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Understanding the working of taxi app development

With Uber opening the opportunity gate for the on-demand ride-hailing market, most of the mobility businesses are getting inclined towards the launch of a taxi app development for their business. It not only adds value to your services but also helps in adding extra convenience and comfort to your processes.

Understanding the working of taxi app development by Jugnoo

 From simplifying the operations to navigating the drivers to the best-optimised route, a taxi app development covers them all. On top of it, post-pandemic, customers are more driven to doorstep ride-hailing services rather than standing in long queues.

A brief about taxi app development

The launch of mobile app development has played an integral role in raising the bar of ride-hailing services in the market. It has helped in catering the best use of evolving tech into the on-demand vertical. Speaking about the taxi app development, we can define it as a brief process of putting specialisation that involves dedicated apps for drivers, customers as well as a unified dashboard for the admin. 

The engaging platform is created to meet all the needs of different stakeholders with precision and proficiency. In a nutshell, taxi app development is a digital process to automate the ride-hailing process by getting ride requests from location-specific areas and simplifying the process till the payment is collected for the ride. 

Understanding the working of taxi app development by Jugnoo

To get a detailed idea about the same, we need to understand the different verticals of the taxi app and how it supports the specific requirements of various stakeholders. 

In this write-up, we are going to study comprehensive features about the same and will get insights about the functional utility of every other app in the taxi booking app development. Let us get started. 

Taxi app development for passengers

Popularly known as a customer app, this specific taxi app development is done to ensure all the needs of customers are catered with tech. It not only helps in automating the process but also helps in adding value to your business.

Taxi app development for passengers - Jugnoo

Let us understand stepwise about the app and the customers’ requirements and how both of them are well supported through the right tech. 

Owning an app/ registering to the app

The passengers need to download the app and create their profile in it. If required they can prefer their payment channels also and can add cards to minimise their efforts during the payment cycle. So as a first step, we can say that a customer has to own the app on his mobile phone to avail your ride-hailing services. 

Search a cab

As soon as the user opens the taxi booking app, he can choose to check for the availability of the cab in the nearby areas. The app is well supported with GPS features that helps in ensuring that one can search for the app at any given time. The location enabling feature also allows in finding the cabs to the nearby vicinity without interrupting much with the search engines. 

Taxi app development for passengers - Jugnoo

Though it might sound like a daunting task, the truth is the opposite. As soon as you log in to your customer app, the search will automate the location filter. To add ease to your process, a  user-friendly UI/UX is offered to the customers.   

Booking a ride

After searching the cab, the user can generate the request to get the services from the online taxi app. The app automates the search and showcases the nearby available taxis and can show some taxis around. 

Once the user has found the cab, he can simply book the ride and can automate the ride-hailing process. This quick action helps in making sure that customers get the cab without any lag. This is a smart option to retain your customers. 

Taxi app development for passengers - Jugnoo

Once the driver accepts the ride request, the user is notified of the ride location and expected arrival time. This step also helps in letting the customer know about the expected time of the vehicle arrival and offer them the real-time location of the driver on the move. Further details about the type of vehicle, vehicle number and the driver phone number are also shared during this phase. 

Ride arrival notification

The driver accepts the booking and lets users know about the ride.  As soon as the driver reaches the destination, the customer will be notified of the same. While booking the cab, the driver was informed about the pick-point location.  

Taxi app development for passengers - Jugnoo

The arrival time is also anticipated during the ride acceptance. It also helps in getting the driver and customer to get communication established through the taxi booking app development. 

Review and rate ride

Once the ride is completed, the users have an extended option to rate the ride and driver as a part of their feedback. This is one of the crucial steps that help in making sure that the driver’s behaviour, ride experience are up to the mark.

Taxi app development for passengers - Jugnoo

As a part of the journey, if a customer feels bad about any of the experiences, he or she can highlight it and make sure that the admin addresses the issues and escalates them properly. This way, one can assure to retain customers for a longer period of time.  The review and rating of the ride help in making sure that your customers stay connected with your services. 

Taxi app development for Drivers

Similar to the customers’ app, there is a specific taxi booking app development for drivers. The app has prominent features that will help the drivers to get an idea about the location of the ride. It also gives a clear picture of which route to be picked. 

Taxi app development for Drivers - Jugnoo

The route optimisation software integrated into the taxi booking app helps in getting a complete picture about accepting and initiating the rides with better route optimisation. 

Getting started

Drivers can get registered, contracted and select the ride vehicle to carry out the rides. He can also fix a revenue-sharing base for every ride. This will give him a clear picture of his earnings and the nature of earnings.

Taxi app development for Drivers - Jugnoo

Once the driver registers himself, it is important to roll on to pick up passengers from the nearby vicinity.

Driver Dashboard with #1 Taxi App Development Company

Taxi app development for Drivers - Jugnoo

Drivers are provided with a unique account through which they can tap rides, earnings and profits. The details of the rides can also be checked on the driver dashboard. The overall ratings of the driver performance can also be checked on the dashboard. These ratings are important to get a clear idea about the driver and how his behaviour is overall. 

Route navigation

Taxi app development for Drivers - Jugnoo

It is one of the important steps that allow the drivers to navigate to the right and optimised route. As the driver chooses the optimised route, it becomes easier for the customer and the driver to cover the miles without much trouble. Route navigation is a smart feature that adds efficiency and productivity to the customers. 

Receiving the payment 

Again, once the driver completes his ride, another step is to receive the payment. This payment can either be in the form of cash, in-app e-wallet payment or through debit and credit card or net banking.

Taxi app development for Drivers - Jugnoo

The taxi booking app development enables the addition and integration of digital payment cards to businesses.


Taxi app development is a smart feature that helps businesses to ensure a timely and tech-driven feature enriched app for customers as well as for the drivers. Jugnoo offers a complete tech suite for taxi app development and helps businesses to escalate their ROI with better bandwidth from limited resources. 

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