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How to develop a taxi app in 2022?

2022 is going to be a year of accomplishments. There are tremendous opportunities waiting to be explored in 2022. Do you remember those tough days when developing a mobile app was a complex and ruckus affair? In the era, when ride-hailing services were introduced in the market, people were chasing to build a tedious and complex structure of building an app. 

How to develop a taxi app in 2022 with Jugnoo?

However, with time moving fast and tech becoming an integral part of every day’s life- developing and creating a taxi app is no more a daunting task. Yes, you read it right! Even someone from a non-tech ground can be a part of the journey and create a taxi app in 2022. This write-up will cover up all those points that explain how and why it is easy to develop a taxi app in this coming year. Read the article and let us know your thoughts on it. 

A detailed guide to know how to develop a taxi app in a few steps!

Here is all you need to know how you can develop a taxi app with your own hands and that too without any prior tech experience. 

Step 1: Building and installing a profile 

As an inception step, users have to complete the sign-up process with their working email id or phone number. This will help in getting the preliminary information. It helps in making sure while building the app, all the details are filled in correctly and can be used further. 

However, it is important to note that these details can be anytime changed and shifted as per the requirements. This will help and offer extended flexibility to scale and adapt the business information as per the requirements. 

So, as mentioned in the step, the process is an automated one in which all you have to do is fill in your own information. It doesn’t require any tech expertise for the same. It also helps in knowing your business and your profile in more depth. 

Step 2: Initiate and address ride requests

As soon as you complete the first and initial set-up, you are offered permission to get complete location access, you are shifted to the next step. This step includes the ride requests and helps in offering and locating the pinpoint location. The exact location helps in ensuring that the required pick-up and drop is done to the specific location.

How to develop a taxi app in 2022 with Jugnoo?

As an admin, you can initiate and address the upcoming ride requests with great ease through this step. All you have to do is give and offer location access to the app. Isn’t it one of the super cool ways to get started! 

Location access can be offered for a specific period of time or can be given forever. It totally depends on how you need to go ahead with the operations. 

Step 3: Ride Confirmation 

This step is incorporated to bring actions to your process. As soon as you get a ride request initiated by the customers, the process to get a ride confirmation begins. The app picks up the nearest available driver at first. In case, the driver rejects the request, it will be automatically passed to the next suited driver and so on. This process is also known as the process to get started with the customer request and escalate as per the demand. 

How to develop a taxi app in 2022 with Jugnoo?

Now, this is a crucial step. If your customers are attended at the earliest without many cancellations – there are high chances that your customers will avail of your services for next time too.  It is a smart way to make sure that you retain your customers and build trust to ensure that they will stay loyal to your services. 

Click here to go through the strategies to retain your customers and drivers in the mobility business.  

Once the rides are accepted, at the admin board, you will get notifications of how and where the driver has taken the ride. You can keep an eye to eye visibility of the fleet movement. This also helps in notifying the deviations before they happen. 

Step 4: Starting the ride

As soon as the ride is confirmed and a driver is auto-assigned to the ride, the customer-centric services begin at the moment. The riders will also get notified about the details about the driver and the vehicle. Apart from this, the customer will also be able to get clear indications about the ETA and the route taken by the driver. It will help in ensuring that your customer is in touch with every possible deets of the ride. The live location of the driver can also be taken into consideration through these details. 

How to develop a taxi app in 2022 with Jugnoo?

The live location is also visible on the admin dashboard. This can help in getting predictive alerts about any deviation from the driver side. The external circumstances such as traffic congestion, road conditions are also taken into consideration at the earliest level. As soon as the customers on board the ride, the notifications for the ride begin also gets into the system.

Step 5:  Automated payments 

Once the ride gets completed, the payment collection needs to be done. The riders can either make the payment through liquid cash or can also go for cashless mode. The cashless mode is introduced in the taxi app to make sure your customers and drivers experience a seamless transaction process. 

If required, you can also ask for cashless payments after every ride. 

Jugnoo has some API integration that can offer you easy integration of multiple payment channels. These channels help in making sure that your customers can initiate the payments through their favourable payment channels. This way, customers can stay loyal to your taxi business. Hence, it is one of the additional features that help in adding more scalability and sustainability to your existing taxi business. 

Step 6: Collected the feedback 

Last but not the least, you can also add a feedback option in your taxi app. This step will help in gaining more trust among the passengers. As soon as the ride gets complete, you can facilitate the passengers to leave their opinions regarding the services and their overall experience. It also includes collecting and circulating group feedback from the team.

How to develop a taxi app in 2022 with Jugnoo?

It also helps in evaluating the individual performance of every driver and helps you to identify the star performers in the team. Keep on rewarding the star performers to set an example for others as well as motivate them for their good work.  

Get an NPS feedback form integrated into your customer app for a better and seamless collection of the feedback. 

Wrapping up

To develop a taxi app is no longer a tough task in 2022. If you are willing to shift digital to your existing mobility business or are looking to make a new start with the new year, here is all you have to do. Read this article, get an overview of how to escalate things and make proper use of the same.

Still not sure about the process and the format? Or are you looking for some specific features included in the app?

Choosing Jugnoo to Develop a Taxi App

How to develop a taxi app in 2022 with Jugnoo?

You might have many options in the market for getting started with tech requirements to develop a taxi app. But are you up to getting started with one of the most genuine and cost-effective ways of getting these tech features? If yes, Jugnoo is your go-to stop to get started.

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