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How Does a Taxi Booking App Development Work?

The days of manually having to call and book a taxi are far behind us thanks to the rapid advancement of technology and the growing prominence of on-demand businesses.


Ride-hailing companies like Ola and Uber have made booking a taxi as easy as a couple of taps on your phone screen. More importantly, the convenience offered by an on-demand taxi booking app has made users more comfortable with the concept and irrevocably changed the course of the taxi industry. Looking to develop a taxi booking app of your own? We’ve got you covered.

Taxi booking app- Jugnoo

Taxi Booking App for Customers

To run a successful taxi business, you need two sets of apps, one for customers and one for the partner drivers. As the name suggests, a taxi booking app for customers is used by customers to book a ride to their destination. There’s a lot more that goes into making a taxi booking app for customers efficient including:

Search a cab

  • After customers verify their account and sign in, they can enter their drop location and search for a cab. A good taxi booking app for customers should be easy to sign into and have a clean interface.
  • Another recommended feature is auto-detection of location. Once a customer signs up or logs in, their current location should automatically be detected by the app. If a customer needs to book a ride for someone else, the option to manually add a pick-up location should also be included.
  • After entering the drop location or dropping a pin on the location, the customer will see the estimated fare and arrival time (ETA). The option to schedule a ride for a future time or date is also a common feature of a taxi booking app for customers.

Book a ride

After verifying the estimated fare and ETA, the user can book their ride with a simple tap. Once their booking is confirmed and a partner driver is assigned, the user can track the driver’s location, view vehicle details including model and license number, and the chosen payment option.

Get ride arrival notification

Once the driver arrives at the pick-up location, the taxi booking app for customers will notify the user to alert them of the arrival. An SOS button appears on the screen once the ride is in progress to ensure the rider’s safety.

Review & rate the ride

Once a ride is complete, the user will have the option to rate the driver and leave a review based on the performance. This is also where the user can make payment for the ride based on their chosen mode of payment and add a tip for the driver.

Jugnoo-Customers App

Taxi Booking App for Drivers

Just like a taxi booking app for customers needs to function in a specific way for a seamless experience, a taxi booking app for drivers should also be equipped with the features and flow that allow ease of use. Here’s everything possible with a good taxi booking app for drivers:

Receive ride details

Using the driver app, partner drivers receive new ride requests via a pop-up on their home screen. To ensure better control, drivers can choose to accept or reject a ride request. Once they accept the request, they’ll get to see the rider’s name, their pick-up location, and drop location at the bottom of the screen, along with the option to call the rider if required.

Driver dashboard

The driver dashboard is where partner drivers can accept or reject ride requests, view trip details, their total earnings, and other necessary information they require to do their jobs well. Drivers can also use this dashboard to toggle their availability on or off based on their needs.

Receive payment

Drivers can also receive payment for completed trips via the taxi booking app for drivers and keep a track of their overall earnings for a particular day, month, and even the total earnings since they started using the app.

Driver's app- Jugnoo

Essential Features of an On-Demand Taxi App

Some features that every on-demand taxi app should be equipped with include:

  • Driver availability switch: A driver who is on a break or wants to rest for some time shouldn’t be bombarded with ride requests. To ensure this, on-demand taxi apps for drivers should have an availability switch that drivers can turn on or off based on their availability to accept new ride requests.
  • Estimated fare calculator: Before a rider requests a taxi, they should be able to see the estimated fare they’ll be charged for the ride. This doesn’t just help them make a decision but ensures drivers don’t inflate the fare or overcharge an unaware rider.
  • 24/7 support: A taxi business runs round the clock and both riders and drivers need to be able to get in touch with customer support irrespective of time. A good on-demand taxi app should allow riders and drivers 24/7 access to customer support via call or messaging to solve their queries.
  • Rider address book: A rider wouldn’t want to enter their pick-up location every time they book a cab from a particular location. A taxi app that allows riders to maintain an address book saved with their frequently travelled locations offers a lot of conveniences when it comes to the ride-booking experience.
  • Real-time tracking: After they book a taxi, riders should be able to track the driver’s location in real-time so that they can arrive at the pick-up point on time. This also helps reassure the rider that their taxi is on the way and will get to their location in the estimated time.
  • Payment options: In today’s digital-driven world, easy payment is crucial for any successful business. A good on-demand taxi app should offer users multiple payment options to ensure they can pay for their rides without any hassle. An in-app wallet is also a great way to ensure riders keep using the taxi booking app.

Developing the best taxi app that rules the market

Looking to develop a taxi app for your taxi booking business? If you take on the massive task head-on, you’ll need to spend considerable time and resources to pull it off. From hiring an app development team to spending months or maybe even years on testing the app, there are a lot of moving parts involved in creating a taxi app from scratch.

We have just the solution for you if you’re looking for a taxi booking app developer to help you get your taxi business off the ground. Introducing Jugnoo, a taxi app developing company that specializes in creating Uber-like apps equipped with all the right features.

Jugnoo – The Best Solution for Taxi Booking App

The experts at Jugnoo understand the very specific requirements of the taxi booking app development process. Your app needs to cater to the riders’ needs and the partner drivers, and that’s exactly what you get at Jugnoo. During the taxi mobile app development process, the team at Jugnoo creates two separate apps; one for riders and one for drivers, along with a powerful admin dashboard. Some features that make Jugnoo the best taxi app develop include:

  • Completely customizable taxi booking apps that can be modified according to your business’s specific requirements
  • Easy to use and scalable taxi booking apps that include useful features including real-time tracking, multiple payment options, custom marketing campaigns, easy-to-use dispatcher panel, and much more.
  • Well-designed driver app boasting features like ride reminders, navigation support, feedback option, matching rides to nearby drivers, and more.
  • Reliable, open, and free-to-use developer APIs that allow software integration with external apps and software.
Jugnoo-Best Taxi Booking App


Create a taxi booking app with support from Jugnoo and give your taxi business the great start it deserves. Have questions about how Jugnoo’s taxi app development work can help you? Get in touch with our product experts right away.

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