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Start Your Own Online Car Rental System with Jugnoo

You are just one step away from kickstarting your car rental marketplace in the market. As you know the market for an online car rental system is booming – owing to the quick adaptation of on-demand ride-hailing services, there is a clear-cut opportunity for a business idea with an online car rental booking system.

Online Car Rental System - Jugnoo

We believe that before you execute your business idea, you might be in a quick search for an online vehicle car rental system. The selection of a robust car rental system itself will help you to cover half of the marathon. 

Based on the previous experiences and a huge list of happy customers on one hand, here is our take on how Jugnoo – an omnipresent channel can serve the purpose with precision.

What is Jugnoo?- Insights about the online car rental system

Integrated with a bunch of much-used features, Jugnoo is your final destination where you can get a complete suite of software functions that altogether helps in framing and launching an online vehicle rental system. 

The software is well supported with numerous features that can make your journey to launch and scale your taxi rental business. The software is robust, scalable, and comes with complete support of end-to-end customization. 

If you are still not sure about going ahead with the idea, you can read the complete checklist of features and software capabilities that are required to execute the idea. The power-packed features are here to stay and make your journey comfortable and convenient in every way. 

In the later part of the blog, we are going to discuss how Jugnoo supports and scales the idea of the rental business with its home-based online car booking system. 

The Features that add Compatibility of Business in the Market 

The more we do, the less we say. And here is our take on the same. Go through the list of all the exclusive and on-the-spot features readily available with Jugnoo’s vehicle rental system. This will help in ensuring that you are going in the right direction. 

The in-app features of online car rental software

  • The car listings: You can now manage and optimize the car listings as per the availability. There is no upper or lower caping in ensuring the listing facility. Hence, as you grow in the market, you can keep on adding the list. We are happy to scale the platform as per the requirements. 
Online Car Rental System - Jugnoo
  • Communication: Keep your in-app communication uninterrupted and strong with the help of audio calls and text messages availability. This will help in making sure that all information is being transferred to the right place at the right time. 
  • Location navigation: If you wish to go ahead with the pickup location of the booking, you can easily get the in-app navigation facility and create the desired routing as per the suitability. 
  • Transaction history: Get a complete overview of the daily, weekly and monthly transactions through a single dashboard. This will help in ensuring that you have all the reports in hand and you can take the decisions analytically. 
  • Location availability: Let your users/ customers know about the vehicle availability through the online car rental software. Choose the smartest way to manage your vehicle inventory and get all the things done in the required direction(accepting the bookings, assigning the vehicles, routing them, and then collecting the payment).

Aren’t these features that you can bet for! If you are convinced with Jugnoo’s assistance over setting up the online car rental system, here is the workflow about how to get started!

The Process to be followed while you Set Up your Online Car Rental System with Jugnoo

Go through this stepwise approach and get your queries solved before it’s too late. Always remember there is always a competitor, who is about to use the same processes as you are planning. Don’t let it happen to you!

Set up your online car rental system - Jugnoo

A few clicks and a decision to go ahead with Jugnoo’s online car rental software can make your business go live and scale-up in less than 24 hours. Once you are ready with the launch, it won’t take much time for you to choose the higher ROI-driven processes for your business. 

Step 1: Do the paperwork

Before anything else, the first thing is to get started with the paperwork. You need to keep all your documents handy that might be required from your side to get listed on the car rental marketplace. This is your first step to go ahead and launch your visibility among the people who are looking to take your car for rent. 

Step 2: Enlisting and verification

Now, when you are all set with the documents, it might take a few seconds to verify your documents on the portal. It will help in offering you the verified listing and helps in making sure that you will be easily visible to your potential clients. 

Step 3: Finding the customers

Once you start getting listed and become visible in the market, there is no looking back. It would be easier for you to get e-connected with your possible potential clients. This can help in ensuring that as soon as you go live on the portal with the help of Jugnoo’s online car rental software, you might be in the market available with your services. 

Let your potential clients find you through location access and location information readily shared and updated on the online car booking system. It will help in making your business accessible and available with a few clicks only. 

Step 4: Start driving ROI

Every other business thrives to earn ROI. As soon as you get started with the process, you might start earning from the very first booking. Jugnoo’s online car rental system allows you to quickly accept the bookings and keep on making the procedures (dispatch of the vehicle, tracking the path of the vehicle, and collecting the payment) as per the requirements. 

You can expect the earnings as soon as you go live on the portal. Moreover, the choice to keep a record of the transactional history on a regular basis helps in getting a clear idea about the performance level of the business from Day 1. 

And you are all set!

Wrapping up

Let us get this straight that the exclusive features supported by Jugnoo’s online car rental system are nowhere to be matched with any other software provider in the market. 

If this piece excites you and you are planning to take your idea of starting up the car rental business to the next level, make sure you choose to connect with our experts over a call and discuss all the possibilities beforehand. 

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