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Europe Lockdown- Tips to sustain your transport business

After a brief relaxation over the Christmas holidays and New Year period, Europe has re-imposed the lockdown nationwide. With the news of a new variant of the SARS-COV-2 virus alarming the world, the country plans to announce new laws amidst the recent chaos. 

The border closures, lockdowns, and curfews have been imposed to prevent large outbreaks of COVID-19. Since the pandemic, the governments and businesses are struggling to balance the running economy and outbreaks of infection. 

The infectious impact of COVID-19 on Transport business 

With travel restricted in and out of the country, the transport business became stagnant for a while. However, looking at the larger picture, we can say that the core transportation system will be changed thoroughly once the lockdown is lifted. 

The sudden and unexpected shortfall in demand might break many businesses’ confidence, but the transportation network will make a comeback with revised operations in the longer run. Businesses need to re-think and re-visit their processes to ensure they will be ready to return to new normal operations after the lockdown measures are lifted. 

Managing the crisis after lockdown: Respond, Recover and Return

The hard effects of COVID-19 are being felt across the global transportation network. The re-planning and re-prioritization of the processes have become the need of the hour. But the question here arises- what are the key factors that should be taken into consideration and how to implement them in your existing businesses. 

Step 1: Respond to the crisis

Paired with the nationwide lockdown, the transport industry faces around a 50% fall in demand and is expected to stay less operational for the coming days too. As a part of the mobility industry, there are a few must to follow steps to respond wisely to the crisis. 

  • One needs to strike the right balance between the reduced demand and supply while ensuring to practice social distancing.
  • Restructure the transport operations in a way to reprioritize the operations in response to decreased revenue. 
  • Critical skills and training to educate and aware of COVID-19 should be given to key personnel in the team
  • Follow the low ridership business model and take actions to protect core assets 
  • Accept the fact that commuting and traveling patterns will not be similar to the pre-COVID-19 stage.
  • Make a comeback plan for resumption of services, taking into account how you can proceed

Hope you have grabbed the right information and is all set to move to the second stage – Recover. Here is all you need to know about it. 

Step 2: Recover from the crisis

The world can notice the tangible behavioural changes in transport. If and by all on-demand transportation will come back to the pre-COVID stage, one needs to recover from the losses and make a strong comeback.

Know the demand

As the lockdown will lift, people will start moving out of their houses but in a very conservative way. The preference for private or one on one transport will be there as compared to standard public transport. As a part of the transport business, you need to make sure you know the demand for the services. 

  1. Get the algorithm for high demand areas
  2. Know in-depth about the peak hours
  3. Keep your services available in territory marked geo-fence areas
  4. Make your services accessible on your digital platforms 

Meet the New-Normal Standards

 The demand for vehicles one over the other will be there! In response to previous crises, one should keep his transport services as per the new normal standards. 

  1. Sanitize the vehicle regularly
  2. Regular screening of drivers
  3. An adequate supply of essentials such as hand sanitizers, masks to your fleet drivers
  4. Offer a break or leave to the sick drivers to avoid any risk of infection 

Step 3: Return like a Winner

When you are done with the above two steps, consider yourself prepared to make a powerful comeback. To make sure you fill all the boxes correctly, here is the quick checklist to own.

Digitize your transport operations

Get smart dispatch software that can help you regulate, monitor, and manage your ride requests, schedule dispatch, and track the vehicle via a powerful admin dashboard.

Own the advanced dispatch software.

Restructure your operations as per demand

Stay flexible and adaptable to the requirements in the market. Stay open to change and be the change that your customers wish to see. It will help you to grow even in tough times. 

Switch to mobility as a service business model 

Jugnoo stays ahead of the curve in terms of offering the right set of technology. Super Apps are becoming the latest in-demand use case in the mobility sector. Jugnoo has been offering it for years. To know more about how Jugnoo can benefit your specific use case, get in touch with us. 

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