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How to Start a Bike-Sharing Business?

Bike-sharing business is a great name to get started with. The prosperous business idea is here to stay and boom. Post-pandemic, the mobility market has seen many upside turns. The growing popularity of the bike-sharing business is one among them.

Bike-Sharing Business - Jugnoo.io

Since more bikes have started hitting the roads, people are getting aware of this unique business idea. If you have ever planned to get started with a bike-sharing business, this article can be your first-hand guide to go through and learn the maximum.

Let us get started!

Before we begin, let’s understand what a bike-sharing business is and why it has been gaining huge popularity over the period of time. 

Bike-sharing business 

The business use case supports the idea of publicly sharing the bike and making it accessible for public use in exchange for a certain amount of money. It refers to the use of small, light vehicles such as bicycles, e-bikes, and electric scooters. These mobility alternatives can assist people in gaining access to important resources such as work, housing, and food. This smart business idea can be started on a very shoestring budget. 

The most popular reasons for its growing popularity can be stated as: 

Convenient to start

Unlike other business ideas where a lot of groundwork is required, the bike-sharing business idea is convenient to get started. Those who have been into other types of mobility businesses must agree that it takes a lot of backend work to anticipate, plan and then execute the whole business plan.

Bike-Sharing Business - Jugnoo.io

However, if you plan to join your hands with a smart tech platform like Jugnoo that can help you launch your online business with intuitive customer & driver apps and an admin dashboard, it will be a cakewalk for you. Hence, it gets a more favored vote from the entrepreneur side. 

Stays less on budget

Though the business idea involves a certain purchase of hardware and software integration to carry out seamless navigation of the processes, it still asks for a low investment compared to other huge mobility business ideas. For a business that is in its pre-seed or seed stage, it is important to stay low with the initial level of investments. 

Jugnoo offers an affordable and reliable solution to help you kickstart the bike-sharing business in a few days.

Is less competitive in the market 

Last but not least, another big reason to get started with the business idea is that it has a very low level of competition in the market. One has to make a distinguished presence in the market without worrying much about the competitive demands from the market. If you can achieve the optimal efficiency of the business, you are good to go and slay the market. 

To gain a competitive edge, you need smart, automated tools that can help you perform operations smoothly. Jugnoo offers a marketing automation tool – Hippo, for SMS/Whatsapp Marketing, Email Marketing, and Push Notifications. Not only this, our smart admin dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of your whole business process. You get a smart Bluetooth-enabled lock and unlock system to keep your fleet safe.

Planning to get started with a bike-sharing business but unsure where to begin?

Getting started with a bike-sharing business

If you are interested in beginning, here is all you have to follow. Go through this step-by-step guide to make a meaningful presence in the market. 

Getting started with your own bike-sharing business can be instant and comfortable if you are aligned to use the right technology to support your business plan. 

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose your business model 

To begin with, you need to start a fleet that can complement your business model. For instance, go through a detailed market analysis and find out whether you need to enter the D2C vertical or if there are plenty of opportunities in the b2b model itself. 

A b2b solution will be less operational heavy and depend on how you crack your clients. On the other hand, going first-hand to the market with a D2C model can be a gruesome job as you need to keep on customizing and adding flexibility to accommodate the needs of your potential customers. 

Step 2: Select your hardware 

The hardware of your bike-sharing business is an essential aspect that can help in offering functional excellence to your operations. The bikes should be robust, strong enough, and should have a high-speed feature. These features can help ensure that your customers will love your business and prefer your services over others. 

Whether you choose an e-bike or a simple bike, the seats should be well comfortable and easy to let customers avail of your services repeatedly. Moreover, it is also important to ensure that the hardware you choose for your bike-sharing business complements and easily integrates with the software. 

Our software provides you with a complete bike-sharing solution. From smart tech to strong and reliable bikes – we provide you all.

Step 3: Select the Technology

Another step on the list is to finalize the right tech for your bike-sharing business. When you start with the bike-share program, you might need the true power of automation and IoT. This helps ensure the end-to-end process is taken care of without much effort. It involves the pinch of bike locks, Bluetooth configured opening of locks, and many more. 

If you are looking for bike-sharing technology that can help your business introduce and expand its operations, think about choosing Jugnoo. We can offer you the best results in no time. 

Bike locks have a standard ring lock or U lock that is IoT integrated, like the AXA eRL or the Omni bike lock. Choose the one you think will go well with the business use cases.

Step 4: Own a white-label app

Jugnoo’s mobile app is hardware-agnostic and offers complete integration and synchronization of the processes in an optimal manner. Go for a white-label app that can help in ensuring that your business name keeps on resonating with your brand value. 

Bike-Sharing Business - Jugnoo.io

Jugnoo offers a completely scalable, customized, and easy to integrate white-label app that can help in letting your business get started in no time. You can ask our experts to show your white label app for further assistance. 

Step 5: Get the documentation part done 

Every place has its own set of protocols and certain SOPs to follow while adhering to the licenses. If you plan to go live with your bike-sharing business, it is more likely that you will have to follow their rules and regulations. To get hands-on with their requirements, you must know them well before. 

With operators globally, we can easily help let you go through the documentation part without much hassle. You can also choose to expand and get 3PLs involved for orchestration purposes. 

Step 6: Give it a name and get going

With your hardware, software, and logistics aligned at the right place, it’s time to get started. Think of a business name by which you can introduce your brand in the market. Once you have finalized the name, you need to kick start with the launching and starting of the operations asap.

Joining hands with Jugnoo

Ready to take the first leap of faith to get started? Jugnoo is your one-stop destination that can help make your business grow and expand in no time. With our end-to-end tech suite, we can provide you with complete assistance in making your business lay its foundation in the market. 

Once you have launched your business, you need to keep a closer eye on the functional aspects. This can be easily done once you choose to get connected with Jugnoo. We offer round-the-clock and global support to our clients.

Wrapping up

Bike-sharing business is a smart idea that can help your business idea to add profitability to your venture. This can help offer you a better place to be a part of the entrepreneurial journey. 

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