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How Admin can Benefit from Jugnoo’s Custom Geofence Pricing Add-On?

What is Custom Geofence Pricing?

Custom geofence pricing is the practice of adjusting a ride’s fare based on the location of the passenger. It is a particular location-based service charge that businesses can set where journey prices change dynamically in almost real-time and also vary geographically from one area to another in a city.

There are several types of geofence charges:

  1. Toll
  2. Airport Fee
  3. Congestion
  4. Fixed Fare
  5. Intra Geofence Fixed fare
  6. Hotspot 
Jugnoo Custom Geofence Pricing

Figure: Types of Geofence Charges

Let’s go through all these different geographical pricing one by one.

1) Toll Custom Geofence Pricing

Toll Custom Geofence Pricing Jugnoo

Admin can include the toll charges that a user has to pay for using a highway or a section of a highway by using our Toll Charges Custom Geofence Pricing feature. 

Admin needs to pre-define the toll area with Entry and Exit polygons, one after another on the map view from our custom geofence feature. Admin draws the Black and Green geofence on the road (Entry and Exit polygon) where toll area lies one after other and defines the amount charged. If the driver crosses the 2 geofences (Entry and Exit polygon) the toll amount will be auto-added to the fare amount and will be viewed in the final fare.

Admin can define multiple toll regions available in the region.

1a) Benefit to the Admin

Toll geo pricing has been introduced so that your drivers are not unnecessarily charged with the toll amount. When the vehicle is charged a qualifying toll during a trip, the tolls are charged to riders by including the amount in their fare price. This gets reimbursed to your drivers from the rider, as detailed on the earnings tab of the Driver app.

Moreover, your riders are also not disturbed during their rides because of the toll point that comes in between wherein the vehicle is asked to pay the amount. Your driver can pay the toll which will get later reimbursed to them. This ensures that your passengers enjoy their cab rides.

The Driver app will automatically recognize when their cab goes through toll roads and they will receive the toll amount in their earnings statement.

2) Airport Fee Custom Geofence Pricing

Airport Fee Custom Geofence Pricing Jugnoo

If the admin wants to include an additional fare to the existing fare when the user enters the pickup or drop location within the Airport geofence, our Airport Fee Custom Geofence Pricing feature will allow them to do that.

2a) Benefit to the Admin

Airports across the countries add surcharges which are typically passed directly on to travellers – for trips originating at their curbs. 

They charge ground transportation fees to maintain the many miles of roads on their properties. With the growth of app-based ride services, airports have also constructed new waiting areas and parking lots. This results in airports charging pickup fees from taxis. 
In order to keep transparency in urban transport, the admins can use our Airport Fees Custom Geofence Pricing so that the airport pick up fees are charged directly from the rider by adding the amount to their fare and not by the taxi owners.

This will ensure fair pricing of the taxi rides from the admin’s end to their customers.

3) Congestion Custom Geofence Pricing

Congestion Custom Geofence Pricing Jugnoo

Congestion charges can be defined in the urban road networks where there is heavy traffic and have longer trip times due to traffic. Admin can apply congestion charges too in the existing fare directly from the admin panel. 

Once the driver enters the congestion defined geofence, congestion charges will be added to the ride amount. Admin can define the fixed congestion charges based on the region and traffic estimate of that area.

Once the congestion charges are defined rider will be able to review the fare while placing the ride and in the invoice after the end of the ride.

3a) Benefit to the Admin

In urban cities, app-based ride-hailing companies dominate the market for transportation network services. This market power thus allows you to charge prices above the cost of providing the ride in cities during the rush hour. The price is the amount the customer pays you while using your ride services. The more market power your company will have, the higher will be profits. 

Leveing congestion charges would also ensure the match of supply and demand of the cab rides during the congestion. 

4) Fixed Fare Custom Geofence Pricing  

Fixed Fare Custom Geofence Pricing Jugnoo

Admin can set a particular location in the high-demand area as per his/her requirement. He/she can set a particular area like Hospital, Bus stop, Stadium etc. and can set the fixed rate for that particular area.

He/she can also create or delete the polygon in Map.

The fixed fare will be applicable if the user has to choose the geofence region as their destination (Destination location-based).

4a) Benefit to the Admin

There are certain drop locations like railway stations, bus stops, hospitals, etc. which are high-demand areas. If any passenger, for instance, is travelling to these areas within fewer kilometres, then the admin can set a fixed fare to reach these destinations. This can help you to save the extra cost of using a cab for shorter distances.

5) Intra Geofence Fixed fare

Intra Geofence Fixed fare Jugnoo

Intra geofence Fixed fare will work the same as Fixed Fare. But in the case of multiple fixed fare geofence, if we move from one geofence to another, the regular fare will be applied rather than based on destination geofence.

Intra Geofence Fixed Fare allows the admin to set a pickup and drop based destination charge. A fixed charge can be levied by the admin for the ride between point A to point B.

5a) Benefit to the Admin

If the admin feels that a certain distance from point A to point B faces high traffic which may lead to increased operating cost, then this feature comes to the rescue.

A fixed fare can be predefined which helps in covering the extra added cost because of the traffic.

6) Hotspot Custom Geofence Pricing

Hotspot Custom Geofence Pricing  Jugnoo

Hotspots will be pickup based and can be set up on-demand basis in high traffic regions and the fare will be added up to the regular fare. These are pickup-based charges based on high-demand areas.
Admin can set the polygon inside the geofence-based Hotspots (high-demand regions).

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