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FAQs About Jugnoo’s Taxi Dispatch Software Answered

With the ever-increasing bent towards becoming an entrepreneur, globally 26 percent of people have started their own business last year. The taxi industry is one of the exponentially growing industries and a competitive one. Entrepreneurs are gaining an edge by building their businesses on the right technology platform. This not only enables owners to automate operations but also helps them to manage, monitor and grow their business. While starting your taxi business is no piece of cake, we bring to your answers to a few questions that make choosing your taxi dispatch software easier.

1) Why should I use your taxi software?

Jugnoo’s taxi booking and management system not only automates dispatching but also combines payment gateways, marketing tools, dynamic pricing, advanced analytics and other advanced features in a single platform. It provides a digital way of handling the taxi business to improve efficiency.

2) Will your taxi software suit small businesses?

Our taxi software has powered 29 million rides globally. The customer app, driver app, dispatcher and admin panel enable flexibility of fit into any company’s business model, no matter how big or small your business is.

3) What benefit do I get on opting for your taxi dispatch software?

JugnooTaxi is a one-stop solution for transforming your traditional taxi business into an automated digitally managed one. You not only get white labeled customer app, driver app, and an admin panel, but also get 24×7 technical support, free app updates, open APIs, and so much more.

4) I already have a taxi dispatch software. Why should I switch to your software?

Regardless of your business model and scale,  Jugnoo provides you flexible pricing options that help you optimize your spend on the taxi dispatch software. Admin panel forms the core component of every taxi dispatch software. Besides the standard features for streamlining operations, our advanced admin panel enables dynamic pricing, geo-analytics, and other features such as complex data analysis to boost your performance.

5) What is the cost of taxi dispatch software?

The cost of the taxi dispatch software is $0.10 per task along with a minimum monthly maintenance fee. The company only charges a one-time setup fee. You can even avail discounts on bulk plans.

6) Do you have existing clients?

Jugnoo’s taxi dispatch system is a trusted platform with over 31 million rides worldwide and 8 million users. We power Nickel Ride, Insta Taxi, Helang Ride, Let’s Buggy and many more taxi hailing companies around the world.

7) What are the prerequisites of using your software?

There are no prerequisites of using our dispatch system. The business owners can simply get in touch with the product consultants at Jugnoo to get a free demo. We even customize the taxi app & software as per the business requirements.

8) Will you provide the program source code?

Yes, we do provide the program source code. Since this is a big decision for you, get in touch with our product specialists to have an in-depth discussion regarding your business requirements.

9) Any discounts being offered?

Yes! We do offer special plans and discounts to customers opting for bulk packages. Our team focuses on providing you with the best package as per your business model and requirements.  

10) Can the taxi dispatch software be customized?

Yes, we would love to customize the taxi apps as per your business requirements. Get in touch with our product consultants to discuss and select suitable customizations for getting the perfect app solution for your taxi business.

11) How quickly can I have my taxi business up and running?

Our team moves quickly to ensure your white-labeled app is ready within 3 days after freezing the requirements and signing up the contracts. For clients requiring intensive customizations, we may require extra time to that ensure perfect service.

12) Will I have to pay for the updates?

No, JugnooTaxi doesn’t charge for any updates. We emphasize on growing your business by providing peerless technology. We are constantly revising and developing our software to keep your service on par with the latest technology

13) What if the taxi dispatch software has some problem(s)?

At Jugnoo, we have a team dedicated to pre-emptively solving all the technical issues. Our tech support team around to help our clients throughout the world at any time of the day and night to avoid interruptions in your workflow.
Have more questions regarding the taxi app? Visit Jugnoo.io and chat with our consultants.

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