Empower Your Customers With #1 Car Rental Software

Delighting your customers with your services has been one of the most challenging parts of any business to grow and scale. Talking specifically about the ride-hailing industry, brands are struggling to meet the dynamism of the market with a handful of resources. In such cases, the businesses have acknowledged the power of the right technology […]

Car Rental Business in High Demand As Tourism Ramps Up

After an intensive hide and seek with the nightmare of getting caught with the COVID infection, the world is trying hard to get back to normalcy. During the process, the mobility industry has seen a strong comeback in the market. For those, who are ready to try their lucks in the mobility business, the car […]

8 Benefits of Choosing an Online Car Reservation System for Your Business

The online car reservation system has gained much popularity in recent years. With the millennial generation taking charge and higher adoption of smartphones, online/digital reservation has all the possible perks.  To get a brief about why and how your car business needs an online setup, let us walk you through the essential and essential top […]

The Future of Car Rental Business Software

Introduction The new normal in the world, led by millennials, is a lot different from what we were used to. While technology and innovation are at an all-time high, economies are wavering throughout. Affordability of houses, cars, office spaces, and even household appliances and furniture has become a tough ask. But, we learn to innovate. […]

How Hertz Works: Business and Revenue Model

What is Hertz? Hertz is a renowned name in the car rental industry. The American-based car rental company follows a basic car rental business model. As of now, the company is operating its car rental business in 145 cities actively and is planning to make an expansion soon. Hertz is an unclaimed name with a […]

How does Car Rental Booking Software benefit Car Rental Service Providers?

Technology has been a guiding light for many businesses. No matter how advanced you go with the services, a better grip of tech is all that you might be needed at every hour of the day. The service-based industry is certainly much dependent upon technology, owing to its greater scope of converting the potential customer […]

Tips to Build Successful Car Rental Booking System with Jugnoo Software

A successful business lays its foundation with stepping stones of a concrete business plan and robust tech support. If you too fall into the category of making a success in the mobility business, here is all you need to know about starting with a car rental booking system. To our surprise, when one chooses to […]

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