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How to build a mobility app with a no-code platform?

In the world of codes and wireframes, getting an option to choose a no-code platform is certainly a boon. You might have heard many times that while making your business transit to digital platforms, you need a high-tech software backup. This software model comes with a lot of front end and back end coding processes. Admittedly, it is one of the tiring tasks while you are setting up the processes. Moreover, the consistent need to keep an eye on the management is next level. 

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platform - Jugnoo

Here is how you can go for a no-code platform while you are launching your business plan with a mobility app and what all steps are required to make it happen. 

What is a no-code platform?

A pre-built programming platform that consists of zero coding requirements and is compatible to be used by non-technical users while building a particular app. With an already developed platform, the users (non-technical) can easily create a fully functional app. Hence, a non-coder or a non -technical person can create a feature-loaded app without any technical assistance. 

These no-code platforms are often called open source too. As per the requirement, you can either add or skip a particular functionality in your app. 

Steps to build mobility apps with a no-code platform

Are you ready to create your own no-code mobility app? Excited! Go through these easy to do steps and make it happen. 

Chalk out the business plan

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platform - Jugnoo

To begin with, you need to chalk out a strong business plan. If you already have a plan or an existing business idea related to your mobility industry, you can get the business plan crafted and curated into simpler steps. This will help you to understand what you need to expect from a no-code platform. Since you have made your mind with a great business plan or an ideology to follow, it would be quite easier for you to formulate the flow of the app.

The no-code platform will enable you to replicate the framework into an existing app flow. You can either note down the flow on a piece of paper or keep the steps upright in the mind. This preparation will help you to make your mind go easy with the next and important steps of making the no-code platform mobility app – an instant success.  

Shortlist the desired and must-have features

So, now that you have a complete action plan or a business idea, it is important to note down what all features you must be looking for or expecting in the app. As you are about to make these features evident and accessible in your mobility app, you must have a strong understanding of the usefulness of these features.

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platform - Jugnoo

Unlike the conventional process, where the team of developers keep on investing their time and energy in creating a set of desired features in the market, the no-code platform enables you to make a swift and feature-oriented comeback with your mobility app. You need not worry about the practicality of the app and features as these features are already being tested and tried. 

Based on your market requirement and business model compatibility, you can get those features shortlisted in your mobility app. This step lays the basic foundation of making your mobility app existence meaningful and sustainable in the market. 

Using the pre-existing codes

Ready with the list of features and app flow- you wish to introduce in your mobility app? It’s time to make it happen. The pre-built code platform helps you create interactive and multi-user apps as per your requirement and convenience.

No matter how familiar and comfortable you are with technical knowledge. If you have a visual framework ready in your mind, you can create the mobility app in no time. And to your surprise, you don’t need to hold any prior technical experience in the same. This no-code platform can be easily run by a non-technical person. You can go through the code library and can select which features you want in your app and which you want to skip!

Do the branding and other customisation

Every business has its own pitch. We don’t want you to compromise with it even when you decide to opt for a no-code platform. Once the initial phase of creating the wireframe of the app is completed, you can go ahead with the branding and white-labelling of the mobility app

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platform - Jugnoo

As per your brand voice, you can get the customised fonts, colour and logo embedded in the mobility app. The best part of opting for a no-code platform is that they allow you the complete freedom to play with the visual appearance of the app without any technical assistance requirements. 

Get set Go!

Your no-code app is as good as any other mobility app (developed under the guidance of a bunch of in-house or offshore developers). You can do app testing by running the app and understanding any glitch or scoping of the mobility app.

If you find any feature extra or missing in the app, you can ask our experts for assistance and make the feature available in your mobile app. Not at any step of launching your no-code platform mobility app, we want you to compromise with the quality. 

You can create/ upgrade the feature list as per your wish.

Follow these 5 simple steps and build your advanced and compatible no-code platform mobility app in no time. 

To help you understand and make the decision promptly, here is the section describing why choosing a no-code platform is a win-win situation for your business and your customers. 

The Saga of no-code platform benefits: 

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platformFastest to build

Don’t waste your energy, time and money in creating an app from scratch. Choose the smarter way and build an app with a no-code platform. You will be able to save tons of money and time with this single decision. And the end results will be so relieving that you will never regret this decision.

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platformSave the money

If you plan to go with a no-code platform for building your mobility app, you are directly saving almost 80% from an app development cost. You can utilise this money in expanding and scoping out your business and make it future-ready. 

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platformLower risk

With the no-code app platform, the risk of bugging and debugging become almost null. You need to think and worry about the final results. The proficiency of the code framework has been already proven. Hence, it could be a no or low-risk process. 

How to build a mobility app with a no-code platformBetter results

The low-risk factor automates the good results. You can choose to connect with one of the successful no-code platforms and can make a smart decision of yielding the desired results. 

Choose the experts for a no-code platform!

When you have made your mind about switching to a no-code platform for developing your mobile app, your next concern would be how and from where to check for this no-code platform.

Putting a full-stop to all your concerns, you can choose to connect with the team Jugnoo for asking in detail about the no-code platform. For more technical information and a live demo, you can connect with our team. 

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