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A perfect way to overcome the job struggles of Uber Drivers

Uber Drivers are losing their only source of revenue after the company’s stock prices got reduced drastically. Sounds alarming! It is indeed. Think about getting into the driver’s shoes and how hard it could be for them to struggle?

Uber has recently announced that because of their stock prices slash, they’ll be cutting down marketing and incentives costs.

Here is a dedicated article for all the deserving uber drivers to help them find a new idea to earn. If you know someone who can benefit from it, please feel free to share it with them. 

Start your own business!

No, we are not joking. If you can work for someone, try to work for yourself too. If you can make a brand like Uber with your hard and honest efforts, it’s time to foster a brand for yourself too. Why live on incentives and basic payouts when you can have your own bank balance, established by your efforts.

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If you have the ability to come out of your comfort zone and give a decent try to build your own entrepreneurial existence, there are plenty of sufficient resources to make it happen.

We at Jugnoo, are looking forward to guiding and assisting the deserving individuals to go ahead and kickstart their own journey regardless of any other external stimulations.

To start a business by yourself, here is a list of mandatory things you must have at your own place.

  • A business model 
  • A concrete pitch to launch
  • Assets collection
  • Software integration
  • Dedicated Apps 

List of things you need to get started with your business

Go through this intensive list of pre-requisite and let us know if you are looking for something specific in the business. 

A business model 

To get started with a process, it is important to have a clear framework. It helps in making sure that you have a detailed understanding of what you are looking for and why you should look for certain things.

Identifying the service you’re planning to sell, the target market, and all the anticipated expenses is important. It helps new, developing companies attract investment, recruit talent, and motivate management and staff.

The value proposition is the primary component of a successful business model. Smart tech platforms like Jugnoo can help you create a business that is desirable to customers and differentiates it from your competitors.

A new enterprise’s business model should also include expected startup costs and finance sources, the company’s target customer base, marketing strategy, a competitive analysis, and revenue and expense estimates.

A business model or plan helps in offering a blueprint for your business. Since you already are into the mobility industry, it will be a great advantage to go for a business idea that revolves around an on-demand business model. The on-demand businesses in the ride-hailing market are helpful in making sure that an individual is using his skills to pitch to the right audience in the market. 

Overall, it is a smart way to keep all the mandatory things in place and make sure to go through the list, while making it clear for your business to sustain and grow in the market.

We have been helping many ride-hailing companies to establish their worthy presence in the market. We are open to helping you and offering you the best professional advice to get your business rolling in no time. 

A concrete pitch to launch 

While you have made up your mind to get started with a mobility business idea, it is advisable to rehearse a business pitch too. A perfect pitch can help you to hold your existence firmly in the market and makes you a standout in the tough competition. 

The competitive market is making it tougher for the audiences as well as the business providers to match the dynamic pace. In such scenarios, the best way to stay connected is to make sure you make a concrete effort. 

A pitch consists of offering short-term and long-term goals for the business. And while creating these goals, you can expect the performance level of your business. A pitch is a sneak peek at how and where you see your business in the coming years. Willing to take help in creating an appealing pitch for the launch of your business?

Assets Collection

The very soon process to take care of is to make sure you collect all the assets in one place. The assets can help in laying the foundation for the operational existence of your business. It is important to have all the assets well kept in a separate place.

The assets help in making sure the business is not facing any operational constraint with respect to the absence or scarcity of required resources. It includes the hiring of the team, the selection of the vehicles, and many more. If you have decided to go after an uber-like business model. It is essential that you have picked the right selection of vehicles, team members as well as software in place.

You should choose a platform that helps you to provide the assets integrations also. Jugnoo has partnered with multiple vendors who can assist you with the required hardware.

Are you worried about how to go handy with meaningful resources?

Software Integration

Another on the list is choosing a proper software integration. While you make the smart choice of going ahead with a hardware selection, it is important to get enrolled or integrated with a self-sufficient software that can serve the purposes swiftly. 

The SaaS-based companies that are offering end-to-end automated support of the technology are known to make a convenient choice in developing harmony between the hardware and software. It also allows quick amalgamation of the processes and shifting them to a complete working business model. To know more about the software integration and what can be offered with the quick and seamless integration, feel free to connect with our team representative and get your answers. It is important to choose a scalable, robust, and flexible SaaS solution to overcome your operational needs and challenges. 

Dedicated Apps

Lastly, when you decide to launch your business in the market, you want to offer branded experience to your customers. The dedicated apps that help the customers as well as drivers to keep track of the progress of the rides on request have become a prime choice among the business providers. 

struggle of Uber drivers | Jugnoo.io

If you are planning to go ahead with dedicated apps, here is the list of possible apps that you can expect from the stakeholders.

  1. Customer app
  2. Driver app
  3. Admin dashboard 

These are the important dedicated apps that are created with custom features to support the operational processes of the business.

Jugnoo – Your one-stop solution to get started with a business 

If you are looking for a smart way to adapt and evolve with the market requirements, think about getting involved with Jugnoo. With a team of experts on board, we can help in making sure that the end-to-end requirements of your business are met with great perfection. 

The team has experience in helping the startups to establish their presence in the market and bring the best output to your business. 

Final thoughts

Get started with your entrepreneurial journey to make sure you have your presence in the market. Be your own boss and be the next Uber. If others can do it, certainly you too can do it.

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