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How can Jugnoo Help Mobility Business Switch to the New Normal?

Are you into a mobility ecosystem and are planning to stay compatible with the new normal of the market. Here is how you can take Jugnoo’s help to make it possible. Jugnoo has a complete tech suite protocol that can help in making your transition smooth and successful. With the complete set of tech suites, it could be easier to make the switch to the best mobility business immediately. 

How can Jugnoo Help Mobility Businesses Switch to the New Normal

In this blog, we are going to discuss the various opportunities and considerations that you can get with Jugnoo and how you can shape your business for further growth.  

Before we move ahead, let us understand what are the new requirements of the new normal in the mobility business.

Automating the process 

To pick things straight, it is important to own the automation. Automation is a process of letting the accommodation of different steps automatically with less or no human interventions. With people fearing and avoiding manual touch at the maximum level, it is essential for mobility businesses to opt for automation. A proper automation process includes instant booking of the ride through the comfort of the customer’s mobile screen. This makes it easier for the customers to avoid manual contact at the best. 

How can Jugnoo Help Mobility Businesses Switch to the New Normal

Moreover, if you choose to take Jugnoo’s help in automating your mobility business, you will get a perfect chance of building a perfect ecosystem that runs digitally. It also helps in ensuring that you are well connected with the technology to set up the processes in the right direction.

We can guide you in making a perfect choice of picking Jugnoo and what all benefits you can expect with the collaboration. 

Breaking the stereotypes

People have this perceived notion in their mind that if a business is running into the mobility sphere, it has to be big and huge in terms of numbers of vehicles and fleet. But that is not always true. There are opportunities that explain that as a part of the new normal you can get started with less count. It will be an added advantage that explains why an individual needs to have a smart tech partner with them. Rest is all history.

Once you get started with the concept of starting and launching your new mobility business with less count of vehicles, there will be no looking back. It would be a matter of time and certain opportunities that can help you and guide you to make a quick start. 

Once you are ready to break this prolonged thought process of not jumping to the conclusion, there will be far more opportunities for you to build a strong ecosystem with fewer resources in hand. 

Now the big question arises, how Jugnoo plays its role of putting the fulfilment with fewer resources at your side. As you know, Jugnoo is a SaaS provider that can go all over customisation with time. Once you have started to pick up the range and rage, there is further tech help that can be taken into consideration.

For instance, if you want to start with two vehicles at the initial stage, you can choose Jugnoo’s Saas model. Once you are well aware of the market and are now ready to expand your business, you can ask the team to scale the tech support. It is similar to the concept – pay as you go

How does Jugnoo Scale the Mobility Business?

Jugnoo is a scalable and customised tech platform that can be robustly expanded as per the requirement. Hence, unlike a static tech suite, you will have a flexible platform to go dynamic with nature. 

Adding the e-communication channel

Another big component that can be considered while you are choosing the execution of mobility business in the new normal, think about getting scaled with e-communication. Communication has been one of the integral parts of any business. If you can exchange the information with your customers and respond to their queries at an instant level, it will help in adding confidence in your customers. 

How can Jugnoo Help Mobility Businesses Switch to the New Normal

Earlier, people were ready to wait and were ready to accommodate in the on-demand ecosystem. But, now the time has changed. People are looking for the on-demand ops and that too within a preferred time slot. The communication needs to be crisp and smart at the best. The simpler you make the communication, the higher will be the chances that your customers will prefer to take your services even when they are in their tough spot post-pandemic. 

How is e-communication supported at Jugnoo?

Jugnoo offers an in-app chat platform where instant messages can be received and sent to customers and drivers. There is a common chat platform for the admin panel too to make sure the important instructions are being transferred to the drivers on the job. The chat panel itself supports the quick transfer of information to the customers, drivers and the admin. Hence, making the e-communication smoother, seamless and quick. 

Add the provision of multiple payment channels

Last but not the least, you need to add additional multiple payment channels in your mobility business. Earlier, physical payment can be welcomed before the pandemic. But, now things are different. It is required to add multiple payment channels. This will help the end customers to automatically carry out the payment without any human touch. 

Less or no manual intervention is no longer a luxury. It has become one of the primary necessities of the people who have been a part of the mobility business. Your customers are comfortable with digital payment and are happy to partner with the service providers who also support the same. As you have to pitch a higher target audience, you can not go ahead with one or two payment channels. You need to stay diverse with the choice of payment gateways and channels specifically. 

What does Jugnoo offer to Mobility Business?

You can either choose the already existing payment channels (which consists of the list of complete popular payment channels) or can request the new ones. If you are looking for quick API integration for a desirable part of your audience, ask us. We at Jugnoo can help in making sure that you receive the quick integration with no hassles.

How can Jugnoo Help Mobility Businesses Switch to the New Normal

Apart from this, get prolonged tech support in case of any queries or doubts. Our round the clock team can help you to globally set your business name in the mobility vertical. 


In conclusion, we can say that the processes have drastically changed post-pandemic. If you are about to get started in the new normal ecosystem, you need to plan more efficiently. Either you dispatch your fleet as per on-demand or make your ride-hailing services available to the customers at their comfort, the parameters need to be taken into full consideration.

Removing the constraints of a pandemic mindset, you can choose to connect with a perfect tech team that can solve the challenges before it becomes a practical constraint for you and your business growth and quick turnover in terms of revenue. 

How can Jugnoo Help Mobility Businesses Switch to the New Normal

Mobility business has flourished post-pandemic and is able to accommodate the changes of new normal.

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