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How has Taxi Dispatch Software Affected the Ride-Hailing Industry?

The ride-hailing industry is booming at a high verge. With people enjoying customer-centric ride-hailing services, taxi dispatch software is gaining profit like never before. For those, who have been in the show buzz, it is important for them to catch the pace and meet the twin goals of building profitability with a high scope of customer satisfaction. 

How has taxi dispatch software affected the ride-hailing industry? | Jugnoo

While dealing with such expectations, it is important for you to know about taxi software and how it is improving the working culture of the on-demand ride-hailing services. 

Here is all you need to know about the taxi dispatch software and how it is introducing much-needed attention to your ride-hailing services. 

What is taxi dispatch software?

A taxi dispatch software is an end to end tech suite that is designed to make your taxi operations smooth and digitally available in front of the audience. There are huge potential customers in the market that are looking for on-demand ride-hailing services. A taxi software does the same for your business. 

How has taxi dispatch software affected the ride-hailing industry? | Jugnoo

By definition, a taxi dispatch system is a tech suite that helps in allocating the assigned jobs to the riders who are registered with the app. It also caters to the need of booking a taxi, managing the data and offering the ease of ride-hailing services to the customers. 

Do your taxi business really need taxi dispatch software?

This is a million-dollar question – do we really need taxi dispatch software? People who are already a part of the ride-hailing industry might find it a little absurd to go for the transition. The conventional ways of running a ride-hailing business go on a toss with people/ customers becoming more preferable and accessible to the doorstep ride-hailing services. 

In such cases, your business definitely needs taxi software.  A taxi business with taxi dispatch software is a complete package to make your business meet the current requirements of the market while slaying in the competition. Whether you are a renowned player in the market or are about to get started with a business idea, choosing a taxi dispatch system is a smart and ideal choice. 

Taxi software not just provides you with the apps but also gives you a platform to make an identity for your brand. You get complete white-label solutions so that your brand speaks for itself. You experience the power of automation, smart UIs, seamless integrations, reports & analytics to get useful insights, easy management of the stakeholders and what not!

With experts on board, we can help you in launching your business in just a few days. 

Essential components of a taxi dispatch software

Moving ahead, let us get in details about the taxi software and how it can help in standing out in the competition. Make your taxi business a renowned name in the market by staying connected with smart taxi software. 

Dispatcher Panel in Taxi Software

taxi dispatch software dispatcher panel | Jugnoo

To get started, here are the features of the taxi dispatcher panel.

  • Powerful analytic dashboard to get the bird’s eye view of your taxi business.
  • Measure and manage ride promotions through push and SMS.
  • Track all your drivers and vehicles to take complete control of your taxi business.
  • Manage and assign drivers and fleet on a single dashboard.
  • Offer dynamic pricing to smoothly handle high demand and optimize dispatch.

Drivers App in Taxi software

taxi dispatch software driver app | Jugnoo

This one on one dedicated app for drivers calibrates the following features:

  • Drivers get ride requests instantly on the Driver app to manage bookings.
  • Drivers can track their daily trips & earnings right from their Driver App.
  • Receive intelligent and on-time alerts/ feedbacks. 
  • Give your driver a complete navigation with Jugnoo’s in-app maps navigation.
  • Give relevant details like passenger info & pickup details to your drivers.

Customers App in Taxi Software

Customer App | Taxi Dispatch Software | Jugnoo.io

The customer-driven taxi software consists of the following features: 

  • Ensure a smooth taxi booking experience for your customers.
  • Automates and digitalise the payment with our seamless integrations.
  • Get instant feedback of the ride completed with the rate & review feature.
  • Helps in finding and locating the driver nearby on an interactive map.
  • Give Real-Time alerts to your customers about their trip status through push & SMS.

And many more! These are a few of the important features that have been a part of the taxi software. However, more points can easily be added or skipped as per the requirements. 

Factors that explain the benefit of taxi dispatch software

Taxi dispatch software brings smart solutions to the taxi business. There are numerous benefits & features that come with the taxi software. Here is the list of solutions that come into the picture. 

Automates the ride hailing process

To begin with, the ride-hailing process gets complete automation by staying connected with the taxi dispatch software. It streamlines the process and automates the processes. It puts so much ease into the processes that it helps in scaling up the business with great maturity. Hence, introducing automation becomes an easy job for your business. 

Reduces the manual efforts

 Again, when you are in the show buzz, you need to keep track of the activities of the business. The taxi dispatch system is known to offer you the strategy to begin with the same. It reduces the manual efforts and allows you to stay connected with the team with little or no intervention. This can help in increasing the ROI of your business while staying minimal with the investment.

Unleashes a new revenue stream

Another benefit of choosing the taxi dispatch system is that it helps in ensuring that your business leashes a new revenue stream. As you start growing in your business, you will feel that with time, you have more opportunities to explore more channels of revenue. For your business in the mobility industry, it is important to keep on exploring these revenue streams. Willing to know more about these channels? Feel free to get connected with the team.

Increases the customer satisfaction rate

Last but not the least, you can expect a better customer satisfaction rate with the introduction of the taxi dispatch software. With all the processes getting automated and powered with digital channels, it is more likely that your business will start attracting, engaging and retaining customers. Overall, it will result in allowing your taxi-hailing business to explore further strategies to retain and add new customers. For ride-hailing businesses, which are looking for the immediate attention of their potential audiences, choosing a taxi dispatch system is a smart deal. 

Choosing Jugnoo over others – A Smart decision!

Wondering why to choose Jugnoo to integrate a taxi dispatch software for your business? Read on the following reasons that explain why and how Jugnoo is different from others. 

  1. Offers customised and intuitive white-labelled uber like apps in just 3 days. The apps for dedicated drivers and customers as stakeholders are easily available. 
  2. Be a part of the flexible contracts that are supported and initiated with the transparent pricing plans.
  3. Get easy and smart solutions on deployment, onboarding and training programs that are sailed smoothly. It gives you a brief idea about how to go ahead with the processes. 
  4. Get easy access to reliable, open, free of cost developer APIs that helps in software integration with external software and apps. 
  5. You can easily forget about the technical troubles with our round the clock tech support and assistance. 

And many more. For further assistance, feel free to connect with our team at Jugnoo. 

Wrapping Up

Indeed, choosing Jugnoo as your taxi dispatch software is a smart decision that can help in making your business grow and expand in the coming years. The taxi dispatch system is meant to solve all your tech-driven essentials in one place.

The ride-hailing business is growing abundantly. Make sure you choose the right place to reach the right heights. We wish you great luck in your endeavour. 

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