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How can you Automate Airport Transfer Services with Jugnoo?

Airport Transfer Services have been a glorious and high revenue-driven business idea nowadays. With people more inclined towards comfort and safety in their travel decisions, airport transfer services have gradually increased in the past few years.

How can you Automate Airport Transfer Services with Jugnoo

To know more about how the airport transfer business works and its actual market size, feel free to click here to deep dive into the features level. 

Moving forward, in this article let us get alerts about how you can easily automate airport transfer services with Jugnoo and what all benefits you can experience with the same. 

What are airport transfer services?

To get a clear picture of the market size and forecast in the coming years, let us get started with what are airport transfer services and how they can bring the desired difference in your processes by choosing automation and tech stack.

Airport transfer services are referred to a set of services that includes the to and fro travel of passengers in the airport. The services are specifically dedicated to airport pick-ups and transfers. The pre-arranged airport transfers and pickups are meant to make sure travellers reach their desired destination in the pre-book cab. 

The market size of airport transfer services

Though the market is consolidated and belongs to a very narrow audience, in the meantime, there has been a high demand in the market. It is estimated that by 2022, the market will reach $6.3 bn. This clearly indicates that there is a high demand in the market and businesses that move in this direction will foresee a better and brighter future in the coming times. Moreover, the market size also indicates that there is very low competition and people can think of adding more competition in the market. 

Why does your airport transfer business need a tech stack?

Airport transfer services are a smart vertical that requires some start action points to begin with. A powerful tech stack can be additionally beneficial in letting businesses grow exponentially over time.

Why and how a tech stack can help your business operations move smoothly?

Makes your services accessible

To begin with, the right tech support is essentially useful in letting your services reach your customers. To make sure you are in the right place in the market and are able to serve your customers at the time of requirements, it is important to first understand the need and then offer your services then and there.

How does Jugnoo help?

The on-demand customer booking app and driver app lay the foundation of offering your services to your customers at your time. To get a better understanding, let us focus on this.

If you have a fleet readily available at the airport and are looking for potential riders for the same. What should be your ideal step? It should be to own a centralised dashboard on and from which you can connect with the customers and redirect your drivers about the same. 

Hence, an admin dashboard comes into the picture. All you have to do is keep an eye on the upcoming bookings and then dispatch the fleet accordingly. The availability and the accessibility of the services become quite easy and convenient for both. This is why you need a tech suite that can meet your business on-demand requirements, 

Make payments digitally quick

So, another reason why you need to put tech support to your airport transfer business is to add expanded functionality to your services. Customers are more inclined towards digital payment channels. Once they started using digital payments, they would prefer to opt for digital payments.

How can you Automate Airport Transfer Services with Jugnoo

Let your airport transfer business be equally comfortable with your customers. Do you know how to do it? Ask for Jugnoo. Our third party integrations make it possible for your existing airport transfer business to make it happen. All you have to do is integrate the desired payment channel gateways into your existing business. 

How does Jugnoo help?

The third-party integration can be achieved seamlessly for the digital payment channels. Jugnoo offers customised and scalable payment channel gateway options that can be easily integrated into your airport transfer business.

This will help in making sure that your business can include the preferable and most commonly used payment channels for the customers. With many third-party integrations easily available to the payment channels, Jugnoo can serve the purpose of making your business 

Simplifying Routing operations

Again, when you are into the mobility business, it is important to get simplified routing operations as a whole. If you are into the airport transfer business, it is important to choose the business vertical with a true and complete navigation process. Digital routing operations are a must-to-have feature in your mobility business.

Talking specifically about routing operations in the airport transfer business, there are many chances that routing can solve the problems. To make sure you are on the right route, you need a navigating machine or tech. It helps in saving a lot in terms of fuel and time of the business. 

With tech moving rapidly, it is important to choose the routing operations that are GPS enabled and can help in offering the fastest, convenient and less traffic-congested route. Here is why you need routing solutions for simplified operations. 

How does Jugnoo help?

Jugnoo offers an end to end dispatch and management solution that not only suggests good routes but also helps in seeing the traffic conditions. This allows them to offer a simplified ETA that can help a customer to know about the TAT.

Moreover, when the customer is booking a cab, it is important to meet his timeline. Jugnoo offers the same. To get a better idea about how Jugnoo can solve the purpose, feel free to go through our resources section and read more about our end to end tech suite with all the advanced routing operations. 

Make data your friend 

Lastly, if you choose to stay closer to automation, you will be able to pull up results for the high performers and low performers on the ground. It will help in scaling your business operations with the best of the resources that you have.

How can you Automate Airport Transfer Services with Jugnoo

Even in the case of low performers, you will be able to know the why and when of their performance. The data gives you insights into your driver/ fleet performance and also highlights where your business can grow. It also defines the peak season and surge hours for the services.

How does Jugnoo help?

Jugnoo offers daily, weekly and monthly data insights that are comparable and can act as a key differentiator in speaking about the volume of work done and performance of the fleet as a whole and individual. You can go through the data and can pull up the reports as per the need. It can help in making informed decisions for your business and can make your journey easier and smoother. 


Jugnoo is your one-stop place where you can get all your tech requirements from the hands of experts.

How can you Automate Airport Transfer Services with Jugnoo

To know more about how Jugnoo can be useful in solving your airport transfer service business tech queries, feel free to jump over a call with our tech team and plan ahead. 2022 is going to be a year to perform and scale. 

Looking forward to taking your business to the next level. 

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