Engagement automation enables you to make them feel like they are part of your brand. 

Conversational Support

It’s a well-known fact that humans are irrational beings, meaning that no matter how much you work on providing information on your website or app, how easy you try to make things for your customers, someone somewhere will always have some trouble and will need your support. 

Conversational Support - Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

Introducing, Hippo conversational support, which works on 3 levels. 

  1. Proactive support: Providing solutions before problems even occur. Providing a walkthrough of the app is one of the examples.
  2. Self Support: If someone is having basic trouble or in case your customers have frequent queries, you can put in a FAQs section to help them. Not only it saves time for both you and your customers, but it also has numerous other benefits. You can learn more about their need and how to create them here. You can even use chatbots for self-support. A chatbot is a very powerful resource for any business. 91% of people prefer chatbots for a quick resolution and over 68% of chats in 2021 were handled by chatbots from start to end. Not only they are available 24*7, but they also cost negligible as compared to human support.
  3. Human Support: As we mentioned earlier, human is not a rational being, hence there will be some queries or problems that you can’t foresee and chatbots can’t help with, therein comes human support. Human’s can add a personalised touch to the conversation and resolve unique problems quickly. You might be thinking why not provide direct human support and skip others. Human support is costlier and usually takes more time than FAQ and chatbots, thus it’s most efficient to follow the funnel.

Modes of conversational support that Hippo offers:

Conversational Support - Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

  • Customisable chatbots: Chatbots are the next generation of call centres. They handle around 70% of chats all by themselves and over 98% of the rest partially. These chatbots can convert anonymous traffic into well-profiled leads and useful forms tailored to the customer’s interest to create a great customer experience.
  • Live Chat: When chatbots can’t handle customers, your agents can provide the emotional touch a customer needs at that time. It’s a well-known fact that sometimes people feel more comfortable when talking to another person.
  • Plivo Calling: Calling is the true form of instant gratification. Enable the calling feature from Plivo and Twilio and talk to your customers/agents for quick resolutions.
  • WhatsApp widget: One of the most popular and most effective channels to communicate with your customers. Whatsapp is the new age of conversational support and a must for every business. You can enable WhatsApp widget on your website/app and talk to customers on their fav channel. Enable both bots and live chat now.

Engagement Automation

Hippo Engagement Automation is one of the best platforms available for marketing automation in the market. 

Engagement - Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

Marketing as we know is one of the most important aspects of any business and it becomes more important in case of services as there is no rigid product. Harvard states “Marketing for services serves as the face of your company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business.”

If you don’t already have a marketing automation system, there can be two reasons: either you don’t think marketing is necessary or you wonder why spend so much on automation.

Henry Ford once said, “stopping the marketing to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”. It’s redundant to save money by not spending on marketing, as it will cost a lot more later in various other forms.

Marketing is a necessity, you can’t survive without it. And automating marketing provides you with that x-factor that provides your business with the upper hand. Today, only 1 in 40 businesses become a unicorn. It was 1 in 80 till the year 2018. Let me give you an example. 

There were 1058 unicorns in 2021, but they all had one thing in common. All exploit the power of automation. May it be health, fintech, AI or automotive and transportation like Hello TransTech or WM Motor, they put efforts into their engagements across all stakeholders and they have automated the process.

Now the question arises, what makes hippo different from rest and what does it offer that others don’t.

  • Omnichannel Campaigns
  • Customer Data platform
  • Instant Broadcast
  • Automated customer journeys
  • Segmentation
  • Analytics from a single dashboard
  • RFM
  • Personalisation
  • Constant Upgrading

1) Omnichannel Engagement

The first and foremost feature of the hippo is Omnichannel Engagement. It helps you to create campaigns and engage with all your stakeholders including customers, delivery agents and drivers across multiple channels like email, WhatsApp, push notification, SMS, call, etc.

Omnichannel - Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

You can create offering emails from scratch or notify drivers of new policies on their prefered channel so that they never miss anything. Engagement through multiple channels is important because these channels go hand in hand. E.g. you welcome customers through email and SMS, you ask for feedback by sending them push notifications or SMS asking to open the app and then your bot can take feedback through in-app messaging or you can take feedback by enabling WhatsApp bot.

2) Customer Data Platform

This feature generally comes with a CRM but Hippo provides stores with your past interactions and engagements with your customers because they are necessary to provide an optimal solution to your customer and save time while adding a personal touch for a better customer experience.

CRM Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

Hippo enables you to not only save data of your customers but also agents and drivers.

3) Instant Broadcast:

Hippo enables you to send messages or your campaigns across all channels with a single click. All you have to do is choose a campaign, choose the segment you want to target and the channel you want to use. It’s that simple.

4) Automated customer journeys:

Create whole customer journey of campaigns. These campaigns trigger automatically when a customer performs an action. And the best part is you can use various channels simultaneously. An ideal customer journey begins from a welcome message which is generally sent through an email, notifications of their activity through push notifications, vouchers or discounts provided through SMS and push, and ultimately your bot can take feedback through in-app messaging.

Customer Journey - Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

Hippo enables you to create different journeys as not all are ideal as above mentioned. They may include incomplete sign up, abandoned cart, on-rides/orders and many more. There are also numerous triggers available including update, promotional and location-based triggers.

5) Segmentation

To provide personalisation, you need to segment your customers. Hippo automation can segment your customers on the basis of demography, geography, etc. and target them accordingly. These segments can be opted for in a single click while broadcasting instant campaigns.

6) RFM

RFM - Importance of marketing automation for mobility business

The segmentation you generally do is on the basis of demography, geography etc. But many experts say the most important and reliable segmentation is on the basis of RFM. And this is not possible without automation of all your processes. RFM stands from recency(when was the last ride taken by your customer), frequency(how often does he ride with you), and monetary(what is the total or average amount of revenue he has brought to you). This will help you understand your customers’ buying behaviour better and ultimately target them accordingly.

7) Personalisation

It is moot to even think if you should aim for personalisation or not. The whole point of all the engagements and segmentation is to personalise the customer experience. 

According to Forbes, 

  • 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. 
  • 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization. 
  • Companies using advanced personalization report a $20 return for every $1 spent.

Hippo with all these features aims at creating a personalised experience for customers and so should you.

8) Constant Upgrading

The only thing constant in this universe is change. 

One of the things businesses love about hippo is its dynamic nature. They have a dedicated research team that looks for everything new in the marketing industry. Their developers add the most important yet cost-effective features and integrations to Hippo constantly. They are upgrading Hippo every day. Every week new features are being added and your system is automatically updated.  They provide complete hosting of your automation system and take care of all technical issues so that you do not lose sight of what’s important.

You can also sign up for Hippo’s 14 days free trial and integrate it with your online business.

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